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05-03-2007, 09:13
Are Battlefortress any good? I'm trying to decide if I should put my final Ork mob in another Landa (have 1 already) or a Battlefortress. It just seems like too much of a target.

Which formation are Kommandos best added to, Boyz or Stormboyz?

05-03-2007, 11:12
Battlefortress and Gunfortress are ok (better if you put an Oddboyz in them), the main problem i, and the guys i play with, is that if you only have one in a formation, because they are a War Engine they can be picked out of the formation with any TK or MW getting shot at it, on the other hand they do have a 4+ armour save, so if you put the whole formation in them they do quite well.

in the end it depends on what type of Orks you want you play? :)

i wouldn't add Kommandos to Stormboyz, it slows them down to much, but the best way to tell is as always to play a few games with diffrent lists and see what you think for your self? :D

05-03-2007, 15:37
There's always the possibility of facing a lot of TK weapons but for the most part I find Fortresses hold up fine as transport.

If you're really worried about it, use a Battlefort for transport and put a Gunfort in for fire support and soaking hits. You'll also have extra transport capacity in case something odd happens.

07-03-2007, 13:37
I find the fortresses good against armies like the marines or chaos but can be a liability against the Guard or eldar, I hate those shadow swords!

13-03-2007, 22:45
I often use my main Orkmob with three gunfortress and one battlefortress, or with two of each. The amount of mobile firepower they hand out is sufficient to justify it.
I plan to expand it for the next game to three of each, also adding Kommandos, Nobz and Boys, for a ~2000 pt mob.

14-03-2007, 23:35
strait up don't use them!

For the same points you can have 4 Gunwagons/Battlewagons, which can (Not including the saves) Absorb more hits. Also that one TK weapon the opponent has that loves to blow them up has less effect!

...Also If the battlefortress does blow up you are left with 8 units with no transport.
So on that note I might advise that if you use any then go for a gunfortress, with (Which has been said) the Oddboy! :D

I just love the forgeworld gunwagons and battlewagons is all! :D

15-03-2007, 10:09
strait up don't use them!

Thats a bit hard. I would change that to "use them in numbers, not alone"

MaxORK is right that a single Fortress is too exposed, and can leave your mob stranded without transports.

15-03-2007, 13:51
See thats the thing, They are quite pricy for Orks. When an opponent is faced with a massive army with only a few things worth any real points value he will target those things, unfortunetley the Battlefortress/Gunfortress are relativley weak in comparrison to Gargants so I am fearful of using them.

But of course they do have thier advantages, If you put the Oddboy in a gunfortress he is now riding in a DC3 Sv4+ vehicle with 2x AT5+ & 1MW shot which is always nice!...But thats an extra 50 points! :eek:
...But If you get an Uge'Mob remember that means you can take 3 Oddboys heh heh!