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21-03-2007, 23:49
Im thinking of restarting my epic IG. Ive not played since space marine though so Im totally new to E:A. This means that the list below is doubtless full of holes.

Regimental HQ attached hellhound sqn = 650

Infantry coy attached fire support plt and ogryns = 400

Mechanised infantry coy attached hydra = 450

Tank coy = 650

Storm trooper plt mounted in valkyries = 350

Super heavy coy (baneblades) = 500

I was thinking of using the infantry and super heavy coys as a defensive base. The HQ, armour and mechanised infantry would form my offensive elements while my stormtroopers would act as a fire brigade.

22-03-2007, 02:49
I would suggest taking at least 1 Shadowsword in there to give you some definite titan killing power.

22-03-2007, 11:03
Would swapping all the Baneblades for shadowswords be a good idea? Could I get away with swapping 1 of the Baneblades in the super heavy coy?

I have a total lack of indirect fire weapons. How serious is this?

22-03-2007, 14:52
Overall, there are 2 weaknesses and 2 minor issues:
1) Lack of counters to WEs.
2) Lack of AA ability.
3) (minor) Lack of activations.
4) (minor) You have 2 formations which count for Break Their Spirit

WEs: I agree you need either a Shadowsword (or 2) or a formation of Deathstrikes.

The issue with mixing SHT types in a formation is that they have substantially different roles. Shadowswords sit back and snipe big targets, while Baneblades are shorter range and ideally should move forward to attack numerous, lighter targets. The only combo company I might go with would be 2 Shadowswords with a single Baneblade for point defense, but even then you need to use the formation aggressively to get full use from all 3 units.

AA: An opponent with a decent amount of air will be virtually unopposed and chew you up where and when they like. You need either more Hydras or a formation of Tbolts, or both. Of course, if your play group tends to go very light on aircraft, it might be worth the risk of playing without it.

Activations: 6 activations at 2700 points is just a bit light. It can work, but you will have to pay attention to BM management and preserve them as much as possible. Otherwise, your opponent will end up with a set of unopposed activations to use for setting up combos.

BTS: With 2 formations at 650 points your opponent has their pick of which one they want to destroy in order to get the BTS goal.

My suggestions in fixing all of this in one go would be:

SHT co (-500)
Hellhounds (-100)

Hydra to HQ and Russ Co (+100)
Deathstrikes or Shadowsword (+200)
Shadowsword or Baneblade (+200)
Sentinels (+100)

If you feel like you could squeeze out another 50 points, I'd replace the Sentinels with Tbolts. Unfortunately, the only way I can see to do that is the Ogryns with the Infantry and if you're planning to use them as a solid core, those Ogryn will be very handy for durability and fending off assaults.

The advantages are several. The changes would give you 2 more activations which, aside from the sentinels, are still relatively durable and likely to stick around for at least most of the game. They give added TK ability, added AA ability (though still on the light end) and make the Russ Co the only BTS goal (700 points). At the same time, the modifications still stay pretty close to your original force org and overall battle plan.

The Deathstrikes/Shadowsword(s) can still stay back with the infantry co for a strong base. As you noted, everything else is fast enough to roll forward and stay mutually supportive. You can either go for a pincer strategy or a refused flank. Sentinels can hang back with the base, play speedbump, screen assault vulnerable formations (like the Russ), grab objectives and/or generally make themselves a nuisance. The Stormtroopers are fast enough to be a good reserve, plugging holes, taking assaults on targets of opportunity, and grabbing objectives late in the game.

You have plenty of TK weapons with Deathstrikes or 2 Shadowswords. Take both DS and a Shadowsword if you want relatively heavy TK or DS/Baneblade if you want to get up close and personal with the Baneblade.

It's still going to be relatively easy to run out from under your AA umbrella, so depending on the threat level from enemy air, you might have to pay attention to that. If the aircraft are a serious threat a refused flank strategy will allow you to keep the Hydras more closely grouped for harder defense.


There are a lot of IG players out there that can likely give more detailed advice than I can, but that should be a good start.

25-03-2007, 02:05
try and drop something for an artillery co. i find they are excellent for softening enemy or even just planting bm's on them.