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14-02-2007, 22:17
Just a quick question. How long do games take on average? Also, how fast paced is the game? I ask because I tried my hand at warhammer and found it to be a real drag and quickly lost interest. Bloodbowl looks less complicated so im hoping you can get more done in a shorter space of time to try and keep me interested.

Deng Ham
14-02-2007, 22:26
It can easy take a fiew houers. But when both know the game and keep focus. It can take as little as one houer.

If you play on http://fumbbl.com it is normal that they last 1,5 houers

14-02-2007, 22:29
Usually about 90 minutes for a game (Used to easily get one in that timeframe with plenty to spare the last time I played it in RL, so perhaps slightly faster than the net), though some can finish in under an hour, others go on for longer than two (if you wave the 4 minute per move rule). Especially if there's some crucial move to think out. (Thinking 5/6 moves through ahead of time, working out the odds, actually found it a bit like chess in the respect at times)

As for how interesting? I find a few things help, long term team development and getting those star player points is one, as is the fact that typically in the match there will be plenty of nail biting moments and "crucial" rolls. Every game there is some move or play that seems certain and goes terribly wrong, or seems impossible but somehow comes off. (You'll learn to hate double skulls, or double one on a go for it and well as loving that double six on a long bomb with a low AG team)

Pretty fast paced and well, turns going back and forth fairly quickly, especially with the odd turnover.

In any case I'm entirely biased, my favorite of GW games since the day I first played it. Can't see how folk can't enjoy it. ;)

14-02-2007, 22:31
actually on fumbbl your looking at 45minutes tops if both players know what there doing.

20-02-2007, 09:45
Normally takes me about 2 hours at the club I play at, but also during that time we chat a lot (about our game and other games going on, and other stuff).

In a tourney vs another coach that knows the rules, anything from an hour (if nothing on the line in the game) to 2 to 2 1/2 (depending on wheter the game is important to winning the tourney and how much time the TO has alloted).

Death Before Dishonour
21-02-2007, 17:22
actually on fumbbl your looking at 45minutes tops if both players know what there doing.

whenever I play unless there's a big rules dispute which sometimes happens you're looking at about 45mins

21-02-2007, 20:46
In Person it can range from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on rules discussion, breaks, other games etc. Online 45 min to 1 1/2.

Spartan-001: Master Chief
21-02-2007, 21:20
I totaly agree with wildmantx , 1hr 30mins to 2hrs and 30mins is about right,

23-02-2007, 14:30
The quickest online i have played is under 40 mins, the longest just under 2 hours, that with chatting and some thinking time, so its not atall bad.

25-02-2007, 17:27
Well, in my first (and so far, only) game, we took 1 1/2 hours to play a half, but that was because we had to constantly check the rules. Then my opponent conceded the game. So I'd say, once you've learned the rules, it should take about 1 1/2 hours to play a game. Give or take a little.

12-03-2007, 00:26
1/2 hour is pretty normal for a 32-turn game where both players are familiar with the rules and not naturally slow people.

12-03-2007, 03:22
I think 30 mins is a a lot faster than average. 45 mins is about the speed we play tabletop bloodbowl at. Fumbbl games can be considerably faster mind.

12-03-2007, 05:52
I'm really new (3 games in), and learning how to operate the client (on Fumbbl) while flipping back to the LRB, while calculating moves (with goblins) is a bit much. I'm at 2 hours a game, but getting better...:D

30-03-2007, 19:42
when playing quickly with a person who is confident with rules, 1->1.5 hours.
when playing someone who has no idea on the right action to take at the start of a turn...2->3 hours (very slow)

the main things that slow down a game are not whether someone knows the rules, its their general experience and decision making. usually i'll look at a situation and know exactly what i want to do before my turn has started. only if an unexpected roll comes up do i need to stop and think. with our league's slower players i can see that ive put them in a tricky situation, and with no obvious way out theyre stuck, and i point out some of their options.

would it be worth writing up a short guide on general decision-making in the game? like a flow chart of all the possibilities/problems and their solutions.

Deng Ham
30-03-2007, 21:11
I'm running a turnament this weekend. And I've sett aside 3 houers for each round. That include pre and post match sequenze. And still I expect there to be plenty of time.

10-04-2007, 05:52
Three hours is enough to go get fish and chips after the game also. I'd give a game an hour and a half, although I've played a lot of shorter games.

The game is very fast paced, and the game dynamic can change very quickly if you aren't careful (or if you are taking too many chances). You play through sixteen turns (8 per inning) so a lot happens, and a lot can go very right or very wrong. Once people get to know the rules (after a few games) the game's pace is very fast. The rules don't bog down any actions with heavy calculations or fist full of dice.

10-04-2007, 06:26
Who are these people that aren't beginners and take more than an hour to play Bloodbowl?

10-04-2007, 09:20
I'm one of them - it takes bloody ages to play. I played yesterday and it was around 3 hours...

10-04-2007, 12:28
It is a crazy long time, I'd not played in 10 years so was coming to it only half knowing what I was doing and my online games never take more than an hour and a half.

04-06-2007, 18:39
60 mins with no chatting, 90 mins if we discuss tactics over important plays...

occassionally 45 mins when nuffle hates us and we have 2-3 turns of constant fumbbls...

10mins a turn if explaining to ur opponent with 8ma how to do an OTT and he doesnt get it...

04-06-2007, 19:26
1-2 hours in my experience, but I havenīt played so often yet and I have still to score a victory with my Chaos Dwarves against my friendīs Woodelves ;)

Deng Ham
04-06-2007, 19:50
1-2 hours in my experience, but I havenīt played so often yet and I have still to score a victory with my Chaos Dwarves against my friendīs Woodelves ;)

outch touch match up... And more often than not. You will lose. Untill you can grind him down. And then in the next match you can continue grinding and probably score the only TD of the game. Then you'll win. Just make shure he don't have anybody else to play in order to recover.

04-06-2007, 20:17
Yeah, normally I try to punch all of them over, build a cage formation and carry the ball over the line. I was very close to winning last time but then he pulled a stunt with a success chance of less than 3 percent which worked and the game was a 1:1, so I lost 2:1 in the 3rd half.