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Hi guys

I've edited this post title in the hope of getting more feedback on the Warband list below.

Please start at post number 9 and give feedback and comments.



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AFAIK there isn't a Chaos Dwarf Warband. However, that shouldn't stop you from sitting down with your gaming group and creating a list that is acceptable to all the players.

Good luck!

14-02-2007, 04:16
I'm attempting to cobble something together, I'll post it here when I get to the stage of having something worth sharing.



14-02-2007, 04:58
Cool, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

14-02-2007, 08:01
what 'bout these rules???
they were made by some spanish guy over the yahoo group

The Dwarfs of Hashut

Special Rules:

Hard Head: The Chaos Dwarfs and Centaurs of Chaos can only be OOA on a six.

Armor: The Chaos Dwarfs and Centaurs of Chaos suffer no movement penalties

Hard to Kill: The Dwarfs of Chaos and Centaurs of Chaos can only be taken OOA on a six.

Slavers: One of the objectives of the Chaos Dwarfs in Mordheim is to find more slavers for their sacrifices and their work. In consequence, The Chaos Dwarfs never free any of the slaves they capture, they will only sacrifice the. The Wizard apprentice will receive +1 in experience or allow for another dice roll in exploration. In this case, at the end of the game add plus one for each slave to the total amount of stone accumulated. For each slave killed instead of experience you gain one Wyrdstone for each salve. Before they can add, roll 1D6 with the result of 2-6 the slave dies. If the slave dies then the Chaos Dwarfs can keep the slaves equipment. On the other hand, the result of a 1, will allow the slave to escape back to his/her original warband and will gain D3 experience and its equipment stays intact.

Not too Common: The Chaos Dwarfs are very rare and for this reason when they roll the dice for the acquisition for new recruits they must spend 1.5 times more the normal amount. Hobgoblins are not included in this rule. Example: A group of Chaos Dwarfs has 4 experience points it will cost six experience points to recruit another one.

Work of the Slave: The warband of Chaos Dwarfs must include a minimum of 4 Hobgoblins. If they include less than four(4) Hobgoblins this must be a result from an immediate loss and must recruit a minimum of four (4) Hobgoblins by the next battle.

The Maximum warband models are 14.

Initial Experience:

Wizards start with 20 experiences
Centaurs of Chaos start with 12 experience
Champions start with 8 points of experience

The qualities of the Wyrdstone are very well known by people that practice magic from ever race. The magicians and wizards have believed in the power of the stone when they practice magic. This knowledge has even made its way to the Far East. The horrible ugly the land of Zharr-Narground. On this land, the Chaos Dwarfs govern thousands of slaves over many years. In fact, only one of these wizards has learned of the disaster that has happened over the land Mordheim. In his long search for rivals to defeat to keep the magic powers and acquire more slaves has made Hasbut to realize he needs to go to Mordheim and the stones will help secure his rule.

In Mordheim, no law, or common enemy, common defense to any incursions with the magic power of never ending slaver Habut has prepared an expedition to Mordheim. However, instead of invading the City and attracting the attention of his rivals. He has sent his best apprentices and find more slaves, money, and Wyrdstone to satisfy his diabolic purposes.

Equipment List

Dagger free/2gc
Club 3gcs
Axe 5gcs
Hammer 3gcs
Sword 10gcs
Double Handed Weapon 15gcs
Pistols 15/30gcs

Missile Weapons

Pistols 15/30gcs


Heavy Amour 50 gcs
Shield 5 gcs
Helmet 10 gcs
Light Armor 20 gcs

List for Trabuqueros (Hand Gunners)

Hand to Hand
Dagger 1st Free/2 gcs
Axe 5 gcs
Sword 10 gcs
Hammer 3 gcs

Missile Weapons
#Trabuqueros 20/40 gcs
Pistol 15/30 gcs

Heavy 50 gcs
Helmet 0 *I am guessing this is a mistake it shows zero but I think it should be 10gc
Light Armor 20

Hobgoblin Equipment List

Hand to Hand
Dagger 1st Free/2nd 2 GC
Sword 10
Poisoned Dagger 8/15
Axe 5 GC

Missile Weapons
Short Bow 5 gcs
Long Bow 10 gcs

Light Armour 20 GC
Shield 5 gcs

#Any future equipment purchases for the handgunners will be more expensive as a starting warband is cheaper on equipment than attempting to purchase while in Mordheim.

Special Equipment;

Handguns for Chaos Dwarfs: Rare 10
The Chaos Dwarfs have a bad reputation of using these weapons in with their troops. They use the same tactics in the street of Mordheim. 18 inches (40 cm) the strength is 3. Superior Construction they use has permitted the gun to get better. You can reload before you on the next turn: no two turns to reload. The handguns can be fired multiple times during the same game. But only once per turn.

Daggers with Poisons: Hobgoblins put poison on the leaves they are smart and are hired as assassins However they are very sacrificable. The distance on combat is the same. Strength as user. 1) Double, 2) Fast 3) Poison. The double one is two daggers are poison and must be used in pairs with a modifier of +1 to hit, they can not have any other weapons. Fast: In combat, HTH the HG obtain +1 Initiative. Poisson that covers the knife is the same as Black Lotus even though the color is different. The majority of people reason that there is a new influence due to the extensive use of the poison. The effects of the poison never disappear. When affects with the result of six there is an automatic wound.

Rare 10

The weapons are very rare do to they need a lot of time to make without breaking the stone. Once they are made these are made to tae a strong impact. They can be used n HTH 1 HT
Special rules: Heavy Personal per

The weapon (look up translation)
The cost 60 GCs for this time of weapon. Metal type. Sword axe hammer.

Heavy: Model equipped with takes -1 intiative in HTH. Negative -1 imitative

Wizard Apprentice for Chaos Dwarfs
75 gcs

After being so powerful of Zharr-Naggrund ; the apprentices must apply their knowledge and skills in the streets of Mordheim. Their goal s to achieve or attain the level of their teachers.

3 4 3 3 4 1 3 1 9

Weapons: The wizards can be equipped with weapons and armor from the list of Chaos Dwarfs equipment list. If you give the wizards armour then they can not use magic.

Special rules: The boss may use his leadership within 15cm or 6 inches.
Rituals of Chaos: The wizards are magicians’ s and can generate a spell from . Only one spells randomly.

0-1 Centaur
The centaurs are eligible from Hasbut and are famous for being powerful and very dangerous. T s considered an honor to include them n the warband.

7 4 3 4 4 1 3 2 9

Arms and Equipment: Centaurs can be armed from the list for equipment of Chaos Dwarfs.

0-2 Champions of Chaos Dwarfs
50 GCs
Champion Dwarfs are favorite solders for apprentice wizards. They are excellent warriors and can trust.

3 5 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

Weapons and Armor: They can be equipped from their Chaos Dwarf list.

0-6 Chaos Dwarfs

40 GCs
3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

Weapons and armor: can be equipped from the list Chaos Dwarf List

0-3 Chaos Dwarfs Blunderbuss

40 GCs

3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

Weapons/Equipment: Shooting list only/Trabuqueros (blunderbuss)

15 GCs

4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 6


SPECAL RULES; Small: The hobgoblins cowards and s normal. Forced to fight for the teachers and they suffer wounds very easily. They will try to escape as much as poss1ble. When rolling for wounds at the end of the game n1-3 means death.

Not important to anyone: The Hobgoblins count as half. And can never get lads got talent. Same rules as Goblins in Orc and Goblin Warband except no animosity.

Albeit of chaos dwarfs

Special Skills for Chaos Dwarfs and Skill Table

Combat Shooting Academic Strength Speed Special
Wizard x x x
Centaur x x x x
Chamption x x x x

Max Characteristics

Chaos Dwarfs
4 7 6 4 5 3 5 4 10

15/9 7 3 5 5 4 4 5 9

*There is something wrong with Centaur max movement. The Centaur already starts with a movement of 18cms or 7 inches and in this max list it had 15. I am guessing they meant 15 cms but this contradicts the starting movement and I doubt they meant 15 inches. I would suggest using 9 inches like the Centigors.


5 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 8

*Here is another problem. This warband allows henchmen to gain more than +1 to any characteristic. This is in direct contradiction with the rulebook for all other warbands. You would need to check with your gaming partners on allowing this.

Special Skills

The Heroes of Dwarfs and Centaurs of chaos can gain these special abilities when they roll special skill instead of the normal ones.

Hard as Bricks: On the result of 1-3 the model is knocked down, on the result of 4-5 the model is stunned, and on the 6 the model is OOA.

Major Resistance: It permits to another dice roll on injury table. The second turned out is the one that prevails.

Hate with no Limits: Basicly Hates everyone.

Hard Head: It permits a thrown of salvacion special of 3 + al to remain dazed. Basicly, a 3+ to be knocked down if stunned.

Chaos Dwarf Magic

1D6 Result

1 Spectrum of Hasbut Difficulty 9
An Enemy model within the radius of 10 inches will automaticly be stunned.

2 Stone Statue Difficulty 9
It chooses a minatura enemy that be found to a distance maxima of 12 inches and that this in its linea of vision. During the remainder of the shift and the siguente, the miniature podra to do nothing. If it is attacked in battle body to body, the miniature suffer an impact automatico. if receives shots, the miniature that shoot him obtendra ua bonificador of + 1 al to impact. One model in line of sight and 12 inches will be unable to do anything for this turn and the next. If in HTH he can do nothing and all HITS are automatic. If model is being shot at +1 to HIT.

3 Ball of Fire Difficulty 7
You need line of sight, 16 inches range, enemy model will receive Strength 4.

4 Disappear Difficulty 7
Pretty much same spell as “Fool Ya” from Orcs. Can not be charged and if in HTH may leave HTH up to six inches away with no penalty.

5 Eruption Difficulty 8
All miniatures within 4 inches(friendly and enemy) will receive automatic Strength 4 HIT. After resolving the effects of the impact, the sorcerer will not be able to cast more spells until the next turn and will suffer a -1 penalty to his Thoughnes attribute.

6 The Eye of Hasbut Difficulty 7
The magical one opens its arms while calls al powerful hasbut so that help its children and provide them Strength.

It chooses the miniatures enemy that be found to a distance max of 12 inches throws 1d5. Recalls that the hobgoblins always reduce a 1 al resulting .

1D6 Result
1 Hasbut does not trust in you. The miniature I remain immediatamente out of battle, although suffer not a serious injury during the sequence after the battle.

2-5 Habut trusts in you. The miniature adds + 1 to an ability of its profile of attributes during the rest of the game.
6 Hasbut favors you. The miniature adds + 1 to all its abilities of the profile of attributos during the remainder of the game.

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14-02-2007, 10:57
That spanish guy needs editing. I know it's not his first language but that is hard to figure out.


14-02-2007, 15:37
Looking at this I thin kthat the "chaos centaur" is woefully undercosted at 50gc especially considering it starts with 2 attacks.

I've got the rough outline sorted out but it's going to need a bit more work (and typing up) before I'm ready to post.



Fastforward rlz
14-02-2007, 17:41
Yeah that guys rules seem a bit...curious. I'd definentally sugest finding as much information about the Chaos Dwarves so you can make an effective warband. I would make their special rules similar to the unofficial dwarves like "hard to kill" for sure. Good luck

15-02-2007, 18:38
OK I've finished a first draft for you all to pull to shreds let's see how this goes, I'm going to try to break it down into managable chunks.

I started off modelling it on the Dwarf treasure hunters list, including some of the racial traits which I believe that the Chaos Dwarves would still share an then added some Zharr Naggrund flavour.

Mordheim Chaos Dwarves

In the months and years after the comet destroyed Mordheim wild tales started to circulate of dwarves that were not dwarves moving through the city. Dwarves who wielded magic, dwarves that conspired with Greenskins and of something else, a mutant, half bull and half dwarf. Those few who claim to have seen them and survived tell tales of cruel tusked faces and of comrades being dragged away never to be seen again.

Travelling from the great city of Zharr Naggrund the Dwai Zharr have come to the ruins of Mordheim seeking fresh slaves and to collect Wyrdstone to fuel their insatiable greed for more power seeking to use the shards of distilled magic to further the glory of Hashut in their plans to conquer the world and bring all races under their heel.

Special Rules

Hard To Kill. Chaos Dwarves are tough, resilient individuals born in a harsh world where only the strongest survive. They can only be taken out of action on a roll of a 6 on the injury chart.

Hard Head. Chaos Dwarves ignore the special rules for maces, clubs etc, they’re not easy to knock out.

Armour. Chaos Dwarves never suffer movement penalties for wearing armour.

Hate Dwarves. After centuries of separation and isolation from the ancient homelands of the dwarves the chaos dwarves harbour a deep hatred towards all other dwarves.

Slavers. Chaos Dwarves see all other races as inferior worthy only of enslaving. At the end of the game any enemy hero or henchman that was taken out of action and subsequently rolls as dead on the injury chart is considered taken as a slave by the Chaos Dwarves. He is shipped back to Zharr Naggrund where end his days either toiling in the hellish workshops or as a sacrifice to the Father of Darkness Hashut in return for which the warband receives 15+2D6gc from their sponsoring Lord.

Equipment lists

Chaos Dwarves

Hand to Hand

Dagger……………………….1st free/2gc
Double Handed Weapon…………...15gc
Obsidian Weapon…………..2 times cost

Missile Weapons



Light Armour………………………20gc
Heavy Armour……………………..50gc


Hand to Hand

Dagger……………………….1st free/2gc
Poisoned Dagger…………………...35gc

Missile Weapons



Light Armour………………………20gc

Skill Table

Immortal: Combat, Shooting, Strength, Special
Sorcerer: Combat, Academic, Strength, Special
Bull Centaur: Combat, Strength Special
Retainer: Combat, Shooting, Strength, Special

Choice of warriors

A Chaos Dwarf warband must include a minimum of 3 models. You have 500 gold crowns which you can recruit and equip your warband. The maximum number of warriors in a Chaos Dwarf warband is 12

Immortal: Each Chaos Dwarf warband must have one Immortal, no more no less

Sorcerer: Your warband may include up to 1 Sorcerer

Bull Centaur: Your warband may include up to 1 Bull Centaur

Retainers: Your warband may include up to 2 retainers

Warriors: Your warband may include any number of Chaos Dwarf warriors

Hobgoblins: Your warband may include any number of Hobgoblins but you may never have more Hobgoblins than Chaos Dwarves.

Starting experience

An Immortal starts with 20 experience.

A Sorcerer starts with 10 experience.

A Bull Centaur starts with 12 experience.

Retainers start with 8 experience.

Warriors start with 0 experience.

Hobgoblins start with 0 experience.

15-02-2007, 19:30

1 Chaos Dwarf Immortal
85 Gold Crowns to hire
Chaos Dwarf Immortals are evil and twisted parodies of their more noble cousins that are a more familiar sight in the Empire. Entrusted by their masters the priests of Hashut at Zharr Naggrund they have been tasked with scouting the ruined city of Mordheim and to bring back slaves and Wyrdstone. Immortals are cruel masters devoted to their lords and lead their warbands for the greater Glory of Hashut.


Weapons/Armour: A Chaos Dwarf Immortal may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Chaos Dwarf Equipment List.

Special Rules

Leader: Any model within 6 inches of the Chaos Dwarf Immortal may use his Leadership instead of their own.

0-1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
50 Gold Crowns to hire
The sorcerers accompanying the warbands into Mordheim are still comparatively young and are just starting their journey into learning the forbidden arts therefore they are so far untouched by the curse of stone that afflicts their masters.


Weapons/Armour: A Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Chaos Dwarf Equipment List. However if armour is worn he may no longer cast spells.

Special Rules

Wizard: The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer is a Wizard and uses The Lore of the Furnace.

Curse of Stone: As a Chaos Dwarf sorcerer makes use of magic his body slowly changes, gradually turning to stone until he becomes an immobile statue the likes of which are then used to line the road to the Temple of Hashut in Zharr Naggrund. Each time a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer rolls on the Advances table he must also roll an extra 2D6. On a roll of 2 the Sorcerer begins to be affected by the curse of stone. This increases his Toughness by 1 point but also reduces his movement by 1. This may take the Sorcerer above the racial maximum for toughness. If the Sorcerer’s movement is reduced to 0 then he is sent back to Zharr Naggrund and is removed along with his equipment from the roster.

0-1 Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur
125 Gold Crowns to Hire
Bull Centaurs are the living embodiment of the god Hashut, they are guardians of the temples and greatest of his servants. They are proficient and fierce fighters who use their bulk and speed to lend them great strength when attacking; it is a brave or foolish warrior who stands his ground in the face of such a charge.


Weapons/Armour: A Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Chaos Dwarf Equipment List.

Special Rules

Cause Fear: The Bull Centaur is a large and frightening individual and causes fear as described in the Mordheim Rule Book

Bull Charge: The Bull Centaur combines the battle prowess of an elite Chaos Dwarf warrior with the unstoppable brute force of a charging bull. If the Bull Centaur charges into combat his Strength is increased by 2 for that round of combat. This bonus is cumulative with any other bonuses (e.g. 2 handed weapon)

0-2 Chaos Dwarf Retainer
45 Gold Crowns to hire
Trusted retainers of the Immortal’s household accompany him while he is away from Zharr Naggrund. As well as being an accomplished warrior and fiercely loyal to his household the retainer acts on behalf of the Immortal in all trading and negotiations.


Weapons/Armour: A Chaos Dwarf Retainer may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Chaos Dwarf Equipment List.

Special Rules

Shrewd: The retainer acts on behalf of the warband in all trading issues and always gets the best deal even (or especially) if negotiations are at the blade of an axe. For each retainer in the warband that was not taken out of action during the game add 1 to any rolls to find rare items

15-02-2007, 19:35

Chaos Dwarf Warriors
40 Gold Crowns to hire
Chaos Dwarf Warriors who have joined the expeditions to Mordheim in the hope of finding glory and wealth in the service of the Immortals sent by the great Lords of Zharr Naggrund.


Weapons/Armour: A Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Chaos Dwarf Equipment List.

15 Gold Crowns to hire
Though not trusted Hobgoblins have proved useful to Chaos Dwarves. Their sneaky and backstabbing nature is particularly suited to the dark and claustrophobic streets of the ruined city.


Weapons/Armour: A Hobgoblin may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Hobgoblin Equipment List.

Special Rules

Not Trusted. There may never be more Hobgoblins in the warband than Chaos Dwarves. If due to injury Hobgoblins outnumber the remaining chaos dwarves in the warband then the appropriate number of Hobgoblins must be taken off the roster and equipment returned to the stash.

Hobgoblin Skills: Should a Hobgoblin roll “The Lad’s got Talent” then he may pick from the combat, shooting or speed skills or one of the skills listed below.

Sneaky Git: Hobgoblins are especially good at sneaking round and then attacking from an unexpected quarter. If the character is hidden at the start of his turn he may declare charge against an enemy and gains a +1 on the roll to hit for that round of combat.

Infiltration: The character may infiltrate as described by the Skaven skill in the main rulebook.

(NOTE: I think I'll need at least one more special skill for Hobgoblins)

15-02-2007, 19:37
Special weapons

Obsidian Weapons
3 times weapon cost
Availability: Rare 11 (Chaos Dwarves Only)
Chaos Dwarves sorcerers craft weapons from the molten lava taken directly from the hearts of volcanoes. These weapons constantly radiate with the intense heat that has been captured within it.

All attacks with an obsidian weapon count as fire based attacks. In addition due to the blistering heat contained in the weapon +1 is added to all rolls on the injury chart.

Poisoned Knife
35 Gold Crowns
Availability: Rare 8
Counts as a dagger permanently coated with Black Lotus Poison
Range: Close Combat Strength: As user Special Rules: +1 to enemy armour save.

Chaos Dwarf Special Skills

Thick Skull
The hero has a thick skull, even for a dwarf. He has a 3+ save on a D6 to avoid being stunned. If the save is made, treat a stunned result as knocked down instead. If the Chaos Dwarf also wears a helmet, this save is 2+ instead of 3+ (this takes the place of the normal Helmet special rule).

Furnace Forged
Long association with the fires and furnaces of Zharr Naggrund has made Chaos Dwarves resistant to heat, the hero is immune to all fire based spells and attacks.

Thick Skinned
During his time both on the battle field and in the forges of Zharr Naggrund the hero has accumulated so much scar tissue that his skin is particularly hard to pierce. The Hero is considered to have a 6+

Favoured of Hashut
The hero has uncanny luck in combat and is surely blessed by the Father of Darkness. Once per battle the character may make an extra saving throw of 4+ which may not be modified for any reason.

Bull Roar
When charging into combat the hero lets out a terrifying roar like an enraged bull. When the hero declares charge against an enemy that enemy must pass a fear test or is will require 6 to hit for the first round of combat. Note: The character with this skill does not “cause fear” and enemies may still declare a charge against the hero without having to take a fear test.

Lore of the Furnace

1. Furnace Blast----Difficulty 9
The sorcerer creates a fiery blast of heat which he directs towards his enemies burning everything in its path.
Draw a line 12” from the Sorcerer in any direction. Any model that touches the line takes a St4 hit which count as a flaming attack.

2. Forge Hammer----Difficulty 8
The Sorcerer hurls a magical bolt with the force of a forge hammer striking an anvil.
Spell may be cast on any enemy model within 18” and line of sight. The target takes a St5 hit and is knocked D3” away from the Sorcerer.

3. Fires of the Forge----Difficulty 6
The Sorcerer begins to glow with the heat of molten metal creating an aura of intense heat and light around him.
All models friend or foe within 6” take a St3 hit which count as a flaming attack.

4. Melting blade----Difficulty 7
The Sorcerer selects an enemy to cast his spell at and the weapon in his hand suddenly heats up and begins to melt.
The Chaos Dwarf player picks one weapon held by an enemy within 12”. This weapon is melted beyond use and considered destroyed. The player must pass an Initiative test to see if the character drops his weapon quickly or take a St3 hit with no save allowed.

5. Molten Eruption----Difficulty 10
At the behest of the sorcerer a huge pool of molten metal erupts out of the ground burning anyone caught in the middle of it.
Place the small template from the anywhere within 8” of the sorcerer any model caught beneath it will take a St8 hit, any model partially under will be hit on a roll of 4 or more on a D6. This spell will only affect models on the ground, if a model is mounted (Horse, cart, stagecoach etc.) then it is the mount that takes the hit.

6. Wall of Fire----Difficulty 7
The sorcerer raises a wall of raging fire between the Chaos Dwarves and their enemies.
Place a marker 6 inches long anywhere within 18” and line of sight of the Sorcerer. No model may voluntarily cross this line. Any model that is forced to cross the line due to compulsory or random movement rules takes a St3 hit which counts as a flaming attack. The fire also blocks line of sight and lasts until the beginning of the Chaos Dwarf Players next turn.

15-02-2007, 19:37
So there you have it.

Comments and suggestions folks?

15-02-2007, 21:46
ditch the slavers rule, OR tweak it.

"Captured" should do that, not dead. Dead is dead.

15-02-2007, 22:18
OK how about tweaking it so only "dead" Henchmen can be captured under the rule and not heroes? Afterall the only options for a henchman are fully recovered or dead. I just take the "dead" result to mean unable to re-join the warband through injury or in this case taken by slavers.

I came up with the slavers rule for two main resons.

1. I really think that being slavers is an important part of the Chaos Dwarf Background and needs to be represented.

2. I was aiming for a rule similar in function to the Incomparable Miners rule for Dwarves so that I could justify using similar points costs for characters yet sufficiently different to be a Chaos Dwarf Rule.



15-02-2007, 22:53
it does seem like it would be alot of effort to send slaves back to Zharr Naggrund particually when their are so many orc and goblin tribes much closer, how about each captured slave contributes to the capturing gangs after battle rolls but has a chance of expiring through over exertion if he rolls a six

another rule for hobgoblins(or any green slave), how about:
replacable: the chaos dwarfs are accompanied by a large entourage of slaves, so the fate of each one is inconsequentle.
chaos dwarfs may fire into hard to hand combat, if a hobgoblin is fighting

16-02-2007, 01:20
OK how about tweaking it so only "dead" Henchmen can be captured under the rule and not heroes? Afterall the only options for a henchman are fully recovered or dead. I just take the "dead" result to mean unable to re-join the warband through injury or in this case taken by slavers.

I came up with the slavers rule for two main resons.

1. I really think that being slavers is an important part of the Chaos Dwarf Background and needs to be represented.

2. I was aiming for a rule similar in function to the Incomparable Miners rule for Dwarves so that I could justify using similar points costs for characters yet sufficiently different to be a Chaos Dwarf Rule.



As it stands, the Slavers ability is WAY too powerful. The Pirates warband has a similar ability, but it only works on Heros who roll up 'Captured,' or dead Henchmen (on a roll of 4+) when the Pirates have won the scenario. First big difference is that your rule is working all the time on anyone who dies. Make winning the scenario a requirement for it working on anything other than a Captured result. Then put in a roll to patch up these folks; after all, they're wounded so badly they were left for dead. These are not healthy slaves/patients and may not make it back to Zharr-Naggrund. Lastly, is that 15+2d6 per slave sent? I think that may be a little much. Perhaps have the warband keep track of slaves, and they may sell them in lieu of wyrdstone? As it stands, I can see this warband gaining alot of money, really fast.

16-02-2007, 15:46
Dyrnwyn. Thank you for that I was not aware of the pirates rule but having had a look it looks pretty good and i think I'll incorporate those changes. I was thinking that that the 15+2D6 was for each slave sent back. I don't think the warband is not going to get slaves every game but I wanted something roughly equivalent to the 1 extra wyrdstone that the Dwarves get every game. perhaps 10+D6 would be more appropriate?

Slavers now reads

Chaos Dwarves see all other races as inferior worthy only of enslaving. At the end of the game if the Chaos Dwarves are in charge of the field any enemy henchman that was taken out of action and subsequently rolls as dead on the injury chart may be taken as a slave by the Chaos Dwarves. On a D6 roll of 4 or more he is shipped back to Zharr Naggrund where end his days either toiling in the hellish workshops or as a sacrifice to the Father of Darkness Hashut in return for which the warband receives 10+D6 Gold Crowns from their sponsoring Lord.



Fastforward rlz
29-04-2007, 13:57
Hey I just got some chaos dwarf models and thought I'd test your list out. How has it worked for you?

04-05-2007, 20:59
I've made a few modifications to it since I posted it here, PM me and I'll email you the latest version of the word document



19-05-2007, 06:29
The magic seems really powerful IMHO.