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18-02-2007, 10:26
Lo Guys,

instead of writing reports on fumbbl or posting stuff on various sticky threads, i thought i'd create this seperate thread as a kinda blog for my warseer team. Call it an incentive for me to play non-tourney matches...



18-02-2007, 10:27
And so it came to pass that after being in the warseer league for ages, we played our first match. Tenpole took advantage of my having a temperature, and convinced me to actually play a match.

So, 1st match up against the 1 and only team the coach loathes... Zons. A normal low TR match has minimal casualties, especially when no player on either team has MB. Alas, to our dismay we took 7 casualties this match. This turned out to be my most bloody match ever.

Fortunately, only 1 RIP, so the team survived the ordeal. Down to 11 linemen (including 1 missing from the next match, but who cares). Miraculously, 6BHs, so i can't complain...

Oh, and my TD was impressive, covering the full 26squares of the pitch in 1 turn. go go elves!

Wicked Plays:
Crowdpushes: 2 (received: how my players got RIPed and SIed)
Fouls: 0 (we forgot about this one)
Punting: 1 (i did: i honestly tried a second time but fumbbled it)

final score: 4-1 loss for me.
Casualties: 7-1 (ouch)
50k gold (apothecary bought)
1 skill gained

18-02-2007, 10:29
And so it came to pass that the #warseer community was active, and it was immediately decided that a second match should be played. Upon browsing the teams available, i choose to challenge Tenpole's Orcs. With 2 handicaps i expected to have a fairly balanced game.

And, my bad luck streak from the previous match kicked in. Morley's Revenge hits ONLY 1 orc player, who coincidentally had failed a niggling injury and was missing the match anyway...

So, facing 14 orcs, my 10 elf linemen went to play ball. It was a fun match, but compared to them pesky Zons, these Orcses are gentle wusses. Only 2 casualties during the match. 1 BH and 1 RIP. My new addition to the team, the apothecary, fumbbled with his surgery equipment, resulting in a second RIP in 2 matches. Yay!

Once again i scored a TD spanning the full 26 squares of the pitch. Tenpole had seen that the ball was in my endzone, and didn't cover my lineelf in his half of the pitch. Doubt he will be underestimating my elves again in the future...

Wicked Plays:
Crowdpushes: 0 (tenpole rolled double POWS on a frenzied block, maybe next time mate)
Fouls: 1 (tenpole had "get the ref" which always deserves a symbolic foul)
Punting: 0 (couldn't get my hands on the ball long enough, damn orc cages)

Final score: 2-1 loss for me.
Casualties: 2-1 (but still 1 RIP)
40k gold (10k short of buying an 11th lineelf)
0 skills gained (Tenpole got 6 though, a lot of passing for orcs, impressive)

18-02-2007, 15:07
So, facing 14 orcs, my 10 elf linemen went to play ball. It was a fun match, but compared to them pesky Zons, these Orcses are gentle wusses.

:o That is embarrassing.

But as i stated in chat at the time it was the wrong time of month to take on the girls if you know what I mean. Bad temper.;)

The Tuffties used the game as a training match to hone some much needed skills. Two Black Orcs, Jaws and Odd Job together with pigsy used the game to master the block technique. Jonny Alpha the orc thrower was instructed to study the dark elves passing and his agility improved as a result. Roger more developed a skill for taking down dodgers and Ringo Starr the goblin pumped enough iron after his first fling and gained strength.

In all six skills were acquired so it was a good match for me. The elves continualy thwarted plans for multiple touchdowns.

But back to the fling. This was the first time I attempted a fling and it was great. the troll threw the goblin to within striking distance of the end zone and off he went.

21-02-2007, 09:17
And so it came to pass that the Dark Seers of Truth played their 3rd match. This time against the mighty Chaos coached by Arkzein. With 3 handicaps in the hat and only 1 skill on my team, we had low expectations, but were looking for fun on the field.

We now have an unblemished 0/0/3 record, with 1 RIP per match. Fortunately the RIP from this match against the Chaos was averted by the apothecary. Please note that my elf would have killed himself GFI, if not for the apothecary.

Furthermore, my elves managed to fumbbl every ball handling attempt they made in the game. Failing to handle the ball with merely 2 rerolls and no skills is to be expected, however i think i rolled 3 double skulls and fumbbled around 6 times. The result was a very one-sided match, with my elves seriously harassing the Chaos, but achieving absolutely nothing.

Getting close to scoring 3 touchdowns means nothing when you actually score 0 touchdowns.

The news is good however, no Deaths means that in a few matches time we will be back to 11 players on the pitch. Hopefully even with a positional. And, despite my fumbbling Arkzein said he's looking forward to playing them in the future (when we have some skills under our belt) as the team will definitely be a challenge.

Arkzein played a very solid match taking advantage of all my fumbbls (making a few himself). Congrats mate...

Wicked Plays:
Late Crowdpush: 0
Late Foul: 0
Punting: 0

final score: 2-0 loss for me.
Casualties: 2-0 (plus a niggling SI from dodging)
40k gold (10k short of buying a blitzer)
1 skills gained (Doubles = Guard!!!!!)

08-03-2007, 21:20
And so it came to pass that the Dark Seers of Truth played their 4th match. The oppnent was SigmarsChamp's Ogres, and neither team had seen a victory yet. One way or the other, one of us was going to be happier today.

And the match started, 10 players a piece, and by turn 2 the DSoT had taken their first BH. 9 vs 10, and the ogres blocking like mad, and my DEs running around like mad. Then, as luck had it, we managed to dislodge the ball from a goblin, an the course of the match changed direction. Turn 4 and we were in the lead 1-0. We continued to apply pressure, and fortunately for us Sigmar made a misake, and in turn 7 didn't put his ball carrier in scoring distance. Turn 8 saw his player, after 2 GFIs standing 2 squares away from the LoS, panting unable to go any further. The DSoT tried to retaliate and score, but a failed gfi messed that up. Then Sigmar's computer crashed, so we just ended turn 8 again with no moves.

The second half started out with typical elfball, and by turn 2 the score was 2-0 for the DSoT. Then a murky battle of blocks took place, sending a 2nd player of mine into the injury box, BH again, and it was 9 vs 8. (a gobbo was in the KO box
from a TTM). Then Sigmar started getting really unlucky, and 3 consecutive turns missed his blitz due to Bone Head. My elves took advantage of the Bone Head and zipped through the wholes in the defence, and we had control of the ball, closing in on the end zone with 3 lineelves, and only 2 gobbos to defend and... a failed GFI! A gobbo picked up the ball, but my DEs managed to reclaim the ball, yet again, and 3-0.

Sigmar tried once again to score, but gave a touchbacked ball to an ogre who didn't have the movement to score. if only he had tried another TTM, and the score may have been different...

SigmarsChamp... you could have beaten me, will send you a PM with some hints to help improve your gameplay for the future...

gluck till we play again!!!!!

Wicked Plays:
Crowdpush: 1 (That Gobbo shoulda dodged away when he had the chance)
Fouls: 3 (No Armour Breaks, u need DP)
Punting: 1 (I think i did anyway, was in the replay that we lost)

final score: 3-0 win for me (at last)
Casualties: 2-0 (only BH, thank nuffle)
30k gold (rolled 1 on winnings, +1 from fans, +1 for winning *sigh*)
2 skills gained (6+4 ignored and taken dodge instead, and one block)

04-04-2007, 12:04
Behold, the saga of the Dark Seers of Truth continues. This time playing against the skaven team coached by skinnydookie.

This match started off well, with my DEs dominating the game in the first half. A lot of elf ball and a lot of blocking, and the DEs were in control...

The second half was blessed by nuffle. In a matter of a few dice rolls it was obvious that the luck of the Dark Seers was against them. Snake eyes, double skulls and the whole team fell to pieces. In no time, Foul Peak Frenzy took advantage of the situation, and efficiently turned the tide of the whole match.

Well played skinny, looking forward to a rematch! (Played 3 WS matches that day, and can't remember the foul stats)

Wicked Plays:

final score: 3-2 loss for me
Casualties: 1-0 (who said av7 was easy to break???)
60k gold (*yay*)
skills gained (unknown)

04-04-2007, 12:10
The saga of the Dark Seers of Truth continued that day, and in hope after the recent humiliating experience with the Skaven, my team hoped they had seen enough of Nuffle that day... So, marching onto the field ready to face... omg, Arkzein's Chaos team, the dreaded Leporine Malefactors II...

Alas, to their dismay, Nuffle continued blessing them. Despite the TR difference being covered with a lovely knuckleduster, the team didn't have enough block to compensate. The biggest mistake, however, was the choice we made with that Bone Head. If we had placed it on the Big Hand beastman, i am sure the match would have had a different result...

the score was close and was decided in the very last turn. We came close to scoring 3 times, but no SPPS are ever awarded for 'almost scoring...

Wicked Plays:

final score: 2-1 loss for me (again)
Casualties: 2-0
60k gold (a Witch Elf at last! *woot*)
skills gained (as if i remember)

04-04-2007, 12:15
After 2 Nuffle Blessed matches in the same afternoon, the Dark Seers of Truth decided to play a 3rd back-to-back match, knowing that Nuffle must have moved on...

And just to prove them wrong, Glaurung's hatchlings started off the match with a bloodfest. Turn 1 and the KO box and BH box were already filled with moans. Within minutes, more than half the team was incapacitated. from their on it was a sheer deadlock of wills, with the surviving elves trying their best to hold the Dwarves at bay...

partially successful in their attempts only 1 TD was scored against them, and they sure fought to the last turn...

to no avail

Wicked Plays:

final score: 1-0 loss for me (again)
Casualties: 4-0
20k gold (i need more FF)
skills gained (no idea)