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06-03-2007, 11:41
Ok, me and a group of friends are all getting into Gothic, because it looks really fun.

I've decided to go with the Imperial Navy, and got 4 cruisers off a mate who bought the boxed set, and downloaded the rules of the SG website.

I am a big fan of naval warfare, and believe that Carriers are some of the most important ships in a fleet - cover against torpedos, and can launch bombers.

I would like some help constructing a fleet - I have a few ideas, but always seem to be going over the points limit by waaay too much (we are aiming for 2000 points).

I have read the Squadron rules, and believe they can make a devastating combination - waves of bombers, and a squadron of Cruisers hitting the same ship (not to mantion some torpedos too).

I will be facing almost every single race in the Gothic universe - Tau, Chaos, Necron, Eldar, Orks (all with powerful things like Planet Killers, Blackstone Fortresses, Space Hulks, etc)

So, onto a few initial questions:

I think Tyrants could be useful, yet many people don't seem to use them - is this because of the right column shift on Str 4 batteries range is worthles?

Which do you consider is the most useful 'ship fo the line'?

Are Overlord Battlecruisers worth it - they have range, yet a Dominator is cheaper and has more powerful batteries? Is a pair of Overlords supporting an Emperor a good combo, or would a pair of Dominators be better

What's better - 1 Emperor of 2 Dictators? Emperor is cheaper, yet dictators have Torpedoes and are more maneuverable.

Is it worth having both a Retribution and an Emperor in a 2K fleet?

Whats the best size for a squadron of cruisers?

I'm sorry for the load of questions, but I'm getting into the game as want a fairly powerful, yet unique fleet, and have limited ideas on what each ship is good at. Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

06-03-2007, 13:19
I advice you to wait for Warp Rift issue 11. This issue will be released by the end of march and it features an excellent Imperial Navy Tactica/Analysis.

06-03-2007, 20:24
1. i like the tyrants very much especially when their batteries are upgraded to 45cm.

2. for the imperial navy i think the best 2 cruisers are the upgraded tyrant and the dauntless

3. 2 dictators seems to me better than 1 empepror

4. you only need one BB at 1.5k-2k pts fleet

5. i typically do not squadron my cruisers but when i do it is in twos

welcome to the game!

06-03-2007, 21:19
Is it possible to make an Imperial Fleet without using any escorts?

I know how lumbering the capital ships are, and that escorts are normally viewed as a necessity BUT:

What about using a Dauntless class Light Cruiser as an "escort" for the Capital ship - have it flying along behind, and can pull 90degree turns, or can "come to new heading" to bring Lances and Batteries to bear - more firepower than 3 Sword Frigates can, at any rate.

So it boils down to: 3 Sword Frigates, or 1 Dauntless Cruiser?

Also, I am thinking of making a battleline of 2 Overlords (in the centre, except for when facing Eldar, where they go on the flanks to stop sneak-attacks) and then 2 Squadrons of 2 cruisers, 1 squadron each side of the Overlords.

What would be a good combo to mix together? I am debating between 1 Tyrant (upgraded) and 1 Gothic per side, or 2 Lunars per side, etc. Any reccomendations?

Oh, and I know most people think the Overlord is a bit pants and the Armageddon is better, I don't like the Armageddon list rules (no dauntless!) and so can't get hold of them (why do you want to use reserves - the enemy [chaos] can take control of them if you are unlucky!)

07-03-2007, 01:26
2 dauntless per mars works for me

Zhai Morenn
07-03-2007, 09:16
In general Overlords are the least used Battlecruiser of the IN, mostly because while they have impressive range, they are only slightly better than a standard IN cruiser in a brawl. Tyrants can be upgraded to have more firepower at 45cm.
Nova Cannons, while only having a 1/3 chance of hitting their target, remain a major boon for IN fleets as they are the longest reaching weapon and their chance of hit is the same from 30cm to 150cm. These are weapons that essentially all enemies will fear, including necrons who can ill afford any heavy damage to their ships which lack shields in the first place and grant extra VPs to their enemies. If nothing it will force them to brace which keeps them from using other more dangerous special orders.
Optimally you would take 3 or so for a 1500-2000 game.

As for a few tips:
-- If you intend to make an IN carrier based fleet (even despite the difficulties they have with fielding carriers) Then asteroid fields are your friends against longer ranged and better gunned foes. Do not oblige Eldar and fight among the rocks however, thats death to every non-eldar race including the Necrons. Dauntlesses are good asteroid fighters if they have the LD to pass the tests required since their prow lances are only reduced by 33% if flying individually.
--With the Imperials, a tight defense is a strong defense. There are almost no situations where keeping your ships close to one another for mutual fire coverage is a bad idea.
--This part will sound really basic and mundane but plan for how you can minimize your enemy's strengths and take most advantage of their weaknesses.

07-03-2007, 22:54
I thought that the Nova Cannon got harder to hit with, as although you still have a 1/6 chance of a direct hit, the scatter rises far too quickly - and do I want to be throwing out 3D6 scatter when I will have loads of Ordnance flying around?

Also, I may only take an Emperor as my carrier, and mainly rely on Cruisers. This is because the Emperor throws out loads of attack craft, and has some good range, and Firepower 16 l/f/r when all combined together!

I took Overlords as I know I will be facing at least one Eldar. What would be a good pair of cruisers to run with them, bearing in mind I want torpedo prows (to break up enemy formations to allow me to broadside more than 1 ship per turn): A pair of lunars, or a tyrant/Gothic mix, or any other suggestions?

Zhai Morenn
08-03-2007, 22:04
Unless the Lunars are squadroned together you want to have all your batteries on one ship and all the lances on another otherwise after the first ship fires and creates blast markers, the second ship will not fire as effectively with it's batteries. Tyrants look good as you can upgrade them to be scarier to the Eldar and a Gothis is a good and solid support ship.