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21-02-2007, 22:51
I have just purchased 15 new Forge World Ork Gunwagons from their website and it happend upon me that these boys actually have some rules for them!

Does anyone know of said rules or where I can find them? Of course I don't want to buy an Imperial Armour book just for stats on 3 sets of epic vehicles so if that is the case then thats rubbish!

22-02-2007, 04:52
I don't think they have different stats. In here they would all be counted as gunwagonz regardless of the weapons mounted on the model.

22-02-2007, 05:20
Oh, that's a bummer! :(

Oh well they still look cool! :D

22-02-2007, 12:14
And provides variety for your army - which Orks should have!

23-02-2007, 01:00
Aint that the truth!

I have just found out though that the gun trucks with the Zzapp guns attached are commonly being used as Mekboy & Oddboy gunwagon upgrades!

So everyones a winner baby!

Chaos and Evil
23-02-2007, 11:56
On the plus side they're fantastic models. Uber-high in detail.

24-02-2007, 03:07
Yeah, consider yourself fortunate that you're an Ork enthusiast. I prefer Eldar and we don't even have struts on our tank canopies. What the hell happened there? :cries:


25-02-2007, 20:15
Honestly, do you use them as GUN-wagons?

Given the usual Gunwagons around, these look far more like battlewagons, while the FW Battlewagon looks like a clear Battlefortress to me.