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Lt. Co Steel
15-03-2007, 16:31
i was just woundering if anyone knows the organisation of a impirial navy squadron. things like how many planes in a flight, or wing etc. also the ranks in a squadron would be handy, as well as markings. i guess there is somthing in the actual AI book that says, but my friend owns it and i havent really had a look apart from at the rules.

16-03-2007, 01:13
I have one known reference of a Wing breakdown. The 184th Tactical wing attached to the 23rd Elysians contained (ref Imperial Armour - Volume 3):

1x Wing Command
3x Transport Squadrons (6 Valkyries Each)
2x Attack Squadrons (3 Vultures Each)
1x Service Company/Squadron (6x Trojans, 12x Sentinel Powerlifters)

Presumably Imperial Navy Wings are similar to USAF Wings or USN Carrier Air Wings (maybe RAF Expeditionary Wings?.) Each Wing contains anywhere from 1-10 squadrons that are either aviation squadrons (Have actual aircraft) or support/service squadrons (Maintenance, Refuel, air traffic control, Military Police, Civil Engineers, Food Service, etc.) Each aviation squadron has 6-24 aircraft (I think some Navy AWACs squadrons have as few as 6 E-2 Hawkeyes, while some Air Force Fighter Squdrons have as many as 24 F-16s.)

Within squadron you have flights, which are similar to platoons. These are either administrative designations of personnel assignment, or references to a group of aircraft with the same tasking below the squadron level (Typically a flight of 4, but 2 aircraft can make a flight.) Sometimes the administrative flight (you four pilots are members of Flight Blunder under Captain Blunder) is the same as the launched flight (Flight Blunder, you are going on a CAP as a flight of four).

In the book Double Eagle, the Phantine are an Imperial Guard regiment that is presumably based on Imperial Navy Wing structure. The Thunderbolt squadron I believe had a full compliment of 12 thunderbolts, and the Marauder Squadron had a compliment of 8 Marauders.

16-03-2007, 03:04
GreenMTVince and I both went into quiet a bit of depth here (http://z8.invisionfree.com/Airspace/index.php?showtopic=201&st=0&#last) on this very topic.
I will be writing an 'article' this weekend for the article section on the various Imperial Navy Air Wings that exist. I plan on having 4-6 different wing types: Fighter, Bomber, Tactical, and Mobility (with possibly additional wings of Composite and Support).

Wolflord Havoc
16-03-2007, 12:18
A British WW2 Battle of Britain Fighter Command Squadron was supposed to have a front line strength of 19 Aircraft with a comparable number of pilots in order to maintain 12 operational aircraft.

Later in the war (1944) Typhoon Squadrons operating from Hampshire (the 4 squadrons from Homsley south in the New Forest) each numbered 30 aeroplanes - because they expected to take heavy losses and wanted to maintain enough ground attack aircraft over Normandy.

Cold war Russian Long range anti shipping Formations are different again with aircraft formed into Regiments of 3 Squadrons of 9 aircraft + 2 planes each for the Rgt Commander and XO giving a total of 31 planes.

So basically while 12 is the accepted number of planes in practice Squadrons can be bigger or smaller depending upon local practices or situations.

Also Greenmtvince - I have just finished reading double eagle (again) was not the Phantine Marauder Squadrons also 12 a/c but tended to operate in groups of 6?

Commander titus
20-03-2007, 16:07
Well Lt co Steel i belive your Organsiation chart will mainly be built on the following: