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20-02-2007, 07:50
The Ulthuan Invitational is one of the most prestige’s events in the WBBL league, the Ulthuan Invitational is a historical tournament that few people outside the elf world even know about, let alone witness. Yet many of the great teams in history have won this event including, Azreal’s Talon, The Drop Kick Murphy’s and the infamous FMP. Played in the Ulthuan Superdome, only a select crowd of the finest Blood Bowl fans get a glimpse of there favorite team in action. The Everqueen selects the teams from a list of fan favorites and then makes the decision wither they deserve to be invited or not. Being invited is a great honor, not only for being allowed to play in the tournament but just for setting foot on High Elf soil.

-10 Teams
-3 pts for win
-1 pts for tie
-1 pts for scoring 3+ TD’s
-4 Rounds
-Top pts producer wins, if tied then most TD's wins

Teams Invited
1.Athletico Middenheim Gres 211/212 Human
2.Badnagz Bad Boyz PhrollikK 166/155 Orc
3.Kharadrim Medics Keravin 195/201 Dwarf
4.Penthouse Playboys Deng_Ham 128/125 Amazon
5.Naggorite Nevermore Fredox 199/194 Elf
6.Never Ahand, Always Afoot benninstein 161/153 Necromantic
7.Talons of Ulthuan th0r 185/191 High Elf
8.Xini Warseers Riddy 186/172 Lizardmen

20-02-2007, 10:18
Nice I'm game :)

20-02-2007, 19:12
Sure, i'm in.

Deng Ham
20-02-2007, 20:54
Although I might get crushed to pices... I'm in

20-02-2007, 22:27
The prize...


21-02-2007, 08:23
Yet another tournament to make the big teams bigger... I wish the League would just start ( :) ).

Deng Ham
21-02-2007, 14:31
What a peautifull prize... Love the work you have done with it Thor. It's so nice that I think it coud have been use for the world cup...

@Raw... Bigger... No-way (that's close to Norway btw) your team will take sutch a beating, that you will be down to below TR 100, at the end ;-)

21-02-2007, 15:01
The Everqueen selects the teams from a list of fan favorites..And the WarSeers still got in? I'd hardly call them a fan favourite. Stupid 1s on every FF roll...

21-02-2007, 19:34
It would be cool if people stopped being so negative....

The dark kin were invited because the Everqueen knew it would draw lots of interest with a possible match up with there hated brethren the Talons. Luckily the random draw gave us this in the first round! Soldiers will surely put down there arms as they watch the fight take the pitch!

22-02-2007, 23:41
Naggorite Nevermore V's Penthouse Playboys

The Playboys were awarded 3 hadicaps. Doom and gloom cut my rerolls in half for the first half. Bonehead was placed on Darkmoon. I cant remember the third handicap but I'm sure Deng will be able to tel you.

The opening kickoff of the match saw one of the Penthouse fans hit Bethismall Fellblade in the head with an empty tinny and KO him. Inspired by this the Playboys first turn resulted in a badly hurt lineman, 4 more elves knocked prone and amazons flooding through the elven lines. Ginder the Playboys thrower was left holding the ball in thier backfield. NN's first turn was fairly straight forward with most of the players either picking themselfs up or covering the Playboys that had made it through thier lines. The only exception to this was Darkmoon who used his exceptional speed to blitz Ginger and failing to knock her over. In her next turn Ginger failed to complete a pass and the ball was retrived by Gladwind who passed into a 2 catcher run in for Darkmoon to score.

The restart saw the Playboys again penatraiting NN's lines but this time they decided to form a cage around the ball without picking it up. Boldheart saw his chance and blitz in taking Melanie off her feet and Darkmoon followed up. Swiftbow threw a vicious block at Trish that would have killed her if it not for the work of the Playboys Surgeon Silicone. Candi then decided to try her luck with a quick block against Boldheart who was having none of it and stood firm knocking her down. Kindheart saw his chance and with the help of Swiftbow blitzed Nakita KOing her and retrived the ball from 2 tackel zones as his nerves held. The rest of his team saw what he had in mind and did thier best to get between him and any Playboys who treatened his easy run to the enzone. That didn't stop Tiffany trying to stop him but all she ended up doing was pushing him closer to his goal. Seeing his teammate in trouble Fellbalde blitzed Tiffany and enabled Kindheart to run in a easy TD.

NN kicked for a third time and again the Playboys made it through thier lines and into the back field but an ambishous blitz saw thier turn end with the ball in the open. Boldheart saw his chance and blitzed his way down the wing and into the back field with Darkmoon in tow but they were unable to reach the ball. The Playboys responded by trying to free up thier players with a series of blocks and were again stopped short. Boldheart took the opening and blitzed the only Playboy between him and the endzone enabling Darkmoon to retrive the ball and run in another TD.

End of the First Half NN 3 - PP 0

The second half saw NN receiving the ball for the first time in the game. The playboys left both wings open and allowed 3 catchers and a blitzer behind thier lines without opposition. Goodroot retrived the ball and made what should have been a simple pass down field but instead threw it into the crowd. Not wanting to miss any action the fans trew the ball straight back into play and somehow it ended up in Fellblades hands. He dodged away from the two opposing Playboys and also ran behind thier lines. Following this Blackcairn threw a vicious block at Bambi injuring her seriously. The Playboys did thier best to get bodies around the ball but a quick hand off to Darkeagle resulted in another TD.

At the restart the Playboys fans once again decided to try and encourage thier team by throwing another tinny and KOing Darkeagle. It obviously worked as 3 more KOed and one bardly hurt elf would make thier way to the dougout this turn. The Playboys got the ball into NNs half and formed up a cage around the ball carrier. Seeing the danger five out of the six remaining elves attempted to breakup the cage but the Playboys were inspired and Paris slipped past them to socre the Playboys first TD of the game.

At the restart the Playboys were still on a high and quickly rearranged thier defense as the kick sailed overhead. The elven throwers were on thier toes and quickly retrived the ball and passed straight to Darkmoon. He took this as the sign to run straight up the sideline knowing Boldheart was behind him to take care of anyone who would try and follow. A careless misscalculation by Kindheart saw him tipped and the Playboys had a chane to reply. Tiffany and Fiona took thier chance and blitzed Darkmoon knocking him over and freeing the ball. Candi tried to clear the ball by passing it to Nicole but her inexperience showed as the pass went wide. Kindheart attempting to rectify his earlier error blitzed Nicole with the aid of Oldtower and continued on to pick up the ball. Amber did her best to stop him but only ended up pushing him closer to the endzone. Seeing the danger more Playboys flocked to the scene. Close on thier tales were Boldheart, Darkmoon and Oldtower. This distraction enabled Kindheart to blitz and dodge his way in for NN's fifth TD of the game.

NN kicked again and as before the Playboys pounded into the along the line. Until, Tiffany was floored by Longleap. NN pounced on this oppotunity with Boldheart and Darkmoon in the lead again. Darkmoon got to the ball with little time to spare and was blitzed by Ginger who he shrugged of and ran in his third TD of the game.

Final Score Naggorite Nevermore 6 - Penthouse Playboys 1

Well if you got this far I hope you enjoyed the read. It was a great game and not just beacuse of the score. I bet if NN played the Playboys another ten times the score would be nowhere near as one sided as it was in this game. Throught this match Darkmoon was subject to bonehead and although he did fail a roll or two they were successfully rerolled. The miserly 10k winnings and no FF increase were offset by a skill for Darkeagle and a stat increase for Eldenrake.

27-02-2007, 13:48
Okay, due to people screwing around :mad: I've had to do a major face lift to the league setup that couldn't be done without restarting the tournament. However everyone will still get credit for there first game. There will be no points awarded in the first round except for Gres and myself who didn't get to play a game yet. Hopefully with fewer dead weight we can start this tournament.

27-02-2007, 14:29
Can I have my point back please?

27-02-2007, 16:56
Okay, due to people screwing around :mad:

My apologies for not being able to play so prompt. I am around it is just my ISP blocks the ports at peak times it seems prevent play and spectating. I did try to get the game off the ground but Gres came on too late for me. I might sit out all future tournaments till I can get a new ISP.

27-02-2007, 17:51
If it's just the ports limiting things you could look into trying http-tunnel and hence running it all through port 80 (If your web page viewing is still unlimited this will work well).

Only problem being with the free version you're limited to about 2kB/sec, which may not be enough, and their paid one costs something like £1 per month which would really only be for Blood Bowl in your case, perhaps not worth it. Used it myself very effectively to get around the Uni restictions years back.

In any case thought I'd let you know about it on the off chance you need a stop-gap measure until you get a new isp. :)

01-03-2007, 17:55
First round to be completed by Sunday night.

01-03-2007, 18:00
Unless Benny is on tonight or tommorrow day that'll be impossible for me as I'm away this weekend.

01-03-2007, 18:31
Might want to work something out with benny then.

01-03-2007, 19:51
Yes I'll talk to him about us both playing our second first match.

02-03-2007, 11:24
Benny and I won't manage our game until at least Monday. He and I just missed each other today.

02-03-2007, 17:10
Well my tournament is over. Best player Alissia gets -av and my best blitzer gets a niggle. Shame, I really wanted to have a go at Gres... but now I can't even field a full 11 man team.

Edit: Oh to make it even better my two skill catcher just aged a niggle. Thanks a lot FUMBBL.

Deng Ham
02-03-2007, 17:38
There where alot of nasty stuff in the game. The two injuries Thor got where just the tipp. Plenty of extreem dice roling. 5 conections breakdowns. To put it this way. The highlight of the game was to get it over with. And even then the bad news kept commin. Like Thors ageing nig, and my FF reduction.

04-03-2007, 23:32
Keravin and I promise to play our game on Monday evening (I hope).

My armour rolls vs. his dwarves:[dice0]

05-03-2007, 12:18
SigmarsChamp and i will try to play on friday. he didn't know what time bbtime was, and as he lives in tokyo or something our timezones are a mess...

anyway, we are planning to play the match, dont end it yet :)

07-03-2007, 14:29
Neither of you are in the UI.

I want round 2 done by the 12th. If you have problems or ned an extention PM me.

08-03-2007, 14:12
I know, I know another long post.

It was an awkward game in which my blocks could do no wrong. It was the 4th turn of the second half before I rolled a 1bd skull. In typical elven style the first TD didnít take long to materialise and by my 2nd turn we were 1-0 up. This left the Gambits with 7 turns to score an equaliser before the half. However this was not to be when they left their ball-carrying ghoul Sacrificed on the sideline and he was blitzed into the crowd. NN recovered the ball but soon lost it only for Darkmoon to recover and get the ball to Boldheart via Swifthand. Boldheart had a chance of getting into the end zone but a rare 1 on a dodge roll and another on the re-roll soon put a stop to his plans. At the end of the first half it stood 1-0 to NN and the Gambits were up 1 SI. The second half got bogged down at the LOS and each teams star player was KOíd. A blitz on ball carrier Sacrificed initially resulted in a pushback but was re-rolled resulting in a POW. Down he went and he wasnít to get back up as he was put back where he belongs in the grave. The ball scattered and was recovered by NN. Darkmoon made a break for it but was caught by Carney who put him down and recovered the ball. But, Darkmoon would have his revenge with the aid of ĎThe Gimpí and leave us with the strange situation of a thrower scoring NNís 2nd TD. There was enough time for the Gambits to get a TD back and hope for some injury time and they almost did with Kasparov almost making it to the end zone only to be stopped and see the ball end up back in his own half in 1 turn wit NN having a chance to make it 3-0 in the final turn. Guinea had other plans and used his strip ball skill to put an end to their chances and keep the score at 2-0.

Benninstein your a great sport and I hope our next game is more balanced with the dice rolls throwing up a few more ones and skulls. It would have been nice to get the 3rd TD but that would have made the game feel even more unbalanced but watch the replay and decide for yourself.

08-03-2007, 22:03
Breaking News: Talons beat Athletico 4-1

Taking a 2-1 lead into the 2nd half the Talons never looked back flooding the backfield and disrupting Athletico's game plan. The old nation woke up this morning to find a new team sitting in first place, the Talons of Ulthuan. Surely this will force the Everqueen to match the Talons up against there fellow kin Naggorite Nevermore.

Deng Ham
09-03-2007, 14:10
NEWS FLASH: Penthouse Playboy mache delayed right up to deadline.

the Playboy girls are having a buzy weekend ahead of them. At a great convention. They are to show of (amoung other things) there skills of play. And prior to the convention a lot pf prepperations needed to be made. Photos taken and outfits selected (and you can only imagine how long that took with 16 young fassion fixated amazones...).

The match against Xini Warseers is to be held on monday the 12th at 6pm GMT.
As a half time entertainment the Spill me pint match between the "New Zaggarund Steaks" and "Ssshhhh we're actually lizards"

Deng Ham
12-03-2007, 21:27
The big game day came. And all 15 young girls trottet out onto the gras. To a huge cheer form the stands. The sight of the warming up is often well enough in itself, but this time the audience wanted more. The wanted a game.
When seeing that the Xini Warseer where nowhere to be seen. A runner where sendt to locate them. But he returned empty handed. And thus it was anounced in the arena that the game was canceled. And the stadium in the sky was emptyed.

The Xini Warseers where later located, intocicated knocked out. Party dust where found in the dressers and bathrooms of there hotell roms. So too where lingerie and paties. Deng Ham, CEO of the playboys, state (after examinating it carfully) that the underwhare did not belong to any of his girls. Pussy the mascot claim that he definitly woud have know, if it were

Unfortynaly the game that was to be played today at 6pm was not played. I tryed to get hold off Riddy. But When he was neither on MSN, FUMBBL, IRC nor Warseer. It was no more I coud do. I hope to have the game resceduled to thursday. But that is depending if Riddy can play, and if Thor will alow it.

13-03-2007, 05:30
Thursday at the latest. I want updates on this (if you get ahold of riddy or not).

14-03-2007, 16:46
Sorry for the delay everyone I am having problems getting online from home just now but it should hopefully be back up for tomorrow, if not i will try to make arrangements to play on someone elses PC. Will let you know tomorrow if i can play the game, anyway, better go, i'm already late for class.

16-03-2007, 15:56
New matchups are up. Me and Fredox fight for first place while the amazons take on dwarves! Should be interesting.

Autobot HQ
16-03-2007, 16:07
Damn Amazons avoided me and then the other dwarves get them. Disgraceful :p

18-03-2007, 01:30
Talons vs Nevermore 2-2

I slightly frustrating game as the first half everything went wrong for the Talons. Was lucky enough to come out of the half down 1-2. My efforts of ball control were frustrated by constant failed dodges and bad hits. In the second half the Elves left an opening and the Talons slipped through attacking the ball carrier and creating a chance to equalize. Th0r, seeing that fate was not with his team this day decided to stall and not tempt a scoring war, thus going for the tie which would keep the Talons in first place. This led to a foul on the Elves best player "Boldheart" who was seriously injured (only MNG dammit!!).

I know it was pretty weak of me to stall like that, but with under 40% luck most of the game, I did what I thought would work best.

Edit: As a side note. In Alissia's first game back he scored twice and completed a pass, earning him the title "dauntless". Surely all the big guys in the league know that this little elf packs a big punch.

18-03-2007, 03:57
Post Game Comments

th0r "We really didn't play a good game tonight. A lot of the boys were feeling the effects of some early celebrating of St Patricks Day and because of that were stumbling around when they should have been dodging away from the opposition. Luckily we came away with the point and more importantly kept our kin to a point as well ensuring that we keep the lead and control our own distiny. A win next week will ensure the trophy stays in Ulthuan.

Our team captain had a great game, but man of the match in my eyes was Alissia who just came back from suspension. He scored two touchdowns and really kept the Nevermore off balance all game long. He was missed and now that hes back and up to game speed I feel our team is strong going into our next match with the orcs.

Obviously this will be a gritty game where the orcs will try to slow the game down with a pit fight. I feel we've been here before, almost like the christmas cup game against the NZQ which we won easily. I think our speed and agility is enough that the orcs won't be able to stop us from scoring, so I look to our defence to create an oppurtunity and give us the ball back. A lot of people question our tactics, but ball control is how you win the game and certainly if you look at our record (42 TD's in 20 games) you can't call us a 'boring team'.

I think the team is going real good right now despite the several problems, were undefeated in our last 7 games including 6 wins, uh I think if we were ever truely ready for a big game that time is now. I look forward to playing against Phrollikk and his orcs, good night gentlemen."

22-03-2007, 18:19
Well I would have liked to have seen round 4 start on Saturday but i'll give Gres and Riddy untill Sunday night. At which point if the game is not played then it will be forfeited with no pts given to either team.

Edit: Tournament has to be finished before April 1st, which is when the main league begins.

22-03-2007, 22:41
The second half should get played tomorrow evening. I'm 1-0 up and receiving but now we have a blizzard and I have no apothecary...

23-03-2007, 00:12
Just to let everyone know i'm on holiday fron the 31st untill the 8th but with some luck everything should be over by then.

23-03-2007, 18:01
How are the team fixtures being sorted bearing in mind I've played Phrollik twice in this tourney?

23-03-2007, 19:29
The fixtures are set upon trying to screw Keravin over.

It's set to match up the teams with like stats, for example someone with 3 wins will play another with 3 wins, 1win and 2 loss against 1 win and 2 loss. The reason you played the same person twice is because the tournament had to be restarted after so many people left.

23-03-2007, 20:25
And you decided to award Benny a win for the game that was not completed?

Right so based on this I haven't a clue who I'm playing.

23-03-2007, 21:13
Actually Benny defeated Riddy 3-0 earning 3pts for the win and he got the extra bonus pts for 3 or more td's in one game thus equaling 4pts. Please refrain from calling me out when you have no idea what your talking about. When round 3 is completed you will find out who your next opponent is (most likely Gres).

23-03-2007, 21:25
Well to have helped you might have wanted to put the previous scores up here.

Just helps when we're trying to figure out how you're doing it when we're not in the usual tourney format. I don't understand why Gres for example given I expect him to win his match.

Sorry again for daring to ask questions.

23-03-2007, 21:32
If Gres wins, he'll have 6 pts, compared to your 5. You two havn't played yet, thus I would assume you'd be matched for the 4th round.

23-03-2007, 21:34
So who would that leave Fredox playing?

23-03-2007, 21:46
*sigh*... Okay i'll be the fumbbl client and predict round 4 games for you.

th0r vs phrollikk
fredox vs gres
ben vs kerevin
deng vs riddy

I know its not perfect but thats why we have the fumbbl client and not myself choosing the games.

23-03-2007, 21:50
Can we next time not play a tourney along these lines as that'll be two opponents I'll have played twice, though this time I may actually get to finish the game against Benny.

23-03-2007, 21:54
I understand, but next time we run a tournament and don't include people who don't show up/want to play, it will run smoother and hopefully we won't get these problems ever again.

Autobot HQ
23-03-2007, 22:17
This isn't Th0rs fault at all. I don't know if it's just how you type, but you come across really aggressive Kerv - The reason you're playing multiple opponents the same time is 1) the restart, obviously not his fault and 2) you play against ppl who win the same amount as yourself - so get better at playing :P

There are only limited teams in Th0rs tournament so repetition is somehwat inevitable - however, the plan is a couple of months down the line to move more and more teams from the Southern league into the Northen league, until we're one league again with everyone equal footing - I'd do this right away of not for the preying upon the weak that will happen. Although I'm tempted to hold another net meeting sometime next weekend to get peoples opinions on whether, using the swiss system, one league would still work.

But th0r definitly didn't get anything wrong this time, nor should he take such aggressive comments about how he's running this. Th0r continues to have my complete support.


23-03-2007, 22:24
It is not my intention to appear aggressive. What I'm after is people being clear as to how things are being sorted and actively stating that somewhere clear. I couldn't find anything on how the opponents were being sorted this time which is why I asked nor did I remember that Benny had won his previous game.

24-03-2007, 01:11
Well I have a little bad news as some people may know. Firstly I'm very unlikely to be able to play my next round game, whoever the opponent may be. Also I'm likely to not be around for the start of the league so I'm telling the specific organiser, whoever it may be, to not put me in for the first season.

02-04-2007, 00:38
Well apparently this tournament is over. Pretty disappointing that we didn't even get to finish the championship game.

02-04-2007, 12:23
Well pretty much my fault as I've been mostly preoccupied the last few weeks with varying illnesses (gf sick, then baby sick, then gf sick, now me sick). Anyhow, I think you would've won it th0r so imo you're the tourney winner. We'll meet up in the warseer league and I'll bash ya to bits there ;)

02-04-2007, 14:22
hehe, it's a date ;)

Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 17:50
Good to see it still be played out, I really didn't want to end the tourny as it was looking really good, but had to be done unfortunately due to time restraints. Really can't wait to see how the new league turns out.

02-04-2007, 18:20
IMO this wasn't handled well. Both Phrollikk and myself are quite active and could have played that game today when we were both on. Not like any games can be played as is since there are inactive people involved including Yorkie, Riddy and Ben.

Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 18:31
IMO I messaged you, the organiser, 2 days before asking if I could close it down but you never repsonded, having not been on fumbbl for 3 days. The deadline was set in advance between myself and both organisers and had you replied and said you needed it held off, I would of done but I heard nothing, so I went ahead with things as planned. It's the only thing I could of done really.

02-04-2007, 18:46
Of course we also had a conversation on Friday that I would be out of town due to work for the weekend.

Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 18:55
I know matey, but the deadline was there and I had to make a decision - The draft was scheduled and everything has been based on the 1st being the big date, so I went with Plan A, and hoped if there was an issue you'd get the message. I do regret it in that I wanted both tournies to finish, but I don't regret sticking to the plan.

02-04-2007, 19:16
And it was the correct decision. The proper league was meant to start 1st of March.

02-04-2007, 19:50
It's been made quite clear that anything I want to do will be shot down. This is just the straw that breaks the camels back. First the league structure and now the tournament I was running. I definitely won't be wasting any more of my time helping out the league in the future.

Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 20:08
I assume you'll still be playing in the league though? Just so I know whether to replace the Talonation in the new tourny.

Good job I got that interview this issue really lol!