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Lord 0
13-02-2007, 15:18
As we all know, a fighter is allowed to have two close-combat weapons and a free dagger.

In my group we always played that you may replace the free dagger with any other dagger you might come across, but upon closer inspection of the rules I don't think this is legal.

It has since been made a house rule here, but I was just wondering if anyone else played this way?

Rabid Bunny 666
13-02-2007, 16:03
I can't see whats wrong with swapping Daggers around.

Care to explain? This has got me stumped.

Lord 0
13-02-2007, 16:20
I mean replacing one's free dagger with, for example, and Ithilmar Serrated dagger. Or just a gromril dagger.

Under the rules as written any of these special daggers would have to count as one of your two allocated weapons - there is no mechanism for replacing or upgrading your free dagger.

13-02-2007, 16:59
The way I have played it in the past is that you always have to have a dagger on you at all times. Our little group didn’t care what kind of dagger it was as long as it was a dagger. There are also situations where you would have to “replace” the original dagger such as your hero being taken out of action and all his gear being stolen from him. In that particular case if you were buying a new dagger anyway… However this is only how our group played it.

13-02-2007, 18:06
Officially you're not allowed to trade away a free dagger, or replace the one he already has. He will *not* give it up.

The exception to this, is after your gear is stolen. You now no longer have a free dagger, so if you then give him an ithilmar or gromril dagger? I'd let it slide completely.

Second caveat: They only get a free dagger when it's on their list. Examples of not having one include: Witch Hunter Flagellants.

Fastforward rlz
13-02-2007, 21:56
As i interpret the rules you can have many different weapons just only allowed to use two in combat. So you could use two swords or w/e and just keep the dagger sheathed.

14-02-2007, 00:05
... no.

You can have 2 different ranged weapons and 2 close combat weapons, plus the free dagger.

That's B&W RAW. That's how it works.

Yes, you can use any combination of your hands to work your CC weapons. So you can carry a Sword, Free Dagger and a Halbred. So you can get 2A or +1S. But you stop at 2 weapons.

14-02-2007, 00:52
Personally I don't have a problem with people upgrading their free Dagger. Just count it as 2 rather than 0 Gold before multiplying! :D

Same for the Dark Elf Blade upgrade. Most people in a campaign I ran got the Criticals with their Daggers so the DE players upgraded that rather than Swords. Pure superstition but it seemed to pay off!

20-02-2007, 16:17
me and my m8 matt say that u can throww your dagger once per game but it is lost unless you killed the guy u threw it at and stood next to him and picked it up!! :)
great fun when 5 people throw them and kill a rat ogre

20-02-2007, 17:35
... If you wat to throw a dagger, there's a weapon for that:

"Throwing Knives" 15GC rare/something

Your combat dagger is NOT a thrown weapon.