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20-02-2007, 17:06
I wanted to add in the stormbolter to necromunda after a brief discussion with friends, and a nice conversion I have on the go.

now seing at the rules for necromunda are free to download i guess its ok to wack up the bolters stats online
Range: short 0-12 long 12-24
To hit mods: Short +1 long
Str. 3 dam 1
Save mod -1 ammo roll 6+

My idea for the stormbolter was:
Range: short 0-12 long 12-24
To hit mods: Short +1 long -1
Str. 3 dam 1
Save mod -1 ammo roll 6+
sustained fire 1 dice

Thats my idea, i was toying with having a +2 at short range but thought thats a bit harsh. Price wise i was thinking about having it at 40-50 creds. And leader only for Goliaths (seems there sort of weapon.)

Feel free to discuss, rip apart or just generally talk about.

20-02-2007, 17:16
First off, Bolters and Stormbolters are S4...

Going by 2nd Ed 40k stats are rng 0-12/12-24, to hit+1/-, S4, Dam1, -1sv mod, SF 1 die.

Ammo would be 6+ as with all bolters. Cost 50+3D6 would be about right. Availability Rare. If you roll a Needle Rifle, give people the option to select a Stormbolter instead.

Also, it should probably be restricted to Leaders and Heavies. Probably not Gangers/Juves with Specialist though. They should be REALLY rare in the Underhive. Only the Highest ranking people would be able to get hold of one.

20-02-2007, 17:20
Congratulations good theory and interesting rules, I think they should cost nearer the 50 point mark as they are a quite capable gun and can ultimately kill 3 models. It should be restricted to those who can weild specialist guns as a bolter in general has a high recoil and mass so is going to be difficult whereas a Stormbolter will be nigh impossible to use.

Just my 2 cents, hope they helped.

20-02-2007, 17:21
I think you got the Strength of the Bolter wrong. As well as that of the Storm Bolter. They should both be 4. (EDIT: Damn you Catferret! :p)

The rest of the Storm Bolter statline is almost the same as it was in 2nd edition 40k. Which is what Necromunda is based on.

The only thing I'd change is remove the -1 to hit on long range. It's not on the original statline and it just feels wrong for a Storm Bolter. They're supposed to be top-notch, accurate weapons anyway.

Maybe you could treat it as a Special Weapon instead of it being 'Leader only'. I seem to remember leaders being allowed to select special weapons and treating it as a special weapon for rules purposes seems logical.

I'm not sure on the price though, as it's been a while since I played Necro and I'm too lazy to check my rulebook. :rolleyes:

20-02-2007, 17:54
yeah i did screw up the str of weapons. Oops. Anyway, i thing i'll do taht and have the choice of needle rifle of SB (thanks catferret)

And the -1 to hit long range was more to distance it from the bolter, but i see what your saying and will probably take it off.

26-02-2007, 11:20
If you look at any 2nd Ed. the cost in creds for wargear and such is generally 10x the point cost.

Flak armor-1pt.-10+2d6 creds
Carapace Armor-7pts.-70+3d6 creds
Boltgun-3pts.-35 creds
Shotgun-2 pts. -20 creds
Sword-1pt -10 creds
Chainsword 2pts. -25 creds

this is just a small rundown of items.

26-02-2007, 12:50
Yes, but in second ed weren't storm bolters limited to terminator armoured characters only? I thought the background was they could break the wrist of anyone using them if they weren't wearing at least power armour.

26-02-2007, 15:04
It was available as a wargear card, (Combi-weapon), alas I don't have the card in my set anymore.
The Ork Codex listed it as available to Deathskulls for 15pts.

Lord 0
26-02-2007, 19:42
In the last campaign I ran we used the storm-bolter with the profile mentioned by GIR, I mean, Catferret. We made it a special weapon with a cost of 60-70 credits or so if I remember rightly.

Normally a price that high would probably see it never used at all, but we had house-rules for all the varient bolter-shells mentioned in a page of background in the old 40K rulebook, eg metal storm, kraken, etc. They had rules like using the shotgun template for metal storm, one of the shells was silent, I think there was an incendiary shell or something too.

It worked really well and encouraged more people away from lasguns (a good thing to my mind) to bolters and autoguns, which also had various types of ammo (dum-dum, AP, tracer, etc)

28-02-2007, 20:46
Would the Stormbolter be a one handed wepon or a two handed weapon in Necromunda? In the 40k books it's uaslly a two handed wapon but i've seen modles which it was a one handed weapon...

28-02-2007, 20:57
It counts as two handed. Some models have dramatic posing firing their weapons one handed but rules wise it's 2.

28-02-2007, 21:04
Two bad. Having a model with a pair of stormbolters in Nercomunda would be look cool. And the amount of firepower...oie....