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28-02-2007, 15:21
Lord Pilos (Inq.Lord) walks bravely (Force of Will) in into the mansion, he has his com-link ready. A bit behind follows Urien Nikolai Ambar (rouge-trader) with his arms around his fianceť Gabrielle (Innocent). In front of Lord Pilos jumps a genestealer hybrid guardian, he has a knife that he puls out. Lord Pilos don't panic, he reaches out his arm, takes on the back of the hybrids head, and smashes it into the wall behind him (Lord Pilos). The Xenomorph falls stuned to the ground, laying lifeless on the ground, Urien follows, and zapps the xenomorphs brain out with a lightning bolt, while his fianceť looks cowardly away.

How would you represent the faceplant wall-smashing?

would you count it as an unarmed attack and imagine that he smashes the head if he hits the head? Would you do the same, but count as improved weapon if hits head?

A friend of my said that he would do St-bounus + the walls AV as dammage.

What/How would you do?

28-02-2007, 15:34
Throwing someone into a wall is basically falling sideways. Falling damage is given as 1 hit for every full or part of 5 yards of fall, doing D6 damage +1 for every yard fallen.

The throw was probably about two yards, meaning 1 hit doing D6+2 damage. The force of being pushed compensates for the acceleration of falling.

Whether you choose to apply the strength bonus to this or not is up to you. I would not add the AV as this results in a stupidly high amount of fixed damage.

02-03-2007, 09:17
What would I do? Well, it depends on what the players say about the game they're in:

Player 1: My Inquisitor enters the building.
GM: An aura of intangible menace hangs over the building. Pass a Wp test.
P1: My Inquisitor has Force of Will.
GM: Good point. Roll actions.
P1: Two actions. Enough to get inside the door.
P2: My genestealer hybrid leaps from the shadows and attacks him!
GM: Roll actions.
P2 (rolling only one action): Curses!!
GM: Next turn.
P1: I'm going to attack the hybrid. But I want to grab his head, swing him around and smash his face against the door-post.
GM: Okay, I like that, so I'll not make it too hard for you. You have to move Up Close and make a successful hit to grab his head - I'll let you automatically hit the head if you get a successful hit. Then pass a Strength test for the leverage to yank him off his feet... with -20 penalty, because he's only a little bloke, but he's still a genestealer hybrid! If you get that far we'll do damage when we get there.
P1 (rolls actions): Alright! Four actions! (points at P2) You're so going down, sucka!
GM: Get on with it.
P1: Okay, one action to charge and one to move Up Close, leaving me two actions to hit him. Rolls to hit... Oh, yeah! That's a critical!
P2: Parry!
GM: Go for it. You're Reach 1 with the knife and he's Reach 0. You're Up Close so that's -10 to Parry, plus your Parry penalty makes -35 total.
P2 (rolls): Curses!!!
GM (to P1): Strength test
P1: Oh yeah!
GM: Right, the Inquisitor smashes the hybrid's face into the door post. Treat it as using an improvised weapon, doing D3+2+Strength Bonus... Ooh, you rolled maximum damage: roll another D3. And that's a 2. So that's 3+2+2+Strength bonus of... 3, giving a total of 10 damage to the head, which is doubled because it was a critical hit. The hybrid has a BIV of 5 so his head has just exploded like an egg.
P2: Curses!!!!
GM: One action left, Player 1.
P1: I think I'll spend it gloating over his bloody mess of a corpse
GM: Good call.



02-03-2007, 14:55
... I want you to GM my games, or at the least cleverly narrate them :)

- Salvage

02-03-2007, 16:29
Perhaps if I shout loudly enough, you'll hear me in Pennsylvania!



28-04-2007, 02:50
the Kinetic energy from the head moving was all converted to his head holding still, so you take the velocity, square it, multiply by mass and divide by two. the velocity would be equal to square root of twice the acceleration by the distance. acceleration would be the force over the mass. so id say take the strength, divide the weight of the object (head in this case is about 10), times twice the distance to the pole, root that, then square it, divide by two and the mass. the two's cancel, as do the roots and squares, so you would get


that many D6 for damage. now the AV of the wall would prevent too much damage, so the most you can do to your victim is twice the AV. should there be more than that, half the remainder is how far (in yards) your victim is on the other side of the wall. after going through the wall, you become prone. both in position and to death.

of course the victim is not a willing participant, so he (or she) could reduce the strength of the thrower by half thier strength, but could not fight back (they spend there energy on preventing the throw instead of the grab.) so they would get hit automatcally and yes, it would be critcal.

if the thrower requested, they may lift the throwee off the ground to prevent the struggling, but have to take a strenght test at minus the Toughness of the throwee.

if the throwee has catfall, and they so request, they can wind up however they want after hitting the wall. if they passed an ititative test, they could bounce off the wall, but the test would be at minus 10, and the wall would take another D6 points of damage to see if it falls over.

But the simple answer is Strength times distance over mass. deduct from strength as you see fit.