View Full Version : where to place match reports?

Deng Ham
18-02-2007, 13:48

I'm confused. We now have 2 treads to post reports in. On is the official and one is exibition matches.

As I understand it. the Exibition tread is only for games not scoreing SPP cash and so on. And the official is all other.

If so then all matches in the stunty league will go in the officail. And so too will all friendly matches.

But I think we (and by that I meen Autobot) shoud rename them so that the one is for Frieandlys and Exibitons matches, and the other for all games in a turnament or league run by Warseer.

I'm tepted to put all my reports in a seperate tread like Lord Snotball have done.

Autobot HQ
19-02-2007, 14:07
If you want to open seperate threads go for it matey, but yes you're right even 6the stunty ones go in the league thread, as they are league games and it seems we might be keeping the stuntied folk anyway!


Deng Ham
19-02-2007, 14:10
So my grouping was corect. That all games that give SPP, Cas and Cash. Will go in the official thread. And only games not uploaded wil go in the exibition tread?

Once I know where to put the reports, then it's okay. The only reason for making a seperate tread was to avoid the confusion.

Autobot HQ
20-02-2007, 14:03
Yeah your grouping was fine - The bonus of reporting them in the main threads is they will stay on the main page forever for anyone to read, but you'll all good to open seperate threads if you want matey.