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03-03-2007, 23:20
I have just started BB with a chaos team and am finding it insanely hard to actually win a game. Now I know Chaos aren't supposed to be a easy team and I probably shouldn't have started them but I didn't have much money and I have spare beastmen.

So can anybody offer advice with them particualarly on starting formations.

Thanks in advance

04-03-2007, 01:16
Well, chaos coach all the way here. :)

Chaos are one of, if not the, hardest sides to start with given they have no skills (bar the horns for one ST4 blitz a turn), expensive re-rolls and no positional players. Slightly better in LRB5 with mutations on a normal roll and slightly cheaper re-rolls, but don't be too put off by the fact you lose a lot of your early games. (especially if playing Dwarves, Norse or Amazon!)

In any case your goal early on will be to get the four Chaos warriors as soon as possible. Their Strength should make up for lack of skills somewhat. With regards to your beastmen get one with sure hands or big hand as soon as you can. AG3 isn't great and no doubt you'll have found yourself burning re-rolls with the ball. After that block and guard will be your main skills, though make a couple of beastmen blitzers with tackle as well.

The beauty of chaos I find is that later on they can turn into a great varied side with some stat increases and mutations. Claws for bashing, tentacles/foul appearance for defence. A few AG+, MV+ or very long legs/foul appearance+pass block players and you can even pull off the odd feat with the ball.

Winning? Your best bet is to play the cage like most bashing teams. Namely protect the ball carrier with tackle zones and bash your way up the pitch. (Having a few players with guard really helps with this) Watch out for those leapping guard/strip ball players though. Another point is use your blitz carefully, with a ST4 blitz every turn as well as your CWs you can make some nice holes to get through. One mistake some make is to focus on getting their beastmen to make the blitz when CWs would be a better choice. For example I;ve seen someone dodge a beastman twice to get a blitz when there was a free CW standing in the open not two swuares away! just because they felt the blitz was "wasted" if they didn't use a beastman.

On a final point, don't be afraid to pass! AG3 isn't great, but with a re-roll you can pull some things off and beastmen at MV6 can cover a bit of ground (An AG+, Very long legs or MV+ beastman as said before can work wonders). Especially good to remember against teams like Dwarves and Khemri that you simply can't outbash, trying to slowly move a cage down the pitch against them will see you hammered more often that not. Which is another mistake people sometimes make, playing chaos too Bashy, they're not the greatest side for that, though obviously no elves either.

Other points? CW are great for tying up two opposing s3 players, I use mine as walking tackle zones often.

Claw is nice, but tentacles and foul appearance, and very long legs can be useful as well, and don't be afraid to *not* go for a mutation on doubles if it makes sense. Like pass on that AG4 beastman, or pass block on a foul appearance player.

Formations? Consider placing your players mostly on one wing (alerts your opponent but still quite good, I myself tend to give an even lines, but not on the line if scrimmage, and then switch my play depending on which flank the ball lands on), use a few players on the other to tie up opponents or run in behind them as they move to cover your strong side. Then you can both power down one flank and perhaps switch the play if you get too bogged down. (Always surprised folk to see a chaos player run out of his cage and pass to another beastie who runs to the EZ ;))

Finally.... play a bunch of games on fumbbl and learn some more. Really brought back my memories of playing years ago.

Waaagh Grignak
06-04-2007, 11:07
We've got a bloodbowl league starting soon and i quite fancy chaos aswell. last times ive played were fast skaven and squishy halflings.

I was going to be brave and use 4 chaos warriors and 8 beastmen. This gives you a reroll and 6 fanfactors.:)

Try to play the weaker teams (str wise), such as elves and skaven first, u may not score many but u should get sp points from casualties quickly. And you wont suffer too many either.:evilgrin:

First things im going to do is get a beastman with surehands/pro and block on the chaos warriors, a leader reroll and some guards.

My team will be a slaanesh based one with daemonettes as beastmen and slaanesh champions as the chaos warriors! expensive!

06-04-2007, 20:31
I intend doin a Beastmen/Chaos Dwarf team at some point.

Gors (hobgobs)
Bestigors (C Dwarfs)
Minotaur (duh)
Centigors (Bull Centaurs)

I simply want a pure beast army...

07-04-2007, 01:47
The league I'm running uses free Fan Factor, so I would recommend:

4 Chaos Warriors
7 Beastmen

3 Re-rolls

If you have to pay for your Fan Factor, I would drop a Chaos Warrior and replace it with a Beastman and 4 Fan Factor. A Chaos team needs its re-rolls.

Warsmith Strader
02-06-2007, 15:32
As seen through exsperiance(sp?) a Chaos team is devastating in the hands of a veteran BB player... but I would recommend 3 CW's and the 8 or 9 beastman to start, maybe even a Minotaur to start... Bash and bash hard on the oppenents team and score quickly... but don't foul until the oppenent starts it first...