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06-04-2005, 10:21
Read the first two parts of the interview with the director on CHUD.com (part1) (http://chud.com/interviews/1914) (part 2) (http://chud.com/interviews/1985) and this guy actually sounds like he's going to make a fair attempt at it. He seems to understand the comic and he respects the vibe and the themes and his previous work is pretty good.

He also has some good Ideas about making it relavent to the present Geo-political situation and isn't going to shy away from the political angle.

This is the best news on the project since Aronofsky left!

06-04-2005, 13:57
Yeah, I think the project has potential.
If you go to the main site for the movie (www.watchmenmovie.com ???) they have some teaser posters for wallpaper.

I think it will be interesting to see some of the darker comic books being produced with the recent success of Sin City. At first I was pensive about Watchmen because of the ending--it is too sensitive to American audiences. However, I think by 2006 and with the presence of more flicks like Sin City it will be easier to have a film like Watchmen get accepted. Thus far "From Hell" is the only Alan Moore comic to get any decent treatment--so let's hope that Watchmen is done right. "V for Vendetta" will really be a defining moment in comic-films and it preceeds Watchmen by some time.

06-04-2005, 14:47
Yeah, I think the project has potential.
If you go to the main site for the movie (www.watchmenmovie.com ???) they have some teaser posters for wallpaper.

Thanks for the Link. I am now logged in and registered as 'themanfromroomV.' The wallpapers are good, i would probably have one up but I just put up my new R Crumb background last night. I actually made my own watchmen wallpaper for my mobile phone by taking an etreem colse up picture of the cover of chapter one. Its cool and very abstract, you wouldn't know what it was unless you read watchmen.

I have really high hopes for this thing now. I was worried when Aranorfshys name was attatched to the project. I liked Pi but I really hate requiem for a dream. Everybody else likes that film for some reason but I just found it annoying and way over stylised. Greengrass is a good director (even though his name makes me thing of the character from heartbeat waving a loudspeaker around and shouting at Simon Pegg in a Mac). His work on Bloody Sunday and Omagh were very good and very sensitively handled. His comments about the community of Watchmen fans being comperable to the communities of victims families over here might raise a few eyebrows but does testify to the seriousness with which he is treating the project.

Lord Lucifer
06-04-2005, 15:45
Care to clue-in the uninitiated on the general details of The Watchmen?
Haven't had the joy of reading it, personally :(

06-04-2005, 16:13
Care to clue-in the uninitiated on the general details of The Watchmen?
Haven't had the joy of reading it, personally :(

Ok, the first thing you have to know about Watchmen is that it is the level best Graphic Novel / discreet comic serise ever written. Trust me that is no fanboy exageration.

It is simultaneously a master class in comics formalism and the potential of the genre, a beautifully designed work of art, a critique of the genre and exploration of its history, an exploration of human nature, a treatise on the nature of reality and much more. Fundamentally it is a bloody good read, it has this amazing depth that rewards infinite intimate re-reading.

A frequent and not unwarranted comparison is Citizen Kane.

The story telling is rich with detail, nuance and intertextual reference, but you probably won't even pick up the half of it the first time you read it. Its the sort of thing you can wave in the face of someone who thinks comics are just some juvinile art form that is just for kiddies and dare them not to be impressed.

The story is about a group of superheros in a very real rendering of an alternative world were superheros are (or rather were) real, though they have been banned from their acivities by the government, something nicked by The Incredibles. It appears they are being killed by someone and Rorschach, a socio-pathic masked avenger who refused to retire, sets out to investigate. The plot form here on in is intricate and takes in about 40 years of invented original continuity. There are also numerous sub-plots and charachters seemingly un-related to the main narrative but actually shed light on different aspects of it as the story progresses to one of the most apocalyptic and moving endings in comics, or any 20th century literature.

The characterisation of the people and the world they exist in is fully realised and very belivable. The science fictional elements are based on real science, to a reasonable degree. Each chapter has its own repeated visual motif.

Really I could go on about this forever, just if you like comics or books or any culture at all you have to read this book.

Yog Sogoth
07-04-2005, 05:32
From that interview the director seems competent, even though I hated the bourne supremecy.

The casting will decide it all for me I think. We'll see.

Thanks for the info.