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23-03-2007, 11:02
Hey there,

I've created some alternative roster sheets, in portrait and landscape A4 PDF format.
These have additional places to record weapon names, have movement and fire reminders to check of for each aircraft per turn (if you're like me and can't remember who has fired and moved by the time you get half way through a turn...) and some ghosted stars next to the pilots name to record Ace status.

I printed some and tested them out, with the checkboxes provided for hits and ammo, i reccomend putting a line through the circles that are not needed and X'ing off circles as ammo and hits are used. (ie a Thunderbolts hits box would looks like so: O O O O O O ). Space is at a bit of a premium, so maybe writing will be a bit cramped! But I like them better than the book versions, and it will save your printer on ink!


23-03-2007, 15:01
they're sweet. By ammo load, I presume you mean extra wpns load?


25-03-2007, 06:39
Here is a new version of the roster sheets, the layout has more room this time. Pretty easy to figure out, has space to record full/half/quarter points values for aircraft, room to write your own weapon notations, a checkbox for additional weapons load and space for load number, room at the top for mission and attacker/defender, total roster points field, and as before, hits box, space to tally kills, and movement/firing icons to mark off per turn. Enjoy!

25-03-2007, 11:52
cool! what happens if you AWL has more than one pt of ammo?

25-03-2007, 13:07
that's what the four rows of 6 circles are for just underneath that- for weapons 1-4. put a stroke through the circles that are not needed (ie weapon with 2 ammo- put a stroke through 4 circles OOOOOO and use the remaining 2 to cross off when ammo is used)

the space next to the AWL checkbox is just to record the type of addirional weapons- ie a Lightning with skystrike missiles has chosen AWL 4 (then you'd enter the details for the skystrike missiles in one of the weapon spaces below)

25-03-2007, 19:09
I see, so what is the grey circle for in between the AWL and space for recording its number>?

Not that i'm being picky - just intrested (new to the game!)


25-03-2007, 21:35
I like the sheets as well but have the same question as rev.

26-03-2007, 01:18
that circle is to tick whether the aircraft is using an AWL or not, I am using these for a tournament. This is so that players can arrive with their roster sheet filled out with the planes written in and whether or not it has an AWL (so they can tick AWL and add it into the points cost), but they can then select which weapons load directly before the match.

26-03-2007, 10:41
I knew there had to be a good reason.