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17-03-2007, 11:24
Well fans lets look at some of the star players in the stunty league. With stunty teams living long enough to get any decent spp is a major achievement and as their fame goes up the players become bigger targets themselves.

Fifth position is jointly held by Meccas deadly Robocop whos score of 12SPP is solely made of casualties. Interestingly Robocop will be playing Ssshhhh we're actually lizards and the goblin chainsaw freak Buzz who also holds joint fifth position but only because of two mvp. Robocop is rumoured to be programmed to take out Buzz in the upcoming game so he can get rid of this upstart.
Buzz is rumoured to be looking at cutting in to the armour of Robocop in the upcoming game in order to get rid of this upstart.

In joint third place and this is strange we have a weedy slave from Tenpoles Mecca with 13SPP. Make it easy on yourself has shown the slaves how to score with getting two touchdowns, the current highest amount jointly held by many. This little blighter has even cheekily caused a casualty although his friends helped with their guard assistance.

Valak Biledrinker, Lilliputian Malefactors, is in our joint third position although he has yet to earn spp this tournament, he is a joint all time top scorer with two, yes two touchdowns. SPP 13.

Also in the Lilliputian Malefactors is our number 2 position the Minotaur Kruxil the Mad. With three casualties last game against the Rebel facksun he bumped his SPP rating to 15

No surprise to see the top slot also held by another big guy the minotaur Zhazrak The Mighty (NZS) with his 6 casualties the joint highest with the Meccas Robocop, and a MVP give him a total of 17 SPP. With block and frenzy under his belt, not to mention str5 and horns no doubt this Minotaur will go on to remain and the top of this elite league.

18-03-2007, 10:11
The Lilliputian Malefactors have retired which will change the ratings after next round.