View Full Version : Captain Fuzzball's Log- Empire, IWs, and some Gaurd if your lucky!

Captain Fuzzball
17-02-2007, 16:24
Hi all

I have to many armys. This is a biproduct of me playing every GW 'main' system and having a very vivid imagination. I have to much to safely store and have had a buying ban imposed upon me by my family and my local GW(the latter at my own request). So I've decided to get some stuff painted. Firstly will be my Empire for conflict south, consisting off
three handgunner units,
some spears,
steam tank.

The will be my Iron Warriors, containing<
3 CSM squads,
A bassy,
SOme havoks

As well as this I'll be redoing alot of my Ultras to go to ebay to rais funds I don't know where or how many of these will be done.

Finaly I have plans for a guard army consisting of nearly 100 minis probably for about a years time depending on pace of painting current minis. So if I get this done fast you might get to see some of them.

I haven't got any pics of my Empire yet so heres a few of my ultras just so you get an idea of my painting style.



Pics of empire up hopefully tonit or tomorrow



17-02-2007, 17:14
Decent painting, but you did say you had armies in all main systems, which means you have at least one Lotr army too.


Captain Fuzzball
17-02-2007, 17:35
Yup I've got Uruks and Minas Tirth for LotR but they're all painted so thankfuly no minis to do there!

Just a bit more info on the Log,
.All the minis are going to be painted to a good table top standard, hightlights(as you can see, not on the above minis) and all.
.I'm not going to ruch this, no thick paints etc
.However its also designed to get my ass into gear as I need to atleats gte my empire done soon

Oh one final thing, the Vet isn't really a good example of my painting skills it was done over a year ago in a hurry, but I don't have many other SM pics.