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16-02-2007, 15:39
The newest Fanatic Online is out:
Here we are with issue 88 of Fanatic Online. This month we have another three great articles to tempt you with.

First we have the winning article from our recent Warmaster narrative campaign article. Well done to Tristan Hoag for his Dark Elves vs Lizardmen Invasion campaign. I liked the use of two less well-known Warmaster races and there is some interesting scenarios that should make the games very memorable. Read it now (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/WMcampInvasion.pdf).

Next on the list we have a campaign system for Mordheim. Eddie Barnes has come up with a system that is heavily based on the Warhammer Realms: Lustria node campaign. Itís very different from the current Mordheim campaign rules and so could be an interesting variation for when you start your next campaign. There is even a brand new scenario called Urban Siege at the end as a bonus. Read it now (http://specialist-games.com/assets/FO87MordCamp.pdf).

Finally for this issue Inquisitor guru, Derek Gillespie has submitted this discursive article on his personal points of view about the ethos and how to play Inquisitor. It will no doubt court some controversy and I look forward to reading any feedback threads about the article in the forum. Read it now (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/FO87InqShadows.pdf).

Also added to the website today we have a brand new and fully updated FAQ for the new 2007 Battlefleet Gothic rules. A big thank you to Nate Montes for compiling this. Head over to the BFG Errata page (http://www.specialist-games.com/battlefleetgothic/faq.asp) to download this file.

Next Saturday (26th Feb) Iím participating in a staff Warmaster tournament. Iíve decided to take the new boys Ė the Araby army. I thought Iíd spend time here listing what I plan on taking and the reasons why. The following week Iíll let you know how I get on and what went right or wrong. If your one of my fellow tournament attendees then Iíd appreciate if you stopped reading now!

I need a 1,700 point force (working to the 2,000) restrictions, no magic items either as part of the tournament rules. The first thing to do is get my minimum points sorted, so I need at least 4 units of Spearmen and 4 units of Archers. Thatís 400 points used already. However, I want my force to be bristling with spear and bow, this is Warmaster after all! So Iíve added an additional 3 regiments of Spearmen for a total of 7 Spearmen units and another 2 units of Bowmen for a total of 6 Archer regiments. Iíve also included one unit of Guards. These units will form the core and main battle line of my army. All other brigades will be anchored around this line of troops.

With the main body of the force selected and 690 points already spent it was now time to think about characters. I obviously need a general, which Iíll place on a magic carpet for 135 points. Next, Iíve taken a Wizard with Djinn for some magical support at a cost of 135 points. Finally for characters I took a Hero riding an elephant. Hopefully the Hero and General will be enough to command such a large amount of infantry.

Only 415 points left so I straight into the more exotic stuff. A unit of Elephants is a must Ė 5 attacks and cause terror Ė theyíll be led by my hero. Next was a unit of Flying Carpets, these proved very useful in playtesting, with their high manoeuvrability and ranged attacks. Finally, for this army Iíve chose a unit of Desert Riders. This left me 5 points over my total so Iíve removed the Generalís Carpet take me 5 points under with a total of 1695 points.

The plan then, is to steadily advance my infantry line while harassing with my cavalry on the flanks. The Elephants supported by the Knights will either strike from the centre or one of the flanks depending on whom Iím fighting.

So, Iím ready for combat. I have a practice game on Tuesday night and I may tweak my force depending on how they perform in that game. Iíll give you a full report on how I get on in the following weeks.

For now,
Andy @ Fanatic EDIT: Sorry, just realised OrangeSM usually does this... No intent to steal the idea or anything, just saw no one else had written it out yet... :o

16-02-2007, 22:29
Oh no problem - I was just started doing those. You are welcome to do the review if you want.

17-02-2007, 05:27
Although I don't play Warmaster, it was nice to read an article showing that developers & important people @ GW have to endure the stressful task of Army List Selection, just like us mere mortals ;) :p :D

It makes it feel more like Andy's one of us - just another gamer.

17-02-2007, 10:29
You are welcome to do the review if you want. Thanks, but no thanks! :) I've nothing to do with two of the game systems, so I'd be out of my depth.