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Autobot HQ
25-02-2007, 10:32
The Carcassonne Errantry Open is ran once a year following the Warseer Cup, allowing those teams in the Old World that feel they still need to 'earn their spurs' before they play the larger, more aggressive teams out there. All those entering do so for the the honour of their team and the favour of The Lady ... Well, that and the great sack of cash they are bound to make playing.

Those teams not in the Ulthuan Invitational are invited to the The Carcassonne Errantry Open. It'll be run over the next 4 weeks which gives the UI enough time to finish also, after which the Draft will be made and teams shall be sorted into either the WNL or the WSC.

I shall start the tournament tomorrow for those wishing to compete.

President Elect of Warseer Blood Bowl

28-02-2007, 13:56
maybe I shouldn't post in this thread, but don't see anywhere else where I should.

Anyway, I'm just wondering why I'm not in it?


28-02-2007, 18:19
You are to be used to play me so I can test my connection :D

Autobot HQ
28-02-2007, 19:22
Sorted, my mistake RawMissah :)

28-02-2007, 19:24
ahh thx!! :)

sorry for nagging :)