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19-03-2007, 21:53
What are your thoughts? Assuming the charge is legal, but you can only get (for whatever reason) half of one of your models or so on half of an enemy model. Do you do it? What about freindly vs. tourney environments? What if it is a critical game changing charge?

Just looking for opinions, not to pass judgement.

Thanks in advance!

19-03-2007, 21:56
Depends what the units are as well as other units near by.

Cloud Strife
20-03-2007, 00:15
well I don't know how I would do it in a really competitive tournament like a GT final, especially as that could be quite dicy considering that I'm thinking of taking Brets and I can only say that hypothetically Brets clipping would be the worst of the worst for clips as that is a minimum of 2 guys to attack due to the lance rules, but anyway, I'd probably check with opponent and possibly judges on how to play that one.

as for friendly games if clipping does occur we either just let it pass, especially if terrain or another unit is in the way, or the most likely thing to happen is that we will just shuffle the units along until the maximum from both sides can fight, which is a lot more fun, and means you get to roll more dice :D

Lord Dan
20-03-2007, 00:30
Clipping can only really happen in the case of an overrun in the new rules, and so the only decision to make is "I might clip that unit, so do I make the roll?"

With regards to that decision, a lot of hyperspecific information is taken into account. Will you take more casualties than you will send back? Does the unit outnumber you and cause fear, and the only way you could possibly win the combat is if you had your maximum number of attacks? Are they chosen Knights?

Either way, it's kind of a pathetic sight to see two units locked in combat because 4 soldiers are duking it out while their comrades drink coffee and wait nearby.

20-03-2007, 02:55
The end of the BRB Errata Document (http://uk.games-workshop.com/news/errata/3/) outlines suggested ways to deal with clipping in situations where they commonly occur. Have a look at that :)

20-03-2007, 04:23
Clipping can only really happen in the case of an overrun in the new rules, and so the only decision to make is "I might clip that unit, so do I make the roll?"

At my game club clipping also results when the charged unit is partially behind impassable terrain with only 1-2 models exposed to the charge. We solved the clipping issue with a 'modified slide' house rule. When clipping occurs the unit(s) slide until one additional model from at least one side is in corner-to-corner contact. This at least helps move things along until one side wins a combat and increases frontage. A couple of the people I game with tried to insist that clipping was legal but they got out voted.

20-03-2007, 15:57
In the case I was referring to, the clip was in the flank by a fear causing unit that broke rank and gave the opponent outnumber (and autobreak) on the general's unit. The clip occurred because of impassable terrain (so there was no option to actually get more models in contact. The terrain was being used to protect said flank) Sliding models to fit would have resulted in an angle of pursuit that would have made it easier to run off the board, so this was not done.

20-03-2007, 21:01
Clipping was discussed to death in the 6th edition BRB... Go and read up on it to get a basic idea on what to do in the circumstances. ;)

- Huw

EDIT: In general, if you can't properly reach the unit (say, more than half the front rank in combat) you fail the charge and stay one inch away.

Voodoo Boyz
20-03-2007, 21:11
What exactly is clipping?

20-03-2007, 21:27
It's when you charge a unit in such a way that a tiny amount of troops fight in that melee. It's done by "clipping" the corner of a unit with one of yours - You can get situations like 20 orcs are in combat with 20 chaos warriors, and because of clipping, only one chaos warrior fights one orc - the chaos warrior wins, the orcs lose and flee, they get mown down. It's not remotely realistic, it's a technique to try and win every fight by pitting tiny amounts of decent troops versus tiny amounts of poor troops.

In short, it's cheating, and a very good sign of a poor player. :p
- Huw