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08-03-2007, 21:40
Note: I only have the old Rule and Sourcebook, as I am borrowing it off my friend. I also decided to think of some background from my gang as well, to add a bet of depth.
The House of the Steel Fist was an offshoot of House Orlock. Its founder was one Jake Drackick, an expert at crafting Chainswords, and other hand-to-hand weapons. He married Charrlotte Carcer, who gave him 4 Children. The Eldest, Karl left to join House Goliath, deciding that his parents House "was not strong enough"- much to his parents dismay. Their daughter also left, for House Escher, after deciding that there were not enough propects for her in her parents House. Their 3rd son, Robert, however was always favoured by his parents. He always earned praise from his tutors, and had an exceptional skill with swords. The very youngest was viewed as a bit of a weakling, since Drake always preffered to watch the heavies work with the heavy weapons, and took a great interest in machinery. The House seemed to doing well, though it had a great deal of enemies amongst the rival houses. The other houses, apart from House Orlock considered the House of the Steel Fist to be getting too big for its boots.

After a few weeks, House Delaque was hired to cause the total destruction of the House of the Steel Fist. However, if Robert had not decided to stay up, due to a gut feeling, the House would of ended then. Unfortuneatly, Robert only managed to get his father's right-hand man,Ren, a couple of gangers, some juves, and his brother, Drake out-along with some equipment, 1000 credits, and some deeds to some teritory- which territory is unkown, as Robert only had time to grab a few, not looking to see waht they were. Looking on with dismay, as the once-mighty buildings crumpled and feel, the remants of the House of the Steel Fist fled

Robert Drackick 'The Dueler'- Gang leader
Robert is quite tall, with black hair-quite long. He often wears a black trenchcoat, black trousers, and blak boots. He is extremely quiet, preferring to think, rather than rushing straight into things- partly why he chose to salvage what he could. He sustained an eye injury in an ealrier gang fight, before the destruction of his House, thoguh he can aim just as well now- he has learned to deal with it over the years. He carries his fathers chainsword, though Ren told him his father had a power sword he intended him to inherit- it is thought to be some where amongst the rubble. Prefers to fight hand-to-hand, and excels when using swords. Noted as being quite sadistic at time, and viscous to those that betray him
Sword(Assumed to sheathed on his back mst of the time)
Points: 170

Ren 'One-Shot' Ditamer- Heavy

Robert's fathers right-hand man, Ren id feircly loyal to Robert, seeing him as one he can carry on the family legacy. Ren is a good shot, and helps Drake with his understanding of technology
Heavy Stubber
Points: 195

Mikeal- Ganger
One of the gangers Robert managed to get out

One of the gangers Robert managed to get out

One of the gangers Robert managed to get out

One of the gangers Robert managed ot get out

Roberts younger brother, recently joined the gang as a juve. Oddly, Robert is harsher torwards Drake then torwards other juves. Drake is also the only juve trusted with a laspistol, and he sticks with Ren, for protection, and to help deal with enemies that Ren misses
Points: 50

A juve that followed the few gangers that got out. Thinks a big weapon is the best weapon
Massive Sword
Points: 40

Fredick -Juve
A juve that followed the few gangers that got out. Also a friend of Drake. Practiced quite a bit with hand-to-hand weaponary, though he is a bit nervous about fighting. Robert has noticed him, and sees him as a going fair in the gang
points: 45

A juve that followed the few gangers that got out. Seen as an untrusty worm, and suspected of having a hand in the Houses destruction. Because of this he is trusted with very little, being only given poor equipment.
Chain(Only used in dire circumstances)

Total cost: 865
Leftover points: 135

This will require quite a bit of conversion work.
Thoughts? Comments? Rants? Death Threats?

13-03-2007, 05:36
Well for a start, it's rather illegal, but i'll credit that to the fact that you don't have the new rulebook. On the other hand, i'd say it's fair to presume you have the internet, so you can just download the new one from here (http://www.specialist-games.com/necromunda/rulebook.asp). Using the orlock rules, according to the orlock weapons list, you are not allowed to take swords for any of your gang members. The only close combat weapons you are allowed are knives, clubs, chains and flails. To buy swords for your gangers you will need to give up rare trade rolls. (When you do your rare trade you can buy common weapons that are not on your house's weapons list. You roll the D3+spare gangers as normal, but instead of rolling on the rare trade item, you can buy one common weapon per roll you would be allowed).

Next, you only have 4 gangers to start with, so you are not going to be able to work all your territories, even if none of them go out of action. I usually say 6 gangers is a good starting number, and you do have some extra credits (not to mention all the credits you're not allowed to spend on swords!)

Also four juves is maybe a bit much, caus they really are useless at most things except being moving shields. I generally don't take any anymore, although I can see that they are integral to your background, but I'd limit it to 2, max 3. As a side note, I'd give your heavy an autogun instead of an autopistol, as if he runs out of ammo for his stubber, he's more often that not going to have a long walk to get into the fight with just a pistol.

If you really want to get swords for all your starting gangers, then why not use the 'unknown warriors' rules here (http://www.specialist-games.com/necromunda/articles.asp) to create your own house. It lets you select your own weapons list and choose which skill tables your gangers use. I find it especially good if you're making a gang that doesn't use models from one of the six main houses.

Hope that helps!

13-03-2007, 09:10
Yeah, My Friend printed off the Custom House rules- thats when I found out Orlock couldn't take swords. So I'm going to make my own House with swords.
I wasn't sure If I could take a basic weapon with heavy weapon, but I'll edit this list tonight.
Thanks very mch for help!

13-03-2007, 13:50
Note: I only have the old Rule and Sourcebook,

Why do you only have the old rulebook when the new one is free? www.specialist-games.com

14-03-2007, 07:34
Why do you only have the old rulebook when the new one is free? www.specialist-games.com

Because some people still prefer to play with the old rules that don't include meaningless arbitrary changes, simplifications to remove cardboard chits that I own in quantity, a desire to not relearn rules for one of the best, mechanically speaking, designed games GW has produced, etc.?