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15-02-2007, 17:48
Right, my admech program has been handed over to my eldest, (he's 14 and a big boy, and it was his idea anyhow!), my Penal Legion, apart from touch ups, is complete, so what next?

My biggest dream has been a Kasrkin Army, but expense has been the problem, but stop the press! I've found an ebay store that is selling them a quid each (yes 1.00).

So I've bitten the bullet, and going for it! My Armoured company is swinging towards the Karkins so I'll be including that in this.

Family affair you might say? Apart from my eldest, Josh, I'm going to also follow on here my two other sons:

Sam: Nurgle, he is the great unclean! Aged 10
William: IG, Nids, Grey Knights, Hadradim (including Mumak!) Aged 11.

So this is going to be a mismash of races and games, but hey, bringing up four kids isn't easy!

15-02-2007, 17:54
Right, biggest problem with the Kasrkin is limited pose's, so there is going to lots of Cadian conversions.

I've started with the Cadian Radio Op, yes I know he's got a lasgun, but it will be altered when I've picked up so Kasrkins backpacks.

Also, how to differentiate between Sgts? Alot of my troops will have berets (Sam colour as what I wore in the Brit Army, Sky Blue), so the one on the right has one, the one on the left has had hair and a first aid kit fitted.


This has been my dream project for some years, only know with the resources and, I think, the GS skills, to carry it out. Lets get cracking!!

15-02-2007, 18:05
Cool idea, gettin the kids involved as well, may help them to improve, the comments they recieve from here.

And btw, were you in the Army Air Corps? I have a mate who is mission planner on the Apaches.

15-02-2007, 18:21
Yup, I was a Budgie!

Comms recce, then Gazelle pilot, thinking about it, there hasn't been an AAC job I didn't do!

15-02-2007, 18:24
Yes! I'll be here to encourage a fellow Kasrkin player all the way!

First, might I suggest a dremel? I haven't used mine much, but it makes conversions with Kasrkin..well, you've seen the guy with 'pimp shades' on my log...super easy. I just gotta find time outside of studying to do more converting...and eyewear. WEAR EYE PROTECTION AND A REBREATHER

Sergeants are my biggest problem too. Check out this (http://www.40konline.com/mos/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=785&Itemid=766), I'm gonna emulate this conversion. Already got the bionic SM arm, just a simple arm swap brings loads of character back into otherwise stale and repetitive poses.

I really hope my kids will be interested like your own, good luck. I'll be here to give you encouragment and advice along the way.

-peace out

15-02-2007, 18:45
Dremel is on my list! Guess what I've asked for my birthday ;)

Nice to see we've been following similar lines scrubout, hope you caught the sniper bit.

15-02-2007, 18:49
I did, thank you for the comment, I wasn't considering ghille suits, but now that you've shown what other wonderful things can be accomplished with gauze bandages I may have to give it a go on my cadian snipers...still waffling though.

-peace out

16-02-2007, 16:20
those plague marines are nice, a brown ink wash on the boltres wouldn't go amiss though, first time you say? might as well get a trophy cabinet ready ;)

also, i like the kasrkin look, if you have a look in my photobucket theres a sergeant conversion in there under Cadians

oh and one other thing - can i join you're family?!

16-02-2007, 16:26
That is wonderful, I really look forward to seeing the progress of this "family log".

-peace out

16-02-2007, 16:50
Well! Thanks for the comments guys, you've just made sam's day!

16-02-2007, 18:09
Well William (11) has finished his sanctioned pysker, pics a bit dark, but its night here!

I think he's managed a great job within the two hours he's spent on it!


16-02-2007, 19:15
I'll echo someone else's comment, you had better get a display case and some space on the shelf for golden demon awards in the next couple years.

Tell William he's doing an excellent job, he blows the socks off of work I did at that age!

-peace out

17-02-2007, 12:51
Well boys have been busy!

Sams drybrushed and detailed his typhus:


Williams green stuffed a hood onto his second psyker, and painted him:


While their stuff is drying, they are shooting the crap out of each other (should never let them near my armoury!)


I've finished my Kasrkin Radio Op, loadsa GS, and I'm really happy with him


Comments would be appreciated!

17-02-2007, 12:54
Talented little boys :)

17-02-2007, 12:57
for the kasrkin radio op, if you want power cables for him you could try this,
mix up some gs with with 2/3 yellow and 1/3 blue. roll out to the approx thicknesof a kasrkin cable, and leave to set. then cut two bits to length and work into shape, it should be a bit flexible.

thats all i can suggest for that mate :)
everything else looks cool, i can't believe you're son is GS'ing hoods, i can't do that :(


17-02-2007, 13:54
Nice looking stuff, o and great airsoft guns:evilgrin:

17-02-2007, 14:26
I would only copy the comments made by Anardakil & schoolcormorant(only the last/best part off):)

17-02-2007, 19:41
very cool. Nice work on GS'ing the vox caster..and the hood is particularly impressive. I'm liking the typhus model too!

Wow, took me a second to realize they were airsofts...I was wondering why there were no "caution orange" tips! :eek:

-peace out

18-02-2007, 09:33
We don't have the red tips in the UK, mainly because since Dunblance massacre, we aren't allowed Assault weapons in private hands, apart from Shotguns, .22 is only allowed under the strictest control for vermin kill. Our Olympic shooting team has to practice in France, a ridiculous situation. We've only just won a 2 year battle to keep Airsoft legal, and it took some serious fighting and sitting on Government lawns! ;)

More photo's to follow..

18-02-2007, 10:10
Still wanted to convert my SM Scouts, but what to in the Stormtrooper list?

I've decided they are going to be my Special Weapon Squad, Snipers. The two biggest headaches are the SM backpack, and the cod-piece!

So here was my answer, extend the jacket over the cod-piece, like the Cadian pattern jacket, and green stuff a rucksack over the backpack. The three Sniper spotters will be converted likewise now.



18-02-2007, 13:42
Wow, the green stuff work on the snipers is quite good. Looking forward t oseeing the whole army together.

P.s are those tokyo marai or CA guns?

18-02-2007, 14:15
Nice GSing!

Now paint them. ;)

18-02-2007, 15:29
Wow, that's some really good greenstuff work hiding that scout back pack.

Go Go Stormy Bro! (couldn't resist)

-peace out

18-02-2007, 16:36
Wow, the green stuff work on the snipers is quite good. Looking forward t oseeing the whole army together.

P.s are those tokyo marai or CA guns?

Neither, theres a mixture there, Double Eagle G-36, Toystar M-4 (I own 6 different variant AEG M4's), Toystar SPAS-12 and Toystar AK-47 (I believe, own two different variants). Double Eagle is cheap and cheerful, and yet not a single jam, can't say that about my more expensive Maurai's!

As soon as GS is dry, I'll be painting them, bit pee'd off, painted four Hellgun guys last night, only to realise I used Dark Angel green when the rest of the Army is Catachan Green!

18-02-2007, 16:55
Sry, I only use CA now, can't wait for spirng time to start practicing again for this summers tornaments!

Any who can't what to see these get paint on them!

19-02-2007, 08:10
Well slightly side tracked last night, I became an Uncle for the first time, so when I've seen the little pip squeak (girl, 6 lbs 5 oz, Madalene), I'll get these boys painted!

19-02-2007, 19:54
Sorry for the delay gentlemen!

A niece arrived, so they are still WIP, but there 2/3rds painted, Capes will be Ghillie'd! Faces will have to wait, one of my sons has nicked my Inks for his Nids, and for some reason he took Flesh Wash??!

I think the backpack has really worked, especially with the Cadian pattern helmet attached. I've added a pic of my Sharpshooter conversion to give the Armies colour scheme.



20-02-2007, 11:20
Right update on the Snipers, Capes ghillied, as soon as they are dry, I'll camo them up.


Also got some OOP stormies off Ebay, Love the Sgt, but the plasma next to the Kasrkin variant looks flimsy, so unsure on what to do with him, but hey, I got the pair for under a quid each, can't complain!!


20-02-2007, 11:44
Oh, advise please!

Do I stick with the original backpacks for the OOP stormies, or do I fit them with Kasrkin backpacks to blend in?

I'm sitting on the fence on this one.

Scrubout, what Codex are you using??

I'm running with IG, grenadiers, carapace, SW Squads, TBC, TBC
with Allied Deamonhunters, Inquisitor Lord with retinue, Stormies

20-02-2007, 12:47
Alright Stormy Bro, I run something like this:

-Storm Troopers
-Carapace (for an attached Vost Platoon and HQ)
-Ratlings (my snipers, which I hope you don't mind me stealing your kasrkin sharpshooter! I need one more 'ratling' and that would work perfectly!)
-Iron Discipline or something like that.

As I get more models I will eventually use allied Daemonhunter storm troopers (2 squads I am allowed), but in the mean time I have plenty of points because of my 'quasi-mechanized' approach to this army. I normally run 3 chimeras along with a Demolisher and Griffon Mortar tank in my 1,250 list. I also play for fun...so you might wanna have a go over at the tactics/list section of the forum.

The scouts snipers look nice but I really like that simple kasrkin sharpshooter, that idea is sooo knicked! Thank you!

Those OOP stormies are gonna be hard to fit in with kasrkin (even without their original backpacks), but if you are taking an Inquisitor I'd suggest putting them in his retinue! That way they can keep their cool old backpacks. I really like those old backpacks!

-peace out

20-02-2007, 12:59
Glad you like my boy with the gun!

I nearly did make a ratling squad with the Kasrkin, but I've got that many snipers, I need to use them!

My Kasrkin dudes now number 55, plus 20 brand new cadians for conversion purposes, this rate I don't need any vehicles to fill out the points!!

Must stop bidding on Ebay!

20-02-2007, 21:56
After two hours on the road tonight, I couldn't be arsed painting, so I played with the OOP stormies and Kasrkins, and guess what, the parts matched up better than their original bits!


The larger OOP backpacks fit the Kasrkin perfectly, where the smaller Kasrkin backpacks suit the older models. All I've got to do now is sort some carapace armour out for the OOP guys.

Kasrkin 666
20-02-2007, 22:12
Man, know I want to have two boys who I can teach how to paint and play miniature games!:D Anyway, lovin the Kasrkins. As you might tell, I love Kasrkins, so um...yeah.:D


20-02-2007, 22:29
The backpack switch does look really good, now sort out the gs and get crackin'! The guys with bigger back packs are specialists right? I mean, why the extra baggage? I consume my fevered brain (as Jacka named my thought process) with too many fine details!

55 kasrkin models? I only have 25 or so...stop stealing auctions on ebay, I wanna win some...:mad: :p

-peace out

21-02-2007, 08:04
I think what alot of people ignore is the 'buy right now' lots, and bid on the auctions, and as you guessed the price runs away. I haven't paid more than a quid for each model and you could always bid in the UK, the shipping to the States isn't that much different! I did get some painting done last night, two hours worth, and I'm knackered! I've got a car full going to WHW tonight, 4 lads, guess it should be a bit hectic!

21-02-2007, 09:42
Well here a pic of two thirds of my force, the rest either being in the post or on the painting table. Notice the Cadian 'Stand at Ease' conversion at the front, he's my trial piece, I'm still trying to get the colour trims right before giving him a backpack and plugging in his hellgun! ;)


21-02-2007, 09:52
Hey Jasevx, did you ever see George Dellapina's dragonslayers?
if you can, check out WD 313, he did an awesome stormtrooper force you might like to look at for inspiration.

everything is coming along nicely, you certainly have far more picture updats than me :D


21-02-2007, 09:57
Cheers School!

i try to get in a pic a day, it forces me to paint!

WD 313, Thats UK I presume. I'll dig into my archives, I do remember one with the OOP stormies being used tho. Scrubouts forcing me to try headswaps, so I'm gona have to go for it, but I'll try it on one of my defunct SM Scouts first, me thinks!

21-02-2007, 12:07
Even tho I'm happy with home strip for stripping the minatures, I contacted Simply Green Uk after all you Americans raved about the stuff, and I've just been contacted back.

Is it expensive in the US or is it just us Brits being ripped off? They want (for 4 litres) GBP 45.00 (thats roughly USD 80.00).

For a cleaning product I find that astronomical! Well thats my rave, back to painting!

21-02-2007, 12:16
45 for 4 litres! that;s thats ridiculous.

brake fluid. 1.09 for 300ml at morrisons, even takes off primer, and you'll have that grey plastic we love so much.

or nitro-mors for metal.


21-02-2007, 13:21
Right, just to try out my new toy, and look more professional than my green stuffing abilities, I clamped two spare cadian arms in a vice, and with my 'dremel' I hollowed out the shoulder pads before cutting them off. I think it looks a hell of alot better than GS, plus its ready for basing a day early! I was going to GS the knee pads on, but it would cover the corners of the pockets, so I think he'll do, carapace is represented!


22-02-2007, 09:45
Well no painting done last night due to being at WHW with the boys.


Me and Josh disappeared to sort some stuff we'd ordered only to find them set up on City Fight without a clue how to play it! Bloody nightmare, I just ended up helping Josh with his new purchase and left the little gits to it.

Oh Josh's new purchase, what an amazing piece! The Direct Sales Tech Marine, can't believe it's only eight quid!


I've ended up signing all Four of us to enter the March Tournament (cheers Dan!) and big thank you to Simon for sorting out some lost instructions for Sam's Dread. I now just sitting waiting for the post, the Grey Knights Army William bought should be arriving today, and its gona really wind him up, for the Tourny, I booked him in with his Nids, so he's go to finish painting them first!

22-02-2007, 10:28
aww family day out...is there anything better?
those cadian arms fit very well on the sergeant i really like the look :)

oh yeah, i'm starting my direct order techmarine today if you're interested, i'm looking to Koraath's and Brush your teeth's for inspiration.


22-02-2007, 11:10
Cheers I'll let Josh know. I'm just sorting out Williams Inquisitor, its the only thing I'll help him with, he wanted him in terminator armour, and the dremels needed for that, only problem is i put the gs down and now its gone! Usually I'd point the finger at the dogs but they're snoring away!

22-02-2007, 11:35
Found it!

Well I've spent an hour on this baby, thats enough, Inquisitor marking fitted, new head fitted and seals. Will can do the rest.


22-02-2007, 11:54
that is really really good, spits on my GS'ing skills ;)

i found (well, not exaclty found) a way of getting the little wax(?) disc easily. take a small ball of GS, place where you want it. get a cocktail stick or something approopriately sized, cut the end off so i's like a flat end, then press into the ball.

it looks really cool....slap some paint on him.


22-02-2007, 12:11
Oh, you rush me so!

24hrs for the GS to set, I'll base him and then its up to William to paint him, it's his army!

22-02-2007, 12:29
Hey Stormy Bro, I should be doing math right now...but Simple Green is from the US? Would you like me to try calling a few places and compare prices to see if they are just trying to shaft you? Perhaps if it's cheaper I could pick up a bottle and send it to you (will the post even let me do that...?) and you could pay me back?

I'll be searching on the UK ebay now...*there goes my paycheck fluttering in the wind*

I never made you do anything! I just suggest things!:D

-peace out

22-02-2007, 12:42
Don't worry about the Simply Green, shipping fluids cross borders is dodgy.

If you need Kasrkins, I'll forward the search numbers, I'm monitoring all those being sold, but I'm not bidding due to having enough (saying that, if its a give away I'll take it!)

Well that Termy was my first head swap, what do you think?

22-02-2007, 12:47
PM me those numbers Bro! :D

The headswap looks good, was the original model one of the metal ones? Or did you just cheat and glue a head in because it was a plastic termi?

I'm still getting the hang of headswaps myself, it's a fine balance between sanding and cutting, sanding and cutting *oops, too much! Argh!*. I need protective eyewear before I try it again...the squint-eye method gets scary when you feel sharp pieces of jagged metal bounce off of your eyelashes! :eek:

-peace out

22-02-2007, 17:36
Yup it was a plastic Termie! Hey why make life hard for yourself! ;)

I'm going Tech priest on the doctrine, Converting Kasrkin with Necron bits to stand in for Servitors. Trying to avoid any model that isn't a Storm trooper. Think the only one that won't will be the Big Boss, who will be an Inquisitor Lord.

the blind knight
22-02-2007, 19:06
I wish i had a dad like you.Actualy i had he was a fanatic for D&D but then he grow up.WHY O WHY?!?!?

23-02-2007, 08:47
Well I got two hours of painting in last night, need to get a thousand points ready for next weeks tournament at WHW.

These guys still have at least another hours work on them, but I'm not fine detailing until after the tournament.


Hope you like the variation on the Sgts, look alot better when I've done his hair!

23-02-2007, 12:48
Well a new batch turned up, one I've been waiting for, all hellguns except the Sgt.


The Sgt as you can see I've done a head swap (yes Scrubout, my first metal one!), drilled his sword hand and fitted a banner. As soon as the glue is dry, I'll extend the banner and tidy uo the GS. Company Standard reporting for duty sir!

23-02-2007, 13:11
that is totally rockin' the pose is great, it might even be more natural than the sword ? :eek:
one suggestion, a couple of coats of matt varnish on the brass rod before and after priming will stop it being overly smooth and shiny when painted :)


23-02-2007, 13:25
Thanks School, no probs about the marines.

Just to prove how good Home Strip is, I pasted it on the new delivery, left it for an hour before running under a tap with a toothbrush.


All nice and shiny! Shame really, the guy I got them off did a wicked stone chip paint scheme, but they've got to blend in with the rest of the Army!

23-02-2007, 13:30
that is good, where did you get that from? does it work on plastic?


23-02-2007, 13:37
got it from B& Q, it does work on plastic, i've used it on my armoured company, just do it in stages tho, leave it on longer than an hour, it starts to soften the plastic. It took me three coats to take off 5 layers of paint off my demolisher, but it was worth it.

23-02-2007, 14:47
Most excellent progress! Great stuff, your first *real* headswap looks good...and the banner is really impressive. I really like your paint scheme too.

-peace out

23-02-2007, 15:09

Well thats the Standard done, just needs sanding tomorrow. The biggest job will be the Helmet on the belt, I'm removing the targeter to fit the Cadian helmet and filing the rest down to the point I can cover it with GS, sculptured to look like a gas mask pouch.

Anyone think of an easier way, let me know, but I was adamant I wanted that head, even tho the Cadian Sgts head would have been alot easier!

23-02-2007, 15:15
Wow, I love how battletorn you've made it.

In regard to the second helmet, hmm, good luck! I'd just do what your doing, perhaps use a cutting wheel to cut most of it off and then sand it down so you can gs a pouch or whatever over the spot.

I may borrow this idea for one of my sergeants (the headswap that is).

-peace out

23-02-2007, 18:05
Eeeeep! mix the GS for the love of the modelling gods -.-'

Nice conversion though :)

23-02-2007, 18:17
Ta me duck!

It took some serious doing, getting rid of the helmet, he now has a respirator pouch in its place. Funny how you forget the simple things, forgot about his Sgt stripes, file them off time!

24-02-2007, 13:49
At last Williams Grey Knights arrived (a week late, but never mind).

6 Terminators (Two with Incinerators)
1 Justicar
6 Knights (two with Incinerators)
11 Inquisitorial Stormies

Total Ebay Price 45 quid! That works out half the retail price!





and now its up to Will to paint.

He want's his Nid Army resprayed as well, good sign that hes not happy with his old paint job.

I got some Cadian Spues for my stormie conversions as well.


Guess what I'll be doing all day!

24-02-2007, 21:15
Good God, where they frozen in that container? They are covered with glue!:eek:

Glad to see they cleaned up nice, now lets see what William can do.

-peace out

24-02-2007, 21:25
That battle-torn look of the banner is great, though I can spot the Blue of the Green Stuff pretty much unmixed on one point. :)


24-02-2007, 21:28
care to tell us what you stripped the grey nights with?


25-02-2007, 10:01
Love the banner :chrome: Absolutely great shot-holes

25-02-2007, 10:14
i believe the stripper is 'home strip' a furniture stripper and is bought at B&Q.


25-02-2007, 16:55
i believe the stripper is 'home strip' a furniture stripper and is bought at B&Q.


does that stuff strip plastic? i noticed the bases in that pic.

25-02-2007, 17:22
he said it does but not to leave it too long else it softens the plastic.
check over the page :)

25-02-2007, 20:32
Sorry for the delay today on questions, missus ain't been well, cracked her cheekbone open at work. But still been modelling!

Cheekiest deal this week, won a Death Guard Havoc Squad for Sam's Nurgle team, and I couldn't believe the price, 2.70 for a 35 box set! It's his first firepower for his Nurgle (hence using L&D Codex recently).

Got William another Inquisitor Stormy squad on the Cheap as well. Funds are running low tho, so its leave ebay alone for a while.

Thanks to SC for answering my answers for me in my absence!

Paintings coming on slowly, as you can see from the pic, and seeing I'm going Infantry heavy, I decided they need artillery support, so out came a broken basilisk and converting it with etra armour and Inquisitorial Markings. Only just started so watch this space!


26-02-2007, 09:47
Well I'm back with the 40k mob!

Thanks Administrators.

Just waiting for the post, I'm hoping my Inquisitor will be in it, who is my chief boss of this army!

Gave up trying to paint last night, tired eyes couldn't focus., probably the amount of superglue I inhaled! ;)

26-02-2007, 10:43
Well he arrived, damaged. No fault of the poster, think Royal Mail sat on him, so a little TLC needed before photos!

Also arrived was my modelling tool bits. Love my little 'dremel' but the bits that came with it lasted five minutes so I went shopping through ebay (not on it) and found a company called mainlytools.


This lot set me back ten quid including postage! Well happy. :)

Right off to IKEA with the missus, and hopefully get something done this afternoon!

Angel Robertson
26-02-2007, 11:21
Could you post a link to the sie you got that from?! Looks like a great deal!!


26-02-2007, 11:41
Wow, you boys seem to be going great guns, awesome bargain hunting, very impressive collection, and the paintings coming along well too.

Keep it up boys.



26-02-2007, 13:02
Thanks Sheep, Angel it's:


He shipped it within 24 hrs of the purchase as well, can't complain!

26-02-2007, 18:28
Well Williams been busy tonight, resprayed his Nids


Got started on his Grey Knights, dry brushing all the lettering dwarf bronze


At this rate he'll beat me to a finished army!

27-02-2007, 13:33
Well my necron sprue has turned up today, so I can get on with the Stormtrooper 'servitors', basically getting round the idea of having a Kasrkin holding a Plasma Cannon! Still up in the air, but as soon as I get the bits to fit, it'll be posted up here. I've decided to make my own Techpriests as well so they blend into the Army theme, I must be mad!

27-02-2007, 19:18
Well my Inquisitor Lord is ready for priming, Sgt has had a sword conversion, and I've started my Tech Priest, very WIP!


28-02-2007, 09:32
Well a little more conversions, two radio ops being converted into Kasrkin, and the Tech Priest gets a plasma pistol, struggling to find a power axe at the minute tho, for him, and waiting for the servo harness to come, so I can fashion his cloak.

Got three further squads tunic's finished last night, so its coming along. I'm running:

2 Squads (Inquisitorial)
3 Grenadier Squads
2 (optional) elite Stormtrooper squads.

The Elite option tho, may change, after seeing Williams Grey Night Termies, I've fallen in love!

Reference William, god nows how, but he's got permission to paint his minitures at school as an Art project! crafty git!


28-02-2007, 11:09
Well Sams Havoc's have arrived, and are fitted with Heavy Plasma! Guess they were sold for that reason, they can't be fielded. Not all lost tho, I'm going to nick the plasmas, fit some flamers and meltas in there place. Anyone got a couple of meltas going, I would be grateful, swap maybe?

28-02-2007, 11:37
Well apart from Sam, I managed two head swaps, Sgt is finished, but psyker is WIP,


28-02-2007, 13:04
Your making good progress, I'm jealous...:cries:

That is crafty; I was considering asking my uni art teacher if painting my models could count as sketch book work...I also have the feeling I shouldn't even bother. Haha.

I'm really curious how the necro-bionics will turn out. Liking the chainsword and sergeant headswap, but wow, that psyker has a BIG head now!

-peace out

28-02-2007, 13:07
Strange the photo does make it look huge, but I think its cos his leaning forward, In the flesh the scale is bang on, might take a photo of him lying down. Hows yours coming along Scrubout?

28-02-2007, 13:29
Errr...um...the question is 'what's coming along?'...in other words, nothing. School is Krazy with a capitol "k"! I managed to base my snipers and do one headswap, but not of the lass-sergeant. I need to have a look at GW's range of female heads and see if anyone in my club will give me a spare.

If I find the the time I'll finish up the gs work on the other headswap though so it can be painted soon...No sun in "Sunny California" means no priming my Griffon either. Que sera! Think I got an A on my spanish exam though, hehe.:chrome:

-peace out

28-02-2007, 16:00
Well salvaged Sam's Havocs, anyone who's got any Chaos backpacks or weapons, it would be helpful!


Williams got this far with his grey knight at school today, and amazingly, hes not had a detail brush!


28-02-2007, 16:03

Without the flash if it helps!

28-02-2007, 16:35
And you still haven't gotten those kids shelves yet? (One for the models, the other for the trophies) ;)

I really wish I could paint modles in MY art class instead of drawing a bunch of bottles, teacups, and kettles...blah...

-peace out

01-03-2007, 22:13
Thought I'd get nothing done today, spent 8 hrs in the car going to and from a job, but hey no rest for the wicked!


Josh and Sam painting their respective armies.


A little more WIP on the techpriest


A Vox conversion, happy with the handset!


And an hours worth of painting!

Time to put my feet up I think, knacked!

01-03-2007, 22:22
Glad to see progress.

I hope I can do the same thing tonight...again..gah, sounding like a broken record...

-peace out

02-03-2007, 11:15
Well managed to finish the first Plasma armed servitor/kasrkin.


Wanted to make him part of the unit, but I know there will be players who say 'thats not a servitor', so I've gave him a bionic arm.

1 down, four to go! mmm, then the Heavy Weapon Teams, changing my mind!

bram kuijpers
02-03-2007, 11:21
nice sculpting:D i just dont like the painting:(

but thats one strong kaskrin

02-03-2007, 11:23
Thats not the finished Paint Job, bram, thats just the undercoats. I'll put up a finished article for you later.

bram kuijpers
02-03-2007, 11:27
thanx what colour is the uniform gonna be?

02-03-2007, 11:37
These two Sgts are close to it, there at gaming standard, but detailing to be done.


bram kuijpers
02-03-2007, 11:46
nice one thing thoug the right sarg armour is just like his skin it doesnt look right in my eyes

02-03-2007, 11:54
Hence haven't finished them, detailing includes eyes ;)

I've got a thousand points to get ready by Wednesday, so detailing can wait, as soon as the tourny is over, I'll crack on with the 'little bits'. I hate seeing armies week in week out that are Chao's black, and GW have decided theres bonus points for the painted armies, at last!

bram kuijpers
02-03-2007, 11:57
good point the local gaming club gives an extra 5 points for al painted and flocked armys thoug the flock has to be the same.

03-03-2007, 10:23
Well Heavy Bolter Kasrkin nearly finished as well, Williams Working on his GK even tho he's in the tournament with his Nids, priorities!

Will get some pics up later!

03-03-2007, 10:25
Waiting for the pics :)

04-03-2007, 08:49
Well Sam dropped his Nurgles, and damaged half his army, William's got a biovore to fill his Nids point gap, and Josh won a Rogue Trader Tech Priest to use as his Ad Mech Sgt.

Me? A little painting done last night, Heavy Plasma's looking really good (strangely photo didn't come out).

Heavy Bolter needs finishing:


Bespoke Vox Operator and Standard Bearer painted a little more, still a hours worth to do tho:


Out most the day, and seriously running behind for Wednesday's tournament!

04-03-2007, 10:06
Are you going to do a freehand on the standard? IMHO a golden/yellow imperial eagle would work well. Good work anyway!

04-03-2007, 15:27
Oooo! They look nice Stormy Bro! Especially like those heavy weapon conversions...uh oh...I just found a reason to buy the plastic devestator set...*money flies out of pocket and goes pft*.

-peace out

04-03-2007, 15:33
I agree, the plastic devastators would make conversion a lot easier, as well as more stable on the games table. Great work though, keep it up and put up your lad's GK's when they're done.

04-03-2007, 16:54
Well back and Nurgles put back together, now being painted, Williams attacking his Nids and Josh is locked in his room with his girlfriend, mmm.

Thanks for the encouragement guys, this is an Inquisitor Lord's private Army, so unsure on the Standard Icon, just yet!

04-03-2007, 17:01
Josh is locked in his room with his girlfriend, mmm.!

Hehe, thank God he's not in puberty eh? He looks a bit young. :D

The standard icon should be big white =I= symbol if it's the Inquistor's personal army.

-peace out

04-03-2007, 17:05
Josh is nearly 15, and he knows what to do with it! At least he's honest about the women in his life! ;)

Your right about the 'I' but I want something around it to signify the Lords power, laurel perhaps?

04-03-2007, 17:21
I on flames would look amaznig! like the inquistor torching the xeno scum - nothing says power like ******* off big flames! :)

hears trumpets in background. oohh yeah ;)

nice camo btw, really well done :)


04-03-2007, 17:29
Josh is nearly 15, and he knows what to do with it! At least he's honest about the women in his life! ;)

Your right about the 'I' but I want something around it to signify the Lords power, laurel perhaps?

Haha! Good luck...honesty is the best thing children and parents can share.

Ya, a white =I= with a ring of fire around it would be cool, dontcha think?

-peace out

04-03-2007, 18:38
Seeing my Company is fire orientated, might be a good idea! (www.envirofire.com).

I've got loads of literature on fire stuff, I'll have a rout around!

Thanks SC and Scrubout for the input! Missus has banned me from painting tonite, :(

04-03-2007, 20:03
I know a good divorce lawyer...

05-03-2007, 09:22
Well after she'd gone to bed, (not well bless her), I got an hours in of painting!

I'm not happy with the HB guys head, no detailing whatsoever, I'll finish him off and change the head after the tournament.

Psykers coming on as I'd hoped, Plasma I love and started on the freehand on the banner, comments please!


05-03-2007, 09:26
The guy with the plasma cannon looks like he means business!!

I'd be inclined to "join" up the flames a little more to look like a roaring fire and maybe take the flames a little higher, say half way up the back of the =I= but I love the concept.

Still learning
05-03-2007, 09:32
wow that psyker is really nice, hats off to u

05-03-2007, 10:25
Yup I'm joining the flames, sleep caught up with me last night tho!

I'm gona have to fill in 'stand bys' from my Penal Legion for Weds tourny, I've spent so much time helping the boys, I've neglected getting my own troops ready. Arrhhhh! ;)

05-03-2007, 14:06
I stand corrected, sanctioned psyker looks good!

The banner is looking good for a start.

The plasma cannon, *thud from jaw hitting floor*, you have to show me how to do that when I pick up some plastic devestators later! Here comes a cheesey(?) squad of 4 plasma cannons in a guard army! :evilgrin:

Btw; beret heavy bolter guy looks fine, what don't you like about him?

-peace out

05-03-2007, 18:33
Just the face has little definition in the mold, I actually might just gasmask him, instead of head swaping.

Scrubout, plastic kit should help alot, mines the metal untis and took alot of dremeling!

Right tourny is 1000 points, but we don't get our mission statements till we get there, so heres my 1200 point list, to cover all options.


Junior Officer (team updated with Carapace)
Vet Standard Bearer
Vox caster
Heavy Bolter Team

Heavy Bolter Turreted Chimera

Inquisitor Lord, Force Weapon, bolt pistol, articifer armour
Heavy Plasma
Heavy Bolter

Mortar Team
Sniper Team

Sentinel x2, Armageddon pattern


3 x Grenadier Squads


Leman Russ

I'm hoping this list gives me flexability across the board, with Missions coming out the blue, I wanted a mobile Anti-tank team with a good Stormtrooper base.

Any thoughts?

06-03-2007, 12:49
Well I was sick as a dog last night, so nothing done, when it needs doing!

However with a good swap from SC and a brandnew Razorback on route, my vehicles will be as follows (under my 2000 point total).

Leman Russ
Chimera with Razorback turret (HB)
Chimera with Razorback turret (Flamers) cout as Hellhound.
Whirlwind count as Basilisk (unpurchased as of yet!)

This Army needs to look high tech, the Inquisitor Lord is loaded! hence dropping my basilisk and giving it Sam to fit in with his Lost and the Damned.

bram kuijpers
06-03-2007, 12:55
love it just love it! :D :D :skull: :D

06-03-2007, 18:31
Well after losing two days due to illness, its production time!


I'm leaving the vehicles chaos black, due to not completed yet!

That'l be next weeks job.

Paint Paint Paint!

07-03-2007, 09:18
Right it's painting marathon day!

Taken the day off to at least finish my troops for tonight, if I get chance to get started on the vehicles, I will but doubt it!

I'll post up any finished figures on here as the day goes...

Still learning
07-03-2007, 09:47
Well after losing two days due to illness, its production time!


I'm leaving the vehicles chaos black, due to not completed yet!

That'l be next weeks job.

Paint Paint Paint!

ah the production line eh?.........

07-03-2007, 11:59
Well I'm sick of painting so I started chopping my chimera into what I want, count as Heavy Bolter Turreted Chimera, Happy with that!


Just to prove I've been painting, my psyker! Heavily converted:


And my niece is one week old today, with Emily and William (my two monsters), mmm, wonder how old she'll be before I get her SoB? ;)


07-03-2007, 13:02
Regarding the Chimera, have you thought of moving the turret to one side, then putting a small top hatch next to it so there is still a comanders position?

I think that maybe shaving the rim under the top plate of the bolter might look a bit more as if it's a part of the vehicle instead of a spare part put ON the vehicle. I like the idea though.

I offer this advice as you tipped me off about the great pose for my skellies which I attempted and was pleased with the result.

Psyker looks great!

Keep it up old bean.

07-03-2007, 13:21
Well I was going to fit the Razorback plate to the top of the hull, but theres not enough room, but I migt try and squeeze one in, was on the same wavelength, just not quite figured it out yet! Should never have started on the chimera, I can't be arsed painting anymore!

07-03-2007, 13:51
I would probably offset them. Put the commanders hatch on the right, over the vision slit, and put the bolter further back and left. If you remove the underside ring from both hatch and bolter, they should fit flush with the chimera top and thus you wont then need the razorback plate.

07-03-2007, 14:03
Well I was going to fit the Razorback plate to the top of the hull, but theres not enough room, but I migt try and squeeze one in, was on the same wavelength, just not quite figured it out yet! Should never have started on the chimera, I can't be arsed painting anymore!


Sorry Stormy Bro, but that is because assembly line painting blows! ;)

Best of luck though. Have I told you before that I like your scheme? I may have to borrow your Chimera turret idea for a couple of my Chimeras too...just for variety in a mechanized company. (Perhaps my Techpriest with heavy storm trooper retinue...hehe.)

-peace out

07-03-2007, 14:21
Sticking with the chimera turret ring, just cant squeeze the cupola in, tho this is the Inquisitors personal transport operated by servitors so its not an issue. I've stuck the Rhino Radar dish next to the turret, and I think it offsets the bulkyness. Looks very much like the Marder 3 of the Bundeswehr!


07-03-2007, 14:44

and check your PM jasevx.

07-03-2007, 15:40
Cheers lads, stormy bro, if you want to copy, go ahead! Fits the turret perfectly!

Hope you understood the PM Lavadude.

Digitsdave, the hull needs widening to fit the cupola, I'll give it a bash on the second chimera!


07-03-2007, 15:58
No need, you could just use the hatch cover from the russ model which covers the mounting for the las canon. However, now I've seen it with a bit of paint on it's growing on me. Sort of has a "Johny 5" thing going on!

07-03-2007, 16:01
Now I understand! I've got a spare one so I'll have a look at that.


08-03-2007, 07:49
Well first run out with the Stormies last night, won 1 lost one, and the loss was my fault, against Nids I moved! Fleet of Foot put them within 12 inches and they swarmed me. Armour saves paid off tho, lasted 4 turns in assault, before i was annihilated, taking down his hive tyrant, ravenors and left his carnerflex with one wound, damn those Genestealers with rendering claws!

Snipers performed, but my Inquisitor with his Force Weapon (hit 3) missed everytime, (can't believe how many ones and twos he got!).

Learning curve tho, remember sit back and shoot like buggery!

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 07:55
Very cool stuff here, I really like the look of these Drop Troopers even tough I usualy don't like Oomies =)

08-03-2007, 11:07
Well I can finally finish my Tech Priest, his servo harness has arrived, hopefully I get a picture up later.

08-03-2007, 13:50
Remember to back up tanks from monstrous creatures thoug! That was a hard lesson I learned last month when I played against feral orks and a squiggoth stomped on my demolisher...:eek:

1-1 ain't a bad record, good show Stormy Bro! I'm currently dying to get my other stormtroopers in the post right now...

-peace out

09-03-2007, 07:55
Wasn't upto painting last night with the footy on TV, so I cracked on with my Tech Priest:


Who still needs some work on the robe (servo arms will be fitted after painting)

The Junior Officer:


Really happy with his conversions

And the Start of the Veterans Squad, this guy will be painted before the Plasma Rifle is fitted (SM pattern). I'm going to make it Special Weapon Heavy so I can swap it from a Anti-tank team to anti-nid flamer team.


bram kuijpers
09-03-2007, 08:01
looking good i like the necro... ahem techpriest. the other foto is a bit blurry

09-03-2007, 10:01
The tech priest looks awesome.I'm really enjoying this Log,

Keep up the good work :)

09-03-2007, 10:22
Well retaken outside after being blacked. Hope that is clearer!


bram kuijpers
09-03-2007, 10:31
yea they look alright

09-03-2007, 14:44
Good call on the Techpriest, as much as I like Necro's idea, I think I'm still gonna use the wonderful engineseer model I purchased two years ago (and never used for anything!) and have him followed by a retinue of bothe servitors and devestator grenadiers.

Looking forward to more.

-peace out

Shaman Monk
09-03-2007, 20:56
hey jasevx, I noticed you were posting on my project log, so decided to support you as well. Everything seems to be coming along pretty good. You got some skills with GS that i wish i had, i guess practice is the only thing that can really help :cries: . One of my critiques is that I noticed a few of the highlights seem too thick in some places. But other then that, looking good, ill start following this log starting now.

10-03-2007, 11:01
Cheers for that, critisism is always needed to improve myself!

You're right about the highlights, they are to thick, but thats on purpose, this army is for the table so 4ft away it looks right, just close up looks crappy! I'll do my Inquisitor as a painting piece not a gaming piece tho!

Got my two pieces painted last night, so no longer black! It's nice to get back to individual models, not the production line of last week ;)

Heres the pic of Lt. Rodrigez of Inquisitor Alonzo Manuel Banderez's private Inquisitorial Army. Along with him is one of the Vets with his plasma, and I will return to him after the tourny, the mold marks on the plasma are to noticeable!


The Laughing God
10-03-2007, 11:08
I really like the Tech Priest he looks cool.
Great job on the whole army so far it's coming together nicely.

10-03-2007, 12:11
Awesome work so far jasevx, those guardsmen are turning out nicely.

10-03-2007, 12:14
Thank you all!

Helps running a WH40k club for the local lads, I get to knick all the unwanted sprues, keep telling them their greatest asset is the 'bits box' but I'm not complaining when I get all the SM accessories, because they can't be arsed to glue them on! ;)

11-03-2007, 15:32
Well Bought the 'Flight of the Eisenstein' on Friday, and just finished it! Another twist but so many answers answered!

But due to that, bugger all done on the painting front, will now try and remedy that! ;)

11-03-2007, 15:54
so what you painting now?


11-03-2007, 16:29
Well just finishing off a member of the vet squad with a flamer, its labourious at the mo, I've got to black by hand, sprays ran out.

I'm also starting the conversion of an knackered chimera to a hellhound. Your Razorback turret when it arrives will be converted with twin flamers for the role. Just knocked the lasguns through, prised the top hatch off to empty it and fitted a spare set of promethium tanks to the hull. Hardest part is removing the superglued crap on the side of the hull, can't complain tho, I was the one who did it 6 years ago! ;)

11-03-2007, 16:44

And the images to back it up! Had to use a Tau left arm to get the right pose, gs'd a fourth finger onto it ;)

11-03-2007, 16:57
are those watch straps on the top?


11-03-2007, 17:04
Nope, it's part of the packaging for barbie dolls from christmas, I use them as Sand Boards, look really good when painted up. I must be really sad, going through xmas packaging to see what can be used ;)

12-03-2007, 03:39
Your Probably not the only one...

12-03-2007, 11:32
Well nor much done, was to shattered last night and had an early one with the missus ;)

But I got started on the first rhino based transport. I am going to raise the rear deck as a cargo space for the occupants crap., and I want to paint the interior, so it's going to be a long winded job.


The missus is cleaning up and going mad at the amount of WH40 in the conservatory. Now look at this picture can you any problems with that! ;)


12-03-2007, 13:19
I was going for Inquisitorial door on the rhino, but this isn't a Inquisitorial Army, its a private army of an inquisitor.

Any feedback would be appreciated but I'd prefer to keep the rhino's cammed up and full of the occupants crap because they have no way of being resupplied. Basically they've got to carry everything to battle!

12-03-2007, 15:52
all looks well in the conservatory, i bet its a good place to paint with all the light?


12-03-2007, 16:09
just cold! no heating in it, will get knocked down later this year and extended. Shes threatening to have a model free zone tho! :(

12-03-2007, 17:08
I know a good lawyer!

12-03-2007, 18:50
Just read through the whole thread.. amazing stuff :) I love the whole family getting involved. My parents were indifferent to the idea (Dad thought it was a waste of money, but doesn't mind as long as I stick to it. Five years later... still here :p)

I had reservations about the Necron head on the Techpriest, but with the hood in place it's growing on me ;)

...talking of things growing, the static grass on the tank bulldozer blade and tracks look wrong. It makes it look like it's been festering in a field for years, rather than actually being used.

But it's an awesome army apart from that. Your sons' are coming along nicely too :)

12-03-2007, 18:53
Cheers, Dragonreaver, The grass will be toned down a little, the mud originally was used to hide missing track pieces on certain vehicles (I'm a sucker for buying ebay wrecks and breathing life into them).

Ref Techpriest, theres still something not quite right with him, hence back on the shelf, but as soon as I put my finger on it, he'll be finished asap!

13-03-2007, 09:36
Well with no spray paint left, I spent two hours last night painting the Hellgun hoses on the 40 stormies, and ink washing their uniforms,. I also raised the cargo area on the rhino:


And finally finished the Tech Priest, extended his cloak, and fitted a rebreather, which takes away the necron edge, which worried me.


13-03-2007, 13:56
Before any one points it out, after posting the above pics, it showed up the cargo box front plate misaligned, sorted now!

Tech Priest is blacked, just tettering on giving him purity seals, but Admech don't get them do they?

13-03-2007, 14:08
I'm not sure if they get them or not, however a couple of parchment scrolls / streams wouldn'y look amiss.

PS did you like the autogun skellie you suggested?

13-03-2007, 14:16
Techpriest looks officially cool now :p

Hopefully the cargo thing on the rhino will grow on me when it's painted though. Right now it looks like someone stuck a big box onto it _

13-03-2007, 14:16
Yup, it made me giggle. Uniqueness is important in an army, and you've got it by the bucket load! What Codex are you using?

13-03-2007, 14:18
Techpriest looks officially cool now :p

Hopefully the cargo thing on the rhino will grow on me when it's painted though. Right now it looks like someone stuck a big box onto it _

Thats exactly what it is! ;)

All the military vehicles I drove (Landrovers to tanks) had boxes everywhere. hence this has too. it wont stay square tho, things will be bolted all over it:)

13-03-2007, 14:35
Digging the techpriest nice subtle use of necron parts there. Respirator could use a little tidying up, but overall very cool.

13-03-2007, 14:37
Agree with you there, might slice it down a bit before painting up. think purity seals will be added, the lines are to clean at the minute.

Angel Robertson
13-03-2007, 14:39
Very cool tech priest idea!!


13-03-2007, 16:43
the necron head is a nice idea for bionic basics it looks good, i envy you're GS abiltiy


13-03-2007, 17:59
Very nice Stormy Bro! Glad someone is making progress!

-peace out

14-03-2007, 09:24
Well an hours work done last night, this is the basic colour scheme for my vehicles. This one needs a couple of hours work doing to it, with detailing and weathering, but the basic scheme is there.


14-03-2007, 09:25
Oh, and before I get the avalanche, yes I know the HB barrell needs drilling!!

bram kuijpers
14-03-2007, 10:16
dont like the camo what kind of camo is it anyway?

14-03-2007, 10:25
It's 'splinter' effect, it looks very bright with the flash, but its actually catachen green, with the vermin brown and codex grey for the splintering.

It was used by all sides in WWII but not much now. It's basically what I've got on the Stormies shoulderpads.

bram kuijpers
14-03-2007, 10:30
i use black with large codex grey spots and a fortres grey line between them.
i just dont like the verminbrown on the tank.

14-03-2007, 11:00
I quite like it actually. It's simple, but when it's done I can picture it looking great.

14-03-2007, 11:51
I like it. My only advice would be to drybrush and dust the guns to lighten them slightly as they look a little "pronounced". Are you putting any vehicle identifier numbers / symbols on it?

14-03-2007, 14:33
Yep theres loads of weathering to do, especially the bright areas, and detailing of the eagles, backpacks etc.

Reference, numbering, this is the Inquisitor Lords transport, so it will get purity seals all over it, as well as his badge of office, if I've got time.

Just ran out the thousand pointer at the local GW store, I lost on the last throw of the dice on take and hold against Ultra Smurfs. Bloody Chaplain, I got 15 hits on him and only one wound :(

But the Army survived, so happy, snipers great again, and the sentinels really upset his tactics. Biggest laugh was one of my flamers took half a squad out in one shot! Love promethium!

14-03-2007, 14:54
Got to agree on promethium. Don't leave home without it against Eldar these days. Bloody Pathfinders are very difficult to dislodge from cover without assaulting them. However, I ran a flamer tornado in against a bunch last week which were hiding in rocks. One flamer template and all eight were toast!

14-03-2007, 18:14
Stuff's arrived from SC, cheers Schooly! I can get cracking with the Hellhound now, just trying to figure the piping out...

14-03-2007, 21:03
Well with the bits from SC, I've managed to finish the hellhound turret.

The HB's were cut back to the mounts, heavy flamers pinned to them and GS in between. Found some sutable plastic as the fuel pipes. Just the rear access panel to build now, unsure what yet but it will be another bits box bonanza!


Sorry for the flash but its dark er! ;)

14-03-2007, 21:06
looking Good Jasevx :)
remarkable good fit.

BTW - i have another part i made when i did IG i'll send it to you ;)


14-03-2007, 21:14
Some great stuff here - especially like the Plasma Cannon Guardsman...


14-03-2007, 21:23
Jasevx, I've got a shed load of bits left over from an armoured company build I've just completed. PM me if there are any bits you're looking for. The "bits" sprues from the tank / chimera boxes are fairly intact and I think I have about a dozen of them.

I've also raided my bits box and found the following. Some of it could be useful (Power cells and the heavy bolter mounting plate especially).

15-03-2007, 09:34
Cheers guys, I'll hold off the panel just in case Daves got something that fits!

Plus the vehicle pool needs working on (I scrapped the AC idea to make a vehicle pool that all four of us can draw from when a vehicle is needed).

Got another hours worth of painting done on the chimera last night, as soon as the lights better, I'll post up a picture.

15-03-2007, 12:17
Right here it is, virtually all the detailing done, just weathering to do, which I should finish tonight.


I just love it when something comes good, out of what was a ebay write off. :)

15-03-2007, 14:31

15-03-2007, 15:58
Cheers Dave, god I've just gone and bought 150 quids worth of storage cases from Kaiser, missus will kill me!

15-03-2007, 16:49
Tell her they're suitcases and she may think you are planning to take her on holiday? Go through the motions of booking, and then 4 days before you are due to fly, arrange for a mate to break your leg! It's a little tricky to pull off, but quite cunning I think.

15-03-2007, 17:14
actually iv booked her a romantic weekend away next week, so she can't complain! just working on the hellhound now i know everything fits!

15-03-2007, 17:45
ohh very nice Jase!
lovely work there, i like the camo muchly ;)

hide the cases until she buys shoes ;)


15-03-2007, 18:01
Haha! I love the social commentary in this thread regarding male-to-female interraction...always a good laugh.

That chimera is looking excellent jasevx! Really looking forward to that hellhound too!

Dirty the chimera good.

-peace out

the dark angel
15-03-2007, 18:08
nicely done so far, your kids are talented, very talented!
all i cvan really say is keep the work up!

-the dark angel:evilgrin:

15-03-2007, 23:32
Well its half eleven and the hellhounds coming together well. Glass of wine and two dogs curled at my feet!

I took the thing apart and glad of it, made painting alot easier!


16-03-2007, 00:16
Hey, I was right... the camo scheme DOES look great :D

I do have to question the logic behind painting a tank in camoflauge and then whacking a massive bright red oil drum on the back of it though _

16-03-2007, 00:40
Tanks are looking really great man, I love the camo!
Now finish the hellhound!!!!

16-03-2007, 03:06
I love the Imperium's fetish with bright red guns and potentially combustable objects. It just screams with incompetence....I love it jasevx!

-peace out

16-03-2007, 08:22
Bits will be in the post today. I found a couple of Chimera Hatch Doors too.

16-03-2007, 08:24
Nice Chimera!

bram kuijpers
16-03-2007, 08:41
helhound looks good.

16-03-2007, 08:57

I used to think that myself, but and I painted armies totally cammed up and dulled down. Boring was the word!

I'm very in the realms of, its fantasy, what the heck! now, bit like the flame throwers of WWII having flames painted on them, Big orange flame means I can be seen anyway!

Thanks for the comments guys!

16-03-2007, 15:11
frankly i think the reason the gas can is red is because it's the most dangerous part of the tank ;) :D

nice stuff Jasevx - whats next?


16-03-2007, 15:23
Finish the hellhound, if I get chance, family over for the weekend.

Then finish the troopers, Inquisitor and retinue.

Then paint rhinos and Russ, its endless! ;)

17-03-2007, 17:46
What was I saying getting bugger all done!

Family over so drinking wine in great quantities, but bought the Tamiya Jerry can set, 5 quid cheaper than the GW equivalent!

if I sober up later I'll try to put them together, but not touching a paintbrush tonite!

17-03-2007, 18:31
Well my elite choice is made, just bought ten DA vets (2 packs) for twenty quid, more than I wanted to spend but with them so new, fat chance of getting them any cheaper, thats four quid under retail price anyhow.

I need big help with the helmets tho, I want near as damn it to GK helmets, anyone got ideas, pre-heresay on a sprue anyone?

17-03-2007, 18:37
Please post pics of the jerry can set Stormy Bro! I'm very much interesting in finding other ways to add stowage to my vehicles.

-peace out

17-03-2007, 18:46

That at the local toystore cost 3 quid, (5 USD)

17-03-2007, 18:49
Sweet, thank you!

-peace out

17-03-2007, 18:50
scrubie, i have a sprue of jerry cans - not the barrels, just the cans, if you're interested PM me :)

did you use the same colours as the kasrkin camo (Studio) but in different shapes Jase?


17-03-2007, 18:53
roughly yes, I did the studio scheme along time ago, and found it quick, so I just varied the scheme to my own needs.

18-03-2007, 12:17
Well Will finally finished his first grey knight, due to flitting between his IG and Nids. Base still WIP, but the GK isn't bad for an 11 yr old!


18-03-2007, 12:33
It's very good for an 11 year old. Far better than some of the painting (or lack there off) I've seen on the armies brought into the store.

Well done young Will, keep it up. (and stop biting your nails!)

18-03-2007, 13:25
there my nails actually Dave ;)

Brush your teeth
18-03-2007, 13:33
very nice guard tanks, i love the turrets, as for the grey knight, potential golden deamon winner in a few years? :p

18-03-2007, 13:42
there my nails actually Dave ;)

lol. Stop biting YOUR nails then!

18-03-2007, 13:46
Well blew my budget last night (shouldn't go on ebay when pissed), needed a third SL sentinel for my HQ squadron, ended up with another complete Squadron (3 with lascannon) for 23 quid! guess they'll tie up with my GK as a Fast Attack battle group. Well its a 22 quid saving on brandnew I suppose, even tho they wern't in my plans!

18-03-2007, 15:17
Haha, you haven't learned yet?

Ebay is like internet gambling.

The GK looks very nice for an eleven year old! Get those display cabinets up!

-peace out

19-03-2007, 09:06
Thank God thats passed, a modelling free weekend, oh, next weekend is too, bugger!

Got the jerry cans put together tho, took me 5 minutes as I was locking up the house ;)

Thanks for the complements guys, the boys really bounce off your comments. Unfortunately they are like me, can't concentrate on one task before starting another, so loads of unfinished painting lying around!

19-03-2007, 09:14
Well blew my budget last night (shouldn't go on ebay when pissed), needed a third SL sentinel for my HQ squadron, ended up with another complete Squadron (3 with lascannon) for 23 quid! guess they'll tie up with my GK as a Fast Attack battle group. Well its a 22 quid saving on brandnew I suppose, even tho they wern't in my plans!

Look on the brightside, at least it wasn't 100 on a Lightsaber.... :o (it glows ok... it's really cool...)

Great looking Grey Knight btw, really shows fantastic potential.

19-03-2007, 09:16
I agree completely by the above post.

19-03-2007, 09:19
Funny you should mention lightsabers...


That Star Wars convention cost me a bloody fortune!

19-03-2007, 10:34
Well I was complaining about too many sentinels, just bought another two!

Those who remember, I built a sentinal variant heavy weapons team for my admech,


I've decided to have kasrkin manned versions for my Heavy Weapon Teams. I've aquired two Catachan Sentinels still on the sprues for half price, just need a third. I'm hoping I can make the weapon mounts interchangeable so I can utilise just the three. This army is starting to become very walker orientated!

19-03-2007, 11:58
Good luck ya crazy git!

That's something I'll always remember, the Star Wars museum travelling across the US stopped in SF one day when I was like 8 years old...it was soooo cool seeing the scale model AT-AT's and costumes, and puppets!

-peace out

19-03-2007, 12:02
Well we are all nerds at heart!

Two parcels just arrived, one from Apologist with OOP stormies in, ta very much! The other from DigitDavid, great selection of bits I can use for vehicle conversions. The Landraider engine will fit into my bloody rhino! ;)

Tho, all I can say is big thanks, it proves how much we work together on here, both blinding blokes, just waiting for my free airtravel to Sunny California from Scrubout now!

Well the Cult leader has spoken...

19-03-2007, 12:56
Loving the log, enough so that I just read the whole thing when I have a paper due at 1145 and the woman to pick up at 1130... three hours is more than enough time to get even more distracted and paint a DW marine (well, maybe not finish, I lavish too much time on each). As for the littl'uns, don't let them stop painting, keep them practicing and start raking in those youngbloods trophies for the lot of 'em! Keep the updates coming!

19-03-2007, 18:00
Oh Lord Strelok, your as bad as me...who cares about real life when you have a thriving internet community to take part in...nice...:eyebrows:

Good luck getting free air travel, your not gonna get it from me! If anything, I'd like to visit the mecca of GW, so it would be me visiting you...other way around Stormy Bro.

Definately looking forward to those old oop storm troopers, I've taken a short while today to fiddle with my Griffon, but not postable content. (priming the commander/cupola seperately as I type this)

Gotta love this community, always willing to help a brother out. I'm feeling the love, are you? :D

-peace out

19-03-2007, 18:58
I've taken a short while today to fiddle with my Griffon, but not postable content.

Gotta love this community, always willing to help a brother out. I'm feeling the love, are you? :D

-peace out

I hope fiddling with your 'Griffon' isn't about loving your brothers! ;)

Just working on the hellhound myself.

19-03-2007, 20:17
We should have some sort of warseer reunion somewhere in europe, heh.

19-03-2007, 20:23
Well my house is always full of waffs and strays (check out www.fidesabunitas.co.uk), so if anyones over in the UK just drop in, Scrubby thats an offer of a free bed!

Right finally getting some work done. As I've said before, the army has to be self sufficent, so extra promethium must be carried to top up the tanks. So here the two auxillary tanks with the GS straps holding them to the cargo bay.


19-03-2007, 20:32
DANGEROUS! I assume the outer tanks are probably armoured, the middle ones probably aint!!!!! Nice GS straps BTW. Love it.

19-03-2007, 20:45
Well I had three options, carried inside (suicidal), trailer, tempting but expensive, visit later, or on top. They'd probably dump it before action anyhow at a forward fuel dump. ;) See your skelebobs are catching on Dave!

19-03-2007, 20:54
I like the idea of a trailer. Scratch build one, it would look great and be in keeping with your army's self sufficiency.

Yes, Norsehawks made a cracker, I can't wait to see more.

19-03-2007, 21:01
Ooooo, I like the hellhound... kinda makes me regret the fact I play drop-troops. As for dropping on by the UK, I might schedule a bit of a whirlwind tour for this summer, maybe I'll have an army done by then so I can play a game or two, maybe even drop a line and play against Jervis himself. I'm a sucker for my ancestry, so I can't be kept out of Ireland for long periods of time, so I'm due to cross the Pond again soon (as soon as money allows).

19-03-2007, 21:52
wow Jase is the straps on the barrels GS? they're fantastic mate :)


19-03-2007, 23:44
Very nice hellhound jasevx! It will look good all camoed out like your other tanks.

What is with this thread and sexual innuendo? :eyebrows:

-peace out

20-03-2007, 08:45
God it's like waiting for christmas! ;)

Everyone emailed me yesterday saying all my bits were dispatched (So want to get my hands on the DA sprue!). Only thing I have an issue with is I've lost my supply of the side loading stormbolters for the arms, anyone got any of these please can I nick them, I'll swap or pay for the postage, whatevers needed!

Hoping to finish off the Hellhound this morning, I'll get pics up!

20-03-2007, 11:02
Well hellhound finished at last!

Heavily weathered as promised.


Just waiting for the post now!

20-03-2007, 11:37
Im really enjoying this diary, keep it up!

20-03-2007, 12:01
huh, the razorback tow cable looks ace on the front underside
nice work Jase - i love it all :)


bram kuijpers
20-03-2007, 12:03
dont like the dirt on it.

20-03-2007, 13:07
I'll clean it for you next time then Bram! ;)

bram kuijpers
20-03-2007, 13:15
you should either: makle it mesyer or make it clean.

20-03-2007, 13:20
The bases on my troops match, its rocky country with grassy outcrops, so some does get dragged up, but not mud flying.

Anyhows, DA vet sprues are here, love them to bits! mmm, nows the hard bit, converting to gk. why o why did i start this! I'm painting my Inquisitor at the mo tho, thats priority!

20-03-2007, 13:57
Your hellhound is growing moss! :p

Seriously, good job on the beast, I'm glad you didn't paint the extra fuel containers red too, it breaks it up more.

-peace out

20-03-2007, 19:31
The moss was already on it from its previous carnation, so I thought, it was easier to leave it on as turf being dug up by the tracks.

Still can't find my storm bolters, anyoneone got any lying around gathering dust? My GK can't go forward without them! :(

20-03-2007, 19:44
what kind of stormbolters you looking for?


20-03-2007, 20:37
Its the old sideloaders from the Tank sprues. they sit flat on the arms unlike the magazine versions which are quite larger in scale!