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21-03-2007, 22:42
Me and my brainboy have been looking at those smelly man.. man.... er flying card thingz. I think my pet squigeon could do a better job, I'll get my mechboy to tape a crayon on itz headziez.

Now why I dont likez them.

1. Dey r really boring. Where are the bright colours and dags and checks. They are just blue... how rubbish is that. a colourblind boar leave pile of poo that are more interesting... They needz more cool glyphs and stuff. Hey and they could evenz be different colourz depending on how good your plane needs to be to use dem. that would be using your noggin wouldn't it.

2. Da numbers are too small. How am I supposed to find a card when they are over the table. It would take a grot with a telescope. BIGGA numberz DATS the way.

3. Why are they like card shape? Dey don't have to be. My brainboys say dey can be any shape. So why not a shape where the little bases on da ships fit into the card making dem easier to move like correctly?...

4. Why use long words like alt...altimatude when like a glyph with an up and down arrow would do.... hey if you like use the colours for the different card typez above you could colour the arrows to match. so if you could drop like 2 levels when you are high man... man.. you know what I mean, you could colour it to match the high ma... damnit...cards.

Anyone got any ideas... If da brainboyz have forgot something I'll give dem a good hiding.

22-03-2007, 09:45
I'd say they were functional, concise and too the point, thats like saying the 2 of clubs in a pack of cards is too plain - the card face tells you what you need to know, objhective achieved. :-s

22-03-2007, 12:39
I've found they have problems. They could definitely do with a few changes. The main one being making it easier to find the one you are looking for when it comes to move your plane. also the angle of the plane when you do a turn could be included in the shape of the card. rather than the slightly over the card, slightly off the card trying to line up the arrows problem. I'm also going to put a glyph on the cards so I can remember which of 7 & 8 goes up and which goes down. I always find that a bit hard to remember. And while I'm doing that I might as well colour the cards into sets and alter how the altitude & speed change is represented.

these are some samples of what I'm working on.


22-03-2007, 13:06

what are the chances of you getting a whole set done? im sold!

22-03-2007, 13:12
They are done... http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a116/mageboltrat/AI/

22-03-2007, 13:24
I'd say they were functional, concise and too the point, thats like saying the 2 of clubs in a pack of cards is too plain - the card face tells you what you need to know, objhective achieved. :-s

The basic playing card is a real work of design. You have the corner Icon which is designed so you can see what you have when you fan your cards, and it is on the side you naturally fan your cards when you are right handed. They also have the big image in the center so you can see what they are when they are the other side of the table. They also have the rounded corner which stops the corner getting bent.

22-03-2007, 14:03
OK... those cards are great!!! thanks a Lot!!!

22-03-2007, 15:28
fantastic cards!!

Any chance of getting them on sheet for printing?

Also, how many pixels are these meant to be printed at to be the right size?


22-03-2007, 15:55
Yes... that is a good question... i?ve been fidling with the images in Powerpoint... but cant get them the right size... got them printed at 80% to fit into an A4 piece of paper...

22-03-2007, 16:14
80 pixels/cm rez for the cards. I had them on a large sheet but broke them down so I could host them on my website. I wouldn't take much to put them back together again. They don't all quite fit on a A4 sheet anymore as they take up more room than the standard cards. I would put them on a landscape sheet, 4 cards across / 2 down.

22-03-2007, 16:56
I would put them on a landscape sheet, 4 cards across / 2 down.

That would be great!!

Love ya work, I use the Chaos Markings on my stuff too!

22-03-2007, 17:13
Dude, do an extra set and i'll come in tomorrow!! oh and I will also bring that 5 notes I owe you (damn stupid water effects gambling)


22-03-2007, 17:22
Rev. I don't have a printer at the moment. So I'm going to see if the printing palace 2 doors down will print them out. They will do a better job and I can get them on a decent card stock. Don't know what the price will be like, but I don't mind getting more done if the price is OK. Alex wanted a set too. so I need to get 4 sets printed.

22-03-2007, 17:25
Way to go man! Congratulations for the work. When you're completely done you could release a whole set on PDF. I'll stay tuned to it.

22-03-2007, 17:45
I've got a colour printer here (at home) so if you want I can print them off and bring them in to you tomor so you can see what they're like?


22-03-2007, 17:54
I have no way to make PDFs unfortunately. However I have found that I can upload larger files than I thought I could to photobucket.

1st page of cards (http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a116/mageboltrat/AI/1stpageofcards-1.jpg)

2nd page of cards (http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a116/mageboltrat/AI/2ndpageofcards.jpg)

they should both fit OK on A4. Print at 80 pixels/cm

22-03-2007, 17:55
Sweet Rev :)

22-03-2007, 18:11
just printed a test copy (before I waste loads of ink!) and the half loop card measures 8cm x 5cm (ignoring the indentation) is that the right size of the standard cards?


22-03-2007, 18:40
8 x 5 ? sounds a touch small, it should be 5.5 cm width ways and 8 cm from arrow side to arrow side. If you put a box around it, it's 9 x 5.5

22-03-2007, 18:49
hmm - can't work out how to get them to the right size.

The first page comes out a tad small, the second page come out massive as there's only 4 on the page.

How do I rescale them to print?

22-03-2007, 18:51
what program are you using? I used to be able to do it with our old printer, but that's gone wrong. Don't seem to be able to set resolution on the spare printer at all.

22-03-2007, 19:25
ok sorted, 5x5 by 9.

The missus might even have a laminator somewhere...


22-03-2007, 19:40
wow.... score.. Have to cut them out first, do you have an nice sharp exacto knife around?

22-03-2007, 19:42
yeh - no worries - scissors are working fine atm.

23-03-2007, 00:05
Great cards, MBR! If you can check at what resolution you print, the files will be much more useful though. 80px/cm soinds very much like a screen resolution, not printer. Printer resolutions are measured in d.p.i. (dots per inch) so conversion isn't easy.
Which software are you using to make the originals?

23-03-2007, 00:12
80 pixels / cm is the rez the photoshop is created at. you have 2.54 cm to an inch so the conversion is simple you just multiply by 2.54 giving you 203 dpi.

de Selby
23-03-2007, 12:27
I/we've made some pdfs from mageboltrat's originals, which should be easier to print. They should be in mageboltrat's email inbox now.

23-03-2007, 15:01
Those cards are awesome:D . I had bought an extra set of cards :rolleyes: but they can go to my 'umie mates. These are what I'll be using now:skull:

23-03-2007, 18:54
Thanks to rev printing and laminating a set for me, I got a chance to use them today. They worked just fine :)

Thanks to Selby too for the PDF. I'm going to see if I can get a host for them

23-03-2007, 19:02
AI cards sheet 1.pdf (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.fay1/mageboltrat/AI%20cards%20sheet%201.pdf)

AI cards sheet 2.pdf (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.fay1/mageboltrat/AI%20cards%20sheet%202.pdf)

23-03-2007, 20:25
I printed with photoshop, and they came out perfect size with no alterations needed.

look far best in max DPI.

25-03-2007, 04:47
those cards are awesome are you going to make more??

25-03-2007, 05:16
Well done... you have done awesome work to add to the game.

25-03-2007, 12:24
those cards are awesome are you going to make more??

I think not, the next thing will be imperial and eldar base glyphs to finish the set. And maybe an alternative Chaos set with some god specific ones.

25-03-2007, 17:53
lol good luck with the imperial glyphs. the amount of different cards you'd have to do lol good luck..

25-03-2007, 20:32
Imperial Glyphs - all you need is some Winged Skulls, Aquillas and solid metal/stone looking borders, nice standard imperial stuff - the SM can make do.

I really like the cards, its a very very good piece of fan created design, and an improvement too.

14-11-2008, 02:51
yeah it would be nice to have some more imperial themed cards. nice work though

15-11-2008, 15:10
Yes, Imperial-themed cards would be nice, but the ones you created are truly an asset to the game! Cheers!

Easy E
24-07-2009, 16:26
I know I am really late, but this is great!

The imput and work of the fan is why I love the Specialist Games so much.

Have you ever made any cards for other groups?

29-07-2009, 06:08
Here's another vote for Imperial cards:angel:

02-08-2009, 14:49
The cards look amazing, but those cut-outs for the 'plane bases don't look right. Unlike Wings of War, the aircraft should always completely clear the card when carrying out a manoeuvre. You don't line the back of the base up with the end of the 'swoosh'.

02-08-2009, 21:48
Beautiful work!

Would I be remiss to ask for a set of Tau cards? :(

13-08-2009, 17:53
The cards look amazing, but those cut-outs for the 'plane bases don't look right. Unlike Wings of War, the aircraft should always completely clear the card when carrying out a manoeuvre. You don't line the back of the base up with the end of the 'swoosh'.

No, you line up the arrow on the base with the arrow on the card. Mageboltrat hasn't changed anything. I think maybe that you're under the misaprehension that his cards have got pieces "cut out". What hes actually done is taken the dimensions of the original cards and added bits on, to make it clearer how the bases line up. A stroke of genius imho and a significant gameplay improvement that FW should have come up with at the design stage.

The only card which has a question mark over it for me is number 5, high-g turn, as its pretty ambiguous whether you line it up with the base overlapping the card or not. Anyway, as there is little official clarity here I see no problem either way, so long as both players agree.

I love Mageboltrat's cards so much I'm creating my own set using his as a template. Here's a preview:-

[img=http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/6458/spectrecardspreview.th.jpg] (http://img35.imageshack.us/i/spectrecardspreview.jpg/)

Theres still some tidying up to be done, but I should have a finished pdf ready once I get the chance. Some time next week probably. :)

15-08-2009, 01:25
I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say... "Go man go!" And I really want to know how to get a copy when you are done.

15-08-2009, 05:20
They're looking great Spectre_UK!

15-08-2009, 06:23
*waits with anticipation*

Looking good so far :)

16-08-2009, 10:08
*waits with anticipation*

Looking good so far :)

Looking great, mate!

19-08-2009, 14:08
Thanks for the encouragement guys. The cards are now ready, check my new thread... which appears to be awaiting admin approval or whatever. ;)