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24-02-2007, 23:56
hey all!

This is my first project log and I'm making it to keep me going on getting my Death Guard done for the Schools Combat Patrol League...although I'm gonna get the whole army done, not just 400pts.

I have so much unpainted stuff its unreal...not just for death guard, but pretty much every army except tyranids

So...here in the UK it is 43 minutes past midnight, and I have just finished a two and a half hour painting session...in which I base coated the following with dark flesh:

7 nurgling bases
3 terminator armoured chosen
26! plague marines

I'll have a picture of my painted stuff and the wip stuff tomorrow (later today actually... :p ). But i wont have a picture of my daemon prince, because its on display in gamesworkshops window! WOOOOOOO

I have just another predator to basecoat, which I'll do tomorrow hopefully, and make a start on the next layer (which will be layer 2 of 4, then details, base and then matt varnish)

I'm aiming to get a layer done each day, but I doubt i will thanks to school and that damn coursework :mad:

so...erm...yeah. this is just to show my progress and for people to kick me to get going again if i stall.


25-02-2007, 05:44
ah yes the old batch painting
sounds intresting..
new converted or old dp?

25-02-2007, 09:10
Less talky, more painty! Waiting for the pics still! :p

25-02-2007, 11:03
right, update.

athedrivein: its the new nurgle one and i found a pic!


and heres what i did last night (on my very messy desk):

photo of 4 plague marines done:

and a photo of my converted termies:

sorry for the bad pics...the models look a lot better in real life...

25-02-2007, 11:04
heres 2 pics i couldnt fit in the other post.

shows some termies better:

and typhus:

25-02-2007, 16:25
They look great! Very nurglish painting. The base for your prince is a nice touch.

25-02-2007, 16:32
Typhus looks great. I love the rustiness of his head spike. Nice work on the Daemon Prince too. Glad to see it was worth waiting for the pics! :D

25-02-2007, 21:20
update time!

today i managed to get colour 2 on :D

I will do the colours on the nurglings when i get onto flesh, so for now its just the termies and marines.

heres a pretty rubbish pic of them all:

and a pic of a couple of the marines and termies upclose:

they look bad now, but after the next two colours and varnish they look much better

updates are going to slow down for a bit, because the steps are gonna take more time, and i have school...and work...

i suppose this is turning into a step by step guide now...

27-02-2007, 22:09
no more replies? :(

sorry for the lack of updates...school took over

i did these tonight, and they look really scrag end right now, but, they will look like the others soon.

colour 3 is on now, next up, rotting flesh. tehn ofcourse the details, and matt varnish (which kinda blends the colours a bit...its wierd...but makes them look better and protects them ofcourse). i've still to do owt with the nurglings but i could finish them in a day. after all that, bases. then tanks...


27-02-2007, 22:16
Interesting way of painting Nurgle, but it does work. Your photography seems a little inconsistant, though.

27-02-2007, 22:21
yeah i know, i'm just taking quick pictures as i go along. i took my time and did some during the day for the fully painted models. afterwards i'll take some better photos. the light sucks a bit for photos where i took them. thanks for the response!

28-02-2007, 05:42
all I can say is :D

11-03-2007, 21:59
Hey mate,

This stuff looks really really good.

How did you do the terminators? Did you just convert the normal plastic space marine ones?

Cause I was thinking of doing that for my DG termies!

12-03-2007, 05:22
very nice:D
how did you paint them?

12-03-2007, 19:42
sorry for not replying! school and stuff took over.

the terminators are just the plastic one converted with greenstuff, a couple of zombie bits, mutation heads, and the icons removed.

i painted them as shown in one of the white dwarf issues (sorry, i dont have the number)

basically its:
1) dry brush dark flesh
2) dry brush catachan green
3) dry brush camo green
4) dry brush rotting flesh

each dry brushing layer getting lighter than the previous one. then i used matt varnish to protect the model and it sorta helps blend the colours.

the metalics are vomit brown (vermin? the darker of the two...) then blazing orange splodges, then a black ink wash wattered down a bit. the chips of bolt gun metal

the weapons are dry brushed codex grey, they heavily watered down blazing orange wash, then chips of bolt gun.

the flesh is dark flesh, highlighted with elf felsh, then bleached bon, then rotting flesh.

thats it i think...

12-03-2007, 21:05
Nice one, i'm gonna do the same I think, just gonna get rid of as much of the icons as possible, or just make them look like they're rotting away. And just chip and damage all the shoulder pad corners.

13-03-2007, 18:01
sounds good.

you cant really see it in the pictures, but i have sculpted quite a bit on them, like new armour on the chest with a bloated stomach hanging out.

i hope to have more updates soon...but no promises :(

24-03-2007, 11:45
Ok...an update at last. I haven't been updating for ages because I have had so much work at school.

Anyway, I have now got the next colour on; rotting flesh.

Here's a really poor picture:

What I have left to do on them:
Weapons - dry brush codex grey, watered down blazing orange wash,
boltgun metal chips.
Flesh - paint dark flesh, heavy dry brush elf flesh > bleached bone > rotting
rust: paint vermin brown, splodges of blazing orange, watered down black ink
wash, bolt gun metal chips.
pipes: watered down dark flesh wash

Then matt varnish the lot, and my whole army is done apart from tanks!

24-03-2007, 11:49
Your guard look fantastic when photographed together, a great tide of filth rampaging across the table top. I really like your nurgle terminators. More pictures of those when you've finished them please!

23-04-2007, 22:51

After a long break I am resurecting my log, even though it seems no one is even bothered about posting in it or anything...
School and everything else has been really intense lately, so I haven't really had time to paint, but, since the schools league starts in 2 days, I have to get my combat patrol list done.

The list consists of 2 squads of 8 plague marines.
This is the first squad.

(again a poor picture as I took the pic as I finished them)

The flesh looks really light due to flash, but it is darker and more of an off white colour.

Next squad tomorrow...

24-04-2007, 00:18
Looking nice Turnipman. Good rusty and rotten looking Nurgley dudes. Good luck getting everything done in 2 days.

24-04-2007, 23:07

Got the next squad done, so my combat patrol is finished (good job too...the league starts tomorrow).

REALLY crap pictures...its messed up the colours...
the flesh looks much more shaded and...less like i melted a crayon on it...the plasma coils are also brighter. I may get better pictures later.


25-04-2007, 18:27
Just a quick post here.
Played in the school league today, and the team won! we won every single match we played, and we have now qualified for the finals at warhammer world :D

25-04-2007, 21:53
Just a quick post here.
Played in the school league today, and the team won! we won every single match we played, and we have now qualified for the finals at warhammer world

Congratulations! Hope you do well when you get there. Makes the effort put in painting all the more worthwhile

16-07-2007, 17:05
an update...at long last :P

Righto, well no more painting done unfourtunatly. But the league is over now.
At the finals my first game was against a space marine player with assault squad and reclusiarch. I wiped him out in the fourth turn losing only 2 men. and my melta gunner claimed the reclusiarch! (he does really well in every game, killed loads of characters and vehicles and never died).

Second game against Grey knights. mission was take and hold. I was winning quite well and was in control of the objective. Last turn...I had 1 scoring unit left and he had 2 men...thats all. one had an incinerator and managed to kill 4 of my guys!! which meant i had 0 scoring units and drew...when i should have won descisively.

Third game I wiped the floor with a necron player. nothing special happened in that game really (except he broke my tape measure...)

My team on the other hand did no where near aswell as I did so we didnt place.

I think this will be the end of my log...