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26-02-2007, 13:29
Hello fellow Battlefleet Gothic players,

Since today I am your new editor of the Battlefleet Gothic fan magazine Warp Rift, hosted at www.epic40k.co.uk. (http://www.epic40k.co.uk.) Cybershadow asked me if I was willing to take on the task and I am.
The coming two issues Cybershadow will still do a little (or so) and after that he will be the first proof reader of a new magazine.

For an upcoming issue I still would like to see some articles coming in.

It would be grand if two or three of you applied/committed to contribute to this magazine and submit an article every 2-3 months.

Of course, everyone is invited to send in articles on a non-regular basis.
In a later post I will set out what kinda articles are wanted but it is quite obvious really; Battle Reports, Tactics, Conversions, Fleet Selections, etc, etc.

The following is an idea of myself and it involves only a bit work of the community:

For the Warp Rift magazine I have the following idea: the build of a ship lexicon. The plan is that everyone may contribute every vessel, I have included an example. Each issue WR will feature two or three (maybe more, depends…) ships submitted by you.

Below the example of what I had in mind:


The Lexicon <example>

Class…………………Lar’Shi’Vre ‘Protector’
Name………………...Dal’yth Lar’Shi’Vre Ry’zon
Current commander….Kor’el Ry’zon
Assigned to fleet…….Kor’vattra 3rd Hunter Fleet / re-assigned to project Distant Darkness.
Colour scheme………White hull/Blue-Grey markings

Historical:………….. First battle assignment was a deep space patrol along Tau borders. On their way home the Tau Patrol Squadron led by the Ry’zon ran into a Dark Angels Space Marine fleet. In order to warn a nearby Orbital City Ry’zon tried to breakthrough the Space Marine lines. The ship itself got badly mauled but one escort vessel managed to escape and warn the Orbital City in time to save many Tau lives. The badly damaged Lar’Shi’Vre Ry’zon subsequently got an extensive refit within the secret Tau project ‘Distant Darkness’.

Tactica………………The Protector is a versatile vessel. With its longer ranged warp dives it is very good suited to protect the Tau borders. Subsequently it is also used to raid Imperial shipping, most of the time operating in pairs. Because of it versatile weaponry it is capable of taking on almost every enemy cruiser.
In the battle itself the Protector will strike from a distance with its missiles to break enemy formations or hit hard at convoys. Once they close with the enemy Manta Missile Destroyers are launched to attack the enemy vessels up close. Keeping their well protected prow pointed at the enemy they bring their Ion Cannons and Railgun Batteries to bear.
In all circumstances the Protector needs a good first attack run. It is not suited for a war of attrition. If it hits, it should hit decisive.


In length it should be roughly 1 page/A4 size. On the tactical command/epic40k site we can add all ships from each issue to create a ship catalogue. People can look in there as a reference, inspiration or tactical inspiration.
Of course if you submit a picture of the vessel in question, the better!
Also, multiple files on the same ship is possible.

Submissions should be sent at horizon@epic40k.co.uk.

Questions can be asked in here. Or ideas on the lexicon. Or other things about Warp Rift.

26-02-2007, 23:18
Side long picture of the ship in question?

27-02-2007, 04:42
If possible, that would be perfect.