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06-03-2007, 01:35
I was looking at warhammer quest stuff a while back and was wondering how it compared to advanced heroquest? I never did play warhammer quest because it came out at a time when I wasn't gaming. I have heroquest and advanced heroquest. I'm saving them for when my kids are old enough to play. I was curious if people thought that this would be a good addition to the collection?

06-03-2007, 03:06
I loved that game. The best way to think of it is as a tabletop version of the PC game Diablo - it's fast dungeon crawling, random dungeons and loot, lots of fun. It's also easily the best value boxed set GW ever released, if you can get a complete set.

06-03-2007, 20:16
Still is IMO one of the best games GW have ever created, I did play standard Heroquest many years ago but wasn't too keen on it.

With a little bit of luck & patience it's still possible to get copies of Quest on e-bay.

06-03-2007, 20:35
Thanks for the replies. Heroquest is okay if you're 8-9 years old I guess. Advanced was more interesting and I have a couple of the expansion adventures for it. My boys are 3.5 and 0.5 years old. Still a little young but someday the games are going to roll here.

07-03-2007, 15:52
There was 4 of us who used to team up every weekend and go questing:

Me with my Warrior Priest
Lee with his Elf Ranger
Dave with his Imperial Noble
Danny with his Pit Fighter

My dad used to relish being the games master and used to come up with all sorts of roleplay situations, ingenius puzzles and fiendish dungeons. When I lived in essex a few years ago the GW in chelmsford GAVE me a mint condition roleplay book and we got together again for one last game which brought back loads of memories.

WHQ is probably the best GQ game ever made: Period. If you liked Heroquest you will love WHQ.

10-04-2007, 11:04
I still play Warhammer Quest semi regular. Me and my brother are lucky enough to have two copys of it, two of the Treasure decks and the expansions.

Although i've liked most of the groups I have been in, my first Galthars Avengers will always be my favourite (even though it only consisted of the the out of the box plastics).

The Dark One
12-04-2007, 11:02
i still play warhammer quest once a week at least. it is by far the best game games workshop has created.
it has already been said but i will say it again
if you liked hero quest you will love warhammer quest