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20-02-2007, 21:23
Sorry if this is a Noobish question but I am just getting into EA. I am a bit puzzled about the Commanders rule. The rulebook states that a Commander may order up to 3 formations to follow him when his unit makes an Engage move (provided they meet certain criteria). However it doesn't mention if the units have acted already in that turn.

Imagine a Devastator detachment is near a Tactical detachment with a Commander upgrade. If the Devastator detachment fires, can I later make an Engage move with the Tactical squad and order the Devastator detachment to charge in as well?

It seems wrong that a detachment could act twice in the same turn. However I cannot find anything in the rules to prevent this. Can anyone shed any light on this?

21-02-2007, 08:59
I do believe you can only use the rule if the other units havn't made any actions.

21-02-2007, 09:33
A formation may only take one action per turn.

Rulebook wrote in page 14
In the action phase, the players take it in turns to carry
out actions with their unbroken formations. Each
unbroken formation can take one action per turn. The
player that won the strategy roll can choose whether to go
first or second.

Since the being part in combined assault is an action, you cannot use it to already activated formation.

21-02-2007, 19:46
This rule is great for those armies that don't have a very good initiative rating like Orks.

When the Commander makes the role and fails it is only the formation he belongs to that gains a blast marker not the other two formations that are joining him.

So you can then try a different or same action with the formation/s that failed with the commander.

Just another reason why Epic is so ace! :D