View Full Version : Tau fleet list

Lord 0
13-02-2007, 17:29
I only ever played a few games a long time ago, but I am thinking of returning to Gothic. I am most attracted to the Tau and I like the look of the new experimental codex, but I am not sure I want to base any purchases on it just yet.

What are peoples experience with Tau? Old or new, either would be useful to me.

Zhai Morenn
16-02-2007, 17:48
I have personally enjoyed both the old gen and new gen Tau fleets and mixing the two (as the FW rules allow for mixing the old with new). A personal favorite is the FW protector class cruiser- granted a large reason of that is that you can buy 2 of them for 30$ as opposed to the Hero which you can only get one per 30$ ish. Also they are pretty well armed. In general they sometimes have trouble in scenarios like the Raiders but in fleet actions, planetary assaults, exterminatus, cruiser clash, etc- the Tau typically hold their own rather well. I personally love their ships due to their massive forward armament- only the Eldar regularly have more firepower in their forward arcs... Well Orks and Demiurg come close too but still they have a distinct and fun feeling during play.