View Full Version : Arkzein has retired all his teams shock

18-03-2007, 10:11
Arkzein has retired all his teams in a shock discovery this morning. I was looking through the stunty league rooster when i noticed the "R" next to the Lilliputian Malefactors was orange. To my dismay the team had retired so i went onto his coach page to find all his teams retired including his official warseer team.

Any know what happened?

18-03-2007, 10:19
wha wha? you haven't done this ina mad drunken stupour have you Ark? Though I'm guessing you're fed up with Chaos and want to test a new team?

18-03-2007, 10:52
It's a shame as I enjoyed playing against him (Chaos). It was a good game and was looking forward to more games in the future. Hopefully he'll be back(!!).

Deng Ham
19-03-2007, 22:49
Despite Thors theori about zombies eating his brain. And forcing him to delite his teams. And then smashing the computer with a cowbar. I think it's a more "natural" cause.

I think Arks GF put him up to it. It might just be that Ark have just gotten the GF. And wanted to make a good impression. If not then it's a GF that he ahve had for some time. And now she is feed up with him spending so mutch time on FUMBBL and so little time on her. That she have forced him to delite the teams or ther will be no ... ... for some time. Or maybe she just delited the teams for him...

So seriously. I woud realy like to know what happend. If he ever is on MSN (witch I don't think as he realy logs on), in here or on FUMBBL we soud find out. Anyone sendt a PM/Mail to him?

Autobot HQ
19-03-2007, 23:32
I'm voting zombies.

20-03-2007, 00:31
it's strange how other than zombies we put the wife/girlfriend as to the blame. I guess we all get it in the ear from her indoors complaining about how long we spend on the computer.

20-03-2007, 00:56
Don't kid yourself. Zombies are the number one cause of computer hate. They always nag there partner to do such things as; terrorize the neiberhood, eat brains and go on long walks through the crypt.

20-03-2007, 02:23
Bah, personal crud on an internet forum, always irritated me. ;)

Aye not too far from the mark in a couple of thoughts there, seems I was somewhat prophetic telling th0r I have a string of things caused by drink I'd rather forget, and him somewhat so in booing the lack of fighting. Fumbbl is the least of my worries, cutting off your nose to spite your face job that so to speak, had a bit of a barney, smashed minis, wrecked TV (nice having loose weights about the room), busted computer I just breathed life into, room a bit of a mess. Good ole Paddy's day, same old Irish. Spuds, sports, booze and birds, in that order, toss in the odd barney and regret it in the morning.

Not just drink, Zombies of course. Ruin everything them. Not that I'm bitter.

Going to concentrate on my Body Building and work at Uni for a while, exams soon anyway, bit fecked off with things right now so back to the essentials.


20-03-2007, 12:38
Good to see that you're relatively all right! Was fearing the worst there for a while (zombies braking into your house, eating brains, playing silly buggers with your FUMBBL account that sort of thing). Oh well, maybe we can see you back when you've worked out these kinks in life. Heh I guess my "doing stupid stuff in drunken stupour" theory wasn't so far off(!) ;)

Autobot HQ
20-03-2007, 13:06
At least Zombies have been confirmed. The more sightings we make public, the more the goverment can no longer hide behind the politics that they do not exist.

20-03-2007, 19:08
I, for one am outraged at the lack of an anti-zombie responce given by our government.

21-03-2007, 09:56
Official Government Report:
Zombies were reported seen in the general vicinity of a known criminal mastermind who is known only by the alias Arkzein. The reported sighting was rejected as it was unsubtantiated. The local police who investigated the location in detail, and were unable to locate even a single zombie. Sgt Hairybum, who investigated the scene, said "We arrived on the scene and there was a band of humanoids in drunken stupor. On the otherside of the street there was a cheerleader bouncing her wares in a wet beer t-shirt contest. After she finished jiggling her ****, we had seen sufficient evidence that no zombies were around and proceeded to the local pub"