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05-03-2007, 04:39
Since I'm beginning construction of my BFG fleet, I thought I'd post progress here.

Some background:

I won't post the whole background fluff here, but a long forgotten colonization mission from thousands upon thousands of years ago successfully colonized the Eldanar system. Flash forward to "present" 40k time and the system had developed basic intrasystem space travel and that's it. A derelict vessel (Imperial cruiser) enters into the system from the warp. They figure out how to construct a primitive warp system and begin exploring space in hopes of regaining contact with Earth, having no knowledge of the Imperium or anything like that.

In game representation: the Eldanar ships will be represented by the Tau explorer list.

Entry 1:

Today, Ship Commander Doranos led the RNS Daedelus in a successful warp transverse to a nearby system. His ship was escorted by two Yeomen class vessels, who simlarly completed the jump. We have not encountered any hostile forces ... or any forces ... for that matter yet, but given the armament on the vessel that arrived in our system I feel it will happen eventually.

On our next run we are going to test the warp docking mechanism to transport light vessels who lack the warp drive capacity. We are hoping for success.

-Fleet Admiral Krennick
03.04.106 AW

Today I purchased a Tau Merchant (the Daedelus), and a pack of Messenger class escorts that I'm converting to Defender class (I like the basic look of the Messenger more, don't ask me why).

I think the Tau explorer list is a good representation of a fledgling non-Imperial human group both in look and feel.

My 750 point list will be :

RNS Pride of Eldanar; Sussex class Battleship (Explorer class)
Accompanying it is Neolos Squadron of Line class escorts (3 Orcas)

RNS Daedelus; Monitor class Cruiser (Merchant Class)
Accompanying it is Caesar Squadron of Line class escorts (2 Orcas)

RNS Sutherland; a Saint Joseph class Cruiser (Hero class)

RNS Richard Baker and RNS Talar of the Yeomen Frigate Wing (2 Defender class escorts)

Zhai Morenn
05-03-2007, 19:06
Another "lost human colony" fleet eh? Hehe well it looks good and at least it isn't filled with special rules and weaponry that make them more powerful than necrons and eldar.

I like the fluff as it is highly reminiscent of Homeworld to me and that is one of my all time favorite games. Ofcourse there is also the possibility that it is a nearly all human sept of the Tau which was only recently annexed after millenia of isolation- anyhoo onward ho!

As far as fleet composition goes, it looks good. I would recommend using the missile version of the explorer/sussex. Additionally Im not too sure of the usefulness of having a 2 strong escort squadron. Granted with the merchant/Daedelus you can't really help it unless you had another one and squadroned them together- but more over its with the defenders. Perhaps swap out an Orca for a 3rd defender to give you an even 750.

I think the next major thing you should consider is getting an admiral with a few rerolls to captain that battleship. In fact, it may pay to drop the Defenders for now and get a Kor'O and Aun'el or whatever your fleet equivelant is.