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17-03-2007, 13:35
Hi, it seems that this tournament has been overlooked by the 'big boys' concentrating on playing the 'cream of the crop' in the Ulthuan Invitation. Even though many of the teams hold a poor win/loss record all attempts at proving that bribery was at work when these teams were invited or that certain teams wanted to be avoided have been impossible to prove ;)

This thread is designed to improve the publicity of the Carcassonne Errantry Open with many fine teams imvolved. Please post match reports from the said tournament here.

17-03-2007, 13:47
Foul Peak Frenzy 2 vs Lethal Justice 1

The frenzy approached this game with understandable trepedation after the mauling they recieved firstly in the Semi of the Warseer Cup by the NZQ and then the (almost) equally savage beating they took from some Chaos Warriors in Elf costumes (it must have been) the Talons.

They started the game with seven players but must have learned a thing or to from their recent trashings as they qucikly put several humans in the Ko'd and Cas boxes. A gutter runner took the ball bravely into the humans half but lack of players meant a perfect offence could not be created. The excellent coach of Lethal Justice easily despatched this attack and the ball bounced around as players from both sides picked it up only to be quickly knocked over. The ball sat on the floor nect to three humans but somehow a sneaky gutter picked up the ball and ran of to score! Phew- very lucky.

The frenzy's prayers to the horned rat obviously worked as a blitz was the roll on the kick off and a gutter ran through and caught the ball. He survived a blitz and ran through to make it 2-0.

The justice were not about to give in and a concerted attack down a flank gave a score of 2-1 at half time.

The 2nd half consisted of a mad scramble for the ball from what few players remained from both sides and in the end there just wasn't enough time for the justice to equalise.

In truth I got very lucky but am glad no players died in this game! It means for my match against the Dark Elves I can field a mighty 8 players!!!!! Bring on the rematch with the NZQ (in a year or too.....!!)

17-03-2007, 15:34
Lo there...

i post my team's reports in a seperate thread as a kinda team blog, esp as this is for long-term team development...


and here's a c/p from my match vs SigmarsChamp's Ogres

And so it came to pass that the Dark Seers of Truth played their 4th match. The oppnent was SigmarsChamp's Ogres, and neither team had seen a victory yet. One way or the other, one of us was going to be happier today.

And the match started, 10 players a piece, and by turn 2 the DSoT had taken their first BH. 9 vs 10, and the ogres blocking like mad, and my DEs running around like mad. Then, as luck had it, we managed to dislodge the ball from a goblin, an the course of the match changed direction. Turn 4 and we were in the lead 1-0. We continued to apply pressure, and fortunately for us Sigmar made a misake, and in turn 7 didn't put his ball carrier in scoring distance. Turn 8 saw his player, after 2 GFIs standing 2 squares away from the LOS, panting unable to go any further. The DSoT tried to retaliate and score, but a failed gfi messed that up. Then Sigmar's computer crashed, so we just ended turn 8 again with no moves.

The second half started out with typical elfball, and by turn 2 the score was 2-0 for the DSoT. Then a murky battle of blocks took place, sending a 2nd player of mine into the injury box, BH again, and it was 9 vs 8. (a gobbo was in the KO box
from a TTM). Then Sigmar started getting really unlucky, and 3 consecutive turns missed his blitz due to Bone Head. My elves took advantage of the Bone Head and zipped through the wholes in the defence, and we had control of the ball, closing in on the end zone with 3 lineelves, and only 2 gobbos to defend and... a failed GFI! A gobbo picked up the ball, but my DEs managed to reclaim the ball, yet again, and 3-0.

Sigmar tried once again to score, but gave a touchbacked ball to an ogre who didn't have the movement to score. if only he had tried another TTM, and the score may have been different...

SigmarsChamp... you could have beaten me, will send you a PM with some hints to help improve your gameplay for the future...

gluck till we play again!!!!!

Wicked Plays:
Crowdpush: 1 (That Gobbo shoulda dodged away when he had the chance)
Fouls: 3 (No Armour Breaks, u need DP)
Punting: 1 (I think i did anyway, was in the replay that we lost)

final score: 3-0 win for me (at last)
Casualties: 2-0 (only BH, thank nuffle)
30k gold (rolled 1 on winnings, +1 from fans, +1 for winning *sigh*)
2 skills gained (6+4 ignored and taken dodge instead, and one block)

18-03-2007, 10:56
Lethal Justice 1 - 1 Leporine Malefactors II

I game with a lot of action, the ball carried by both teams, several times.
Lethal Justice started on a bad roll after a failed throw but managed to snap the ball back and 9 turns-, 1-0- and a lot of double skulls later (4, to be exact) had the match up and running. It was Cabera (catcher) who rescued the team and scored with his AG4.

The second half started with a quick counter attack which resulted in a lot of blocking around the ball. The team managed to snap the ball and almost score when a Chaos Warrior picked up the ball and handed it off to a fellow Beast Man who went on to score 1-1. It was a great display of defense, well done 'Leporine...'!

18-03-2007, 11:07
Lethal Justice 0 - 1 Glaurung's hatchlings

Dwarves... A hard team to play against knowing you'll get beaten (most of the time anyway), and it turned out to be like that in this game. After a clumsy start 'Glaurung's...' got the ball on the ground and put pressure; placing a lot of players around the ball. This saw to a lot of blocking, and of course, KO's and a few CAS but the human catcher Cabera got a very good chance to score, having to pick up the ball and simply walk down to the end zone. But did he do that? Bugger did he! He fumbled (AG4) and the coach yelled to him to show some character or else... and a RR later he fumbled again (double 1!)...
Again, the dwarves put pressure on the ball with less humans this time, but Cabera got hold of the ball nontheless and tried to run to the end zone. Having to make two go for its - did he manage to score? Bugger again, did he! He tripped on his left leg ON THE LINE... ... The ball scattered into the crowd who threw it away, far away from the dwarves. Lucky for 'Lethal...'. No dwarves around Cabera could pick himself up, run to the ball, pick it up and this time had time to score. What did King Of Pain (their coach) tell him? To stall! And of course a crazy runner made a beautiful, perfect run (+4 and +3 dodge(s) and 2 go for its) to cover him. Luckily there was a lineman nearby who could blitz him, but did he push him? No! He ran on the armour of his opponent to end up on the turf, a lazy effort to end the 1st half - 0-0.

The second half saw a lot of blocking and an obvious cage which didn't move from its spot for a long time. 'Lethal...' managed to get the ball on the ground a few times and on their hands but couldn't stop the dwarf team from retrieving the ball and eventually score on the very last turn...

Congratz to the brave dwarves!

18-03-2007, 17:06
Lethal Justice 0 - 1 Glaurung's hatchlings

Well after a rough start in the league,courtesy of the Leporine Malefactors II, the hatchlings had recovered ad practised their play.
The 2 wounded dragon avatars had returned and although a bit worse for wear, they were up for the task.

First half saw the Hatchlings put some justice to the Justice and though 8! players were down in 1 round, they were not even scratched.
The ancient book of Searchonomicon sighed and remembered a day when magic was plentyfull and Dragons strong a mean.
He flipped its own pages and the resulting spell invigorated the Hatchling who then bashed their way through and knocking many players out or worse.

Fate however does not allow easy wins so the resulting failing blocks and runs tripped up a bit and the general chaos continued , adding to a nail biting end run of the first half where the catcher slipped on a banana peel and went face first to the ground.

Second half saw a wall of iron appear around the ball and the Justice put up a good fight but in the end the Hatchlings were able to score, though it was in the final round as the Spell of Enhancement that the Searchonomicon made the them loose track of time.
The brave blitzer dodged and handed off the ball and with a heavy weight on the chest the runner made the last roll of the game,a go for it...

The Hatchlings were back in the competition and ready to rumble!.
The aftermath of the spell permanently enhance the blitzer and the crowd surfing slayer was kicked out of the team.
Failing twice to show up for the game due to "injuries" (read: counting his gold) was enough and the Searchonomicon banished him back to his lair while contacting a new dragon.

Tnx to RawMessiah for a great game and making me play to my best level.


19-03-2007, 10:26
Dark Seers Of Truth 0 - 1 Glaurung's hatchlings

After their previous win against the justice, the hatchlings were overjoyed with their victory and went on a all night bender.
Searchonomicon was in the team lair preparing his spells already for the next game when he received a call that the next play had been sheduled for the next morning.
What to do? even he did not dare recall 12 dragons from their victory feast.

The game started with the 12 hatchlings having a major headache and then they say their opponents.
Dark elves and the bragging preaching kind.
This was a little too much to deal with and before the ref even could blink one of the Seers was dead and another injured.
The Seers, shocked by the sheer brutality tried to get away from the raging Hatchlings but to no avail.
They overtook them and scored after sending another 2 to the injury box and knocking 3 of them our for a while.

Uktena was granted a TD and the second half began.

While already having calmed down a bit the Hatchlings just could not get over the fact that the Seers were just preaching and preaching and the seers on their part started to do heroic things just to get to the ball , who was safely locked in a cage of steel.
Slowly advancing, the hatchlings smashed some more and revelled in the fight and in the last round an overzealous dragon fel down on his face ending the turn and the chances for a 0-2 victory.

Great game though the severe amount of damage that I did to Snotty's team was scary.
At a certain point I was scared to even block but lucky for me, Thor reminded me that my quote of fresh blood was not yet met for this week.
I'll be looking forward to a more balanced, in luck, rematch from you Lord Snotball ! :)
Thx for the great game!

Next up, rats!