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18-03-2007, 14:35
I have been mulling on the value of including a Titan in a typical Space Marine army (~3000 points) and I was just looking to bounce some ideas around. Space Marines do not lug around the kind of firepower that most other armies have access to and adding a Titan (or two) seems like a handy way of compensating for their mediocrity at long range. Here are my thoughts so far on the different options available. I haven't actually tried ay of them out yet so I would welcome feedback from people who have more experience with EA.

Warlord Titan: The brick! This thing obviously brings firepower in spades. It is also the only way of getting a TK weapon into a Marine army. The downside is that it is very slow which strikes me as a potential weakness in an army that specialises in swift surgical strikes. It will almost certainly be the target of the "Break their Spirit" objective so how best to use it?

Do you simply park it somewhere central and simply use it as agiant fire magnet and heavy support unit? Even when taking a marshall action it still has pretty impressive firepower meaning that you can replenish its void shields and still dish out the hurt if the enemy does decide to try and take it down.

So, is it too slow and expensive or does it add vital firepower and durability to the Marine army?

Reaver Titan: The Reaver seems a good all-rounder. Cheaper than a Warlord but still reasonably durable. It is also a bit faster meaning that there is less risk of it being left behind by the Marines or ignored by the enemy. The downside is that the Reaver does not seem to hot on the firepower front. The turbolasers add some vital AT shooting but there are no MWs or TKs in its aresenal and the carapace rocket launcher is pretty mediocre for a titan-mounted weapon.

So, is the perfect compromise titan for a Marine army or the jack of all trades but master of none?

Pair of Warhound Titans: These seem to be to be the best option for a Marine army. They have as many damage points and void shields between them as a Reaver titan and they are faster and cheaper! They recover 2 void shields in the end phase rather than just one. Their mega bolters are just as effective as the Reaver's turbolasers (although they are best against infantry rather than tanks) and their plasma blastguns add some nice MW firepower that is a lot better than the Reaver's rocket launcher.

Their weakness is that they only have a 5+ RA save rather than a 4+ but I am not convinced that this is a serious drawback. Their smaller size and greater speed means that they are less likely to come under sustained fire (unless the enemy really decides he wants them taken down). Also a critical hit on a Warhound will only cause them to stagger rather than risking their plasma reactors going up in smoke. They are also fast enough to keep up comfortably with the Marines they are meant to be supporting. Their one weakness is that they are probably quite vulnerable to assault (particularly by big units of Orks or Aspect Warriors). Perhaps this could be countered by advancing them with the Marines who can lend FF in an assault if the enemy tries to engage them.

So to me it looks like Warhounds are the best option for a Space Marine army. What are other people's experiences? Or is it best to not take Titans at all in a Marine army and focus on what the Marines do best, swift surgical strikes on the enemy?

18-03-2007, 15:05
From the titans the most used at least in here have been Warhounds. They are cheaper so one can easily take several of them. Also they are rather good for 250 activation (quite durable and powerful). Most often these are brought in singles rather than pairs,

Reaver I think can fit also nicely in the marine list. It gives out a fairly good number of AT shots, which Marines tend to lack (unless Annihilators or Razorbacks are fielded). It's sufficiently hard to destroy so it can hold objectives quite well. I've seen reaver from time to time in Marine lists here, but quite rarely.

I've seen the Warlord fielded few times. But all in all it's rather expensive to buy.

Of the above, I have fielded Warhounds myself (more often single warhounds, but few times as a pair as well). I tend to want to play Marines with a fast strike force mentality. That style really don't use titans.

18-03-2007, 15:44
I think that the Warlord is an alright choice, but it does limit you to just that for allies.

The Warhound pack can operate as a good spearhead force for a ground based mobile army.

Overall what you have thought through is good and it all comes down to how you want to play.

Chaos and Evil
18-03-2007, 20:49
For Marines, my favourite set-configuration Titan is this one:


Warhounds are also an excelent choice, but I've never been able to get Warlords to perform adequately in my Marine armies.

18-03-2007, 21:20
I've never been able to get Warlords to perform adequately in my Marine armies.
I guess it goes to show that size isn't everything. ;)

OK, from the oppinions offered so far, I think I will leave the Warlord at home. I am leaning towards the Warhounds. Can anyone offer a deciding factor? Also should I run the Warhounds as separate units or as a pair?

19-03-2007, 05:40
It depends on what you want from them. I'd say try them as separate and in pairs and see which suits your playing style better.

20-03-2007, 15:15
Warhound titans are the most popular.

SMs rely on combination actions, especially assaults. The end-or-turn/beginning-of-turn activation combo is a powerful weapon for them if they can keep their activation count up enough to be ablt ot count on it. Having multiple Warhounds supports that.

I've had moderate success with Reavers as well. The 8 AT3+ shots will go a long way toward hammering something even without any MW/TK. If the target is heavy enough to need the MW/TK, the SMs are usually mobile enough to set up crossfire and get the -1 armor save.

Warlords can be useful, but they take practice to use with SMs. I've seen an SM/Warlord force do very well in a tournament.

05-05-2007, 13:16
You could take two single ones. Then you can figure out from there what works for you best. I have found that in Epic you can pretty much work with whatever models that you want to feild and still have a reasonable chance of success. The ability of units to gang up means that as long as you have a decent number of activations you can generally make most lists work.