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06-03-2007, 12:42

I watched Kill Bill vol.1 last friday, and I liked it.

Seeing that film gave me inspiration for a new char who acts as an insane bodyguard for "The Scary Guy" (Who is the leader for an insane chaos cult. (worshipping "The Prince" and possibly Rashgadesh)).

This char is going to be based on "Gogo" (The insane 17y.o. "School girl"/Bodyguard) from Kill Bill. And I need any good ideas for good background.

But most of all, I need rules for "Ball on chain".

I tried to use the close combat custom weapon rules, but failed. I don't want to make some complicated fan-boy rules (I'm no fan-boy of "ball on chain", I'm a fan-boy of guns with 6+ coaxial rotating barells, I.E. miniguns and Ass.cannons). My best atempt is:
--------------------Ball on chain------------
Reach:Special, damage:d6+2 pp: -60%* weight: 10. (40 when strikeing)

*Opponents have -20% to their parry penalty.

Special reach:
The char. may chose which reach it has; 1,2,3,4,8 or 12. (If has 8, then may attack opponents with in 2y, if 12, then may attack opponents within 3y). The char may spend an action to change reach, and may change up to 4pts of reach per action.

Ball on chain:
The weapon cannot be used to just attack like a sword, instead it must be swung up into a good speed. It takes 1 action to spin it into right speed if it has reach 1-4, 2 actions if reach 8 and 3 actions if reach12. If the weapon is stopped (I.E. parried with a 01-05 on d100), then the char must start over swinging it.

I hope someone can make better and less complicated rules. Can someone help me?

06-03-2007, 18:54
Here is my 2 cents

I thought a ball on chain was a flail(which there is rules for), so lets start with that.

Flail reach 2 Damage D6+1 Parry penalty -40%

specail rules causes d3 hits for every blow landed (roll locations seperately)

to make yours more like gogo's lets just change reach to X and say what ever reach the opponents weapon has the user of the flail is always 2 reach higher, for attacking, but this has no effect on distances in combat.

Gogo's Flail Reach X Damage D6+1 Parry penalty -40%

specail rules causes d3 hits for every blow landed (roll locations seperately), reach is always 2 greater than opponents when attacking.

That is my idea, a lot less book keeping and actually more powerful