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25-03-2007, 18:10

A splinter fleet of Tyranids had moved towards a world near a Eye of Terror. Since it came from the "below" of the galactic plane the Imperium missed this and the Tyranids advanced towards the planet with relative ease. The planet had once belonged to Imperium but been abandoned after a large scale battle against Orks had left it toxic. This of course wouldn't matter to Tyranids who still saw it as a planet with large amount of Biomass.

But the Tyranids hadn't gone unnoticed. Before even they had targeted the planet the Farseers of Ulthwe knew what was going to happen. They also knew that the planets biomass would give Tyranids enough strength to attack a habitable planet next and then sweep towards the Eye of Terror and the heavily populated Imperium worlds there. If the Tyranids were to attack the defences of the Eye they would surely be destroyed, but there was too large a chance that the Chaos would realise this and take advantage of it. To prevent this from happening the Spacecrafts of Ulthwe engaged the Tyranids over the little known planet. The battle raged for a while again over the planet, but eventually Tyranids were lost. However the battle wasn't over yet. The Tyranids had managed to drop forces on the planet and those forces included Dominatrix. To make sure that the Tyranids would not threaten the Eye, Ulthwe went after them.

Farseer Ilu'aisha looked ad the Wave Serpent hovering near the forest. The council had been sure that the Tyranids would move through here to support their main forces amassing in south. They were there to prevent the forces that been scattered around the continent wouldn't be able to unite into a force that Ulthwe couldn't stop.
- 'The Nightwings are reporting in that the swarms are moving fast into our direction and that they should be here within an hour.' came report from the aerial reconnaissance.
- However there is a problem. Due to high amount of the aircraft used, the Tyranids have already created a way to fight us. There are a high amount of Spore Mines that float and move towards any crafts that go too close. There has been several reports of explosions that have been damaging and in few instances destroying planes.
- 'Order the aircraft to approach those clouds in caution and not to enter into them without express orders. We cannot lose the reconnaissance cabability.' she responded. How could we have not forseen those things, she thought. Perhaps we have been complacent in our ability foretell the future. But we cannot lose this planet to the Tyranids. We must be able to cut off the Synapse and prevent the disaster from the Eye.

25-03-2007, 18:11
I had a game scheduled against the "Flying Circus of Orks" from my Friend, but he had too much work and couldn't make it. But luckily I was able to get him a back up and instead of flying orks, I faced flying Eldar (which wouldn't be any easier) with my bugs and their experimental AA. While not as large test as against Orks (due to smaller formation sizes) testing the Meiotic Clouds should still be interesting.

Rules used
All Experimental rules.
Tyranid 7.3.1 with modifications
http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin....;t=8703 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=21;t=8703)
Meiotic Spore Clouds as in (45 points each)
http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin....y193327 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=21&t=8894&st=#entry193327)
Nexus Swarm that loses Tyranid Warriors has 1d3+1 spawn value and if Hive Tyrant is lost then it's 1d3.

Type/ Speed/ Armour/ CC/ FF
LV/ 15cm/ 5+/ 6+/ 5+
Weapons/ Range/ Firepower/ Notes
Warp Blast/ 30cm/ AP4+ AT4+
Notes: Reinforced Armour, Walker, Brood (3)

Hydraphant loses warp blast

Tyranid Invasion Horde

Nexus Swarm: Hive Tyrant and 2 Tyranid Warriors with 15 Termagants, 6 Hormagaunts, 5 Raveners and Malefactor
Assault Swarm: Winged Tyranid Warriors with 7 Hormagaunts and 12 Gargoyles
Attack Swarm: Hive Tyrant with 6 Biovores and 2 Zoanthropes
Support Swarm: Hive Tyrant with 4 Dactylises
Infiltrate Swarm: Lesser Synapse Node
Infiltrate Swarm: Lesser Synapse Node
4 Lictors
4 Mycetic Spores
8 Meiotic Spore Clouds

Synapse: 625 (20.83%)
Independent: 575 (19.17%)
Common Brood: 810 (27%)
Uncommon Brood: 990 (33%)



Avatar - Khaine's Fist
Black Guardian Warhost - The Wish of Isha
- 1 Farseer
- 6 Black Guardians
+ 1 Seer Council
+ 4 Wave Serpent
Guardian Warhost - The Defiance
- 1 Farseer
- 4 Guardians
- 3 Support Weapons
+ 3 Heavy Weapons
+ 2 Wraithguards
Swords of Vaul I - Wind of Swiftness
- 3 Falcons
- 2 Fire Storms
Swords of Vaul II - Shine of Death
- 5 Fire Prisms
- 1 Fire Storm
Engines of Vaul Troupe - The Fury of Isha
- 2 Cobras
Aspect Warrior Troupe - Sting In The Dark
- 4 Striking Scorpions, Exarch
Nightwings - Shades in the Sky
Vampire Raider - The Eclipse
Phoenix Bombers - The Solar Fall


25-03-2007, 18:13

Eldars set the blitz a little westwards behind a pair of forested hills. Tyranids put the blitz in centre behind a pair of bunkers. Take and hold on Tyranids side were spread out. One of the objectives being a bit west in front of a hill and the other in east between some Ork structures and a destroyed hill. On Eldar side one was in centre between the pair of forested hills and a larger hill. While the other was in east a little north of a forest.

Eldar replaced the objective on east with Wraithgate. Tyranids deployed 3 Meiotic Spore Clouds in a triangle formation around the objectives in front and last two around the blitz in the deployment zone.

Attack swarm of Biovores were garrisoned within the forest in west being in overwatch.

Eldar deployed the "The Fury of Isha" in western flank, behind the hill. In the centre were "Shine of Death" west of a forest, behind which the "The Wish of Isha" were within their transports. Keeping up the eastern flank were "Wind of Swiftness" concealed behind a building.

Tyranids had the Assault swarm in the western flank. Behind the Bunkers was the Support swarm. Then came the Hydraphant and right east of it was the Nexus swarm covering the eastern side of the Tyranids.

25-03-2007, 18:14
Turn 1 "Opening Moves"

Initiative Ulthwe Eldar

Turn starts with "Shine of Death" in the centre hovering above the ground and sustain firing. With Eldar Fire Prisms easily spying the Tyranid creatures within the forest they manage to all cause a hit to the swarm. But only a single Zoanthrope and Biovore is killed by the Eldar lasers. In northeast the Nexus swarm is on to a bad start and they hold moving slightly forwards.

Next is aircrafts as Eldar "The Solar Fall" come in fast from southwest and turn to fire at the Attack swarm in the forest. They however stay back and the bombs are not used as they wish to avoid flying into the nearby Meiotic Spore Cloud. Since this cuts down their firepower only one Biovore is killed in the laser blasts. Then the Tyranids march the Assault swarm ahead. With the winged warriors moving very swiftly the swarm takes cover from forest and a pair of hills on the other end of the table next to Cobras. Gargoyles keep the front covered and Hormagaunts (being a bit slower) keep up the rear. Eldar respond by advancing with the Black Guardians and firing to kill single unit of Gargoyles.

In centre the Hydraphant bellows as it marches into the east going behind the Ork structure. Since this move leaves the Tyranid end with only Support swarm unactivated, the Eldar call in "The Eclipse" which comes from southwest. The Eldar craft braves one cloud as it flies towards the bunkers, which has the swarm behind it. It lands and out pour "Sting in the Dark", which go in for a close combat. Two of the Biovores could fire their Overwatch, but decide not to as the Dactylises don't really have a chance in survival and Tyrant should live in any case. Eldar suffer two hits of which one saved resulting loss of a single unit. But their own attacks causes a hit to all units and wipes out the entire swarm (even the Hive Tyrant fails save). The victorious aspect warriors move into a bunker.

The Attack swarm moves out of the forest and double ahead to west of the Assaults swarm occupying the forest. Then they target the "The Wish of Isha". However all shots go wide and only BM is caused. Since that was the last activation of Tyranids rest belong to Eldar. Cobras respond by sustain firing into the Attack swarm. This results into deaths of 2 Biovores, Tyrant, Zoanthrope and a unit of Hormagaunts. Only two Biovores are left alive (but too far from synapse creatures to be saved).

In east the "The Defiance" exit the Wraithgate with advance and fire at the Hydraphant. The heavy weapon platforms show their power (as do the wraithguards) and 1 damage is done. Next to activate are the "Shades in the Sky" which make a ground attack against the Hydraphant. However the lasers are unable to penetrate the thick hide of the alien creature. Last is the "Wind of Swiftness" which is ordered to engage the Hydraphant in a firefight. The Eldar skimmers move forwards and Hydraphant responds by countercharging towards the Guardians nearby. In a firefight the Hydraphant manages to hit twice and both crafts are destroyed. Eldars fail to penetrate the armour of the Tyranid bio-construct. Support fire is next and the Guardians pour fire into the creature, but only minor damage is done (had forgotten to write up and can't remember). But the resolution is on the Tyranids and the Eldar skimmers are wiped out. Hydraphant consolidates into "The Defiance".

End Phase

All planes exit the table without any problems. All Eldar rally and remove BMs accordingly.

Hydraphant regenerates 1 damage. Nexus swarm spawns a Dactylis, while the Assault swarm spawns Hormagaunt and Gargoyle units.

25-03-2007, 18:15
Turn 2 "Contact!"

Two Biovores are removed due to being too far from Synapse. Eldar Avatar is summoned in front of Black Guardians and Lesser Synapse Node teleports to the Tyranid End near Nexus swarm.

Initiative Ulthwe Eldar

Turn starts with Avatar ordering the Black Guardians follow him into bright glory of a new dawn and charges right through the forest with trees snapping like twigs. Barging into the Gargoyles he gets into close combat with one of the Tyranid Warriors. The Black Guardians follow after the Avatar making a firing line behind the Wave Serpents. Tyranids shuffle forwards a bit on counter charges. Then the dices are rolled. Avatar quickly dispatches the 3 units of Gargoyles in close combat, but the Warriors save. Wave Serpents and Black Guardians only manage to kill 2 more units of Gargoyles as the forest protects them (6 hits and 4 saves on forest, Eldar wasn't expecting that). In return the Tyranids manage to do 1 damage to Avatar (nothing else!). However that causes a critical and Avatar is lost, but only the Striking Scorpions can see the Avatar. Resolution is rolled and Tyranids manage to win with 3 which destroys two Wave Serpent and a unit of Black Guardians. The Eldar retain with "Fury of Isha" and the Cobras move northeast to the side of the forested hills and fire at the Assault swarm. However the aim is not perfect and only 2 Hormagaunt and a Gargoyle units are killed. Tyranids decide to press on the attack that it had now managed to win. And after a bit of deliberation they engage the Fire Prisms of "Shine of Death". However the battle turns sour to the Tyranids as not that many reach combat and those that do manage to miss pretty badly. Two skimmer are destroyed, but the Tyranids lose losing 4 Gargoyles and Hormagaunt units.

In the east the battle rages on as the Eldar aircraft continue to pound the Hydraphant. The "Shades in the Sky" move again in to an attack pattern and this time the lance weapons show their power. 2 damage is done to the big creature. Retaining the "Sting in the Dark" marshalls to hold their position in the bunkers and remove all BMs. Hydraphant feeling need to bash more units then gets an engage orders and moves through "The Defiance" and towards the Wraithgate. However it manages to hit only few times and all the Eldars with saves make them. This means that only 2 Guardian units are killed. In return Hydraphant gets hit several times of which saves fail alarmingly. 1 DC is left in the end until the criticals are rolled for. 1 crit means that the Hydraphant is killed and it crashes down punctured by the laser fire of the Guardian formation.

In west again the Bombers of "The Solar Fall" move in to position to bombard the assault swarm. With a cluster of bugs to target, the only casualties are 2 unit of Tyranid Warriors with only one Warrior unit left. Hive Mind comments on the ability to fail the saves of the Synapses.

In the east, the Lesser Synapse Node bubbles and goes into overwatch. "The Shine of Death" responds to this by doubling towards "The Defiance" and fire at the Node. However not all hit in the speedy arrival and those that do are saved by the thick carapace protecting the Node. Tyranids respond by doubling with the Nexus swarm to come around the corner of the Ork structure and fire into "The Defiance" with the Dactylises spores clipping the "The Shine of Death". However everything seems to go wrong at that point and all the shots miss... Eldar thanks and produces "The Eclipse" to fire at the two AT targets. Both are hit and both fail the saves so Hive Tyrant is killed as well as Malefactor! To add the feeling of unjustice the Ravener makes his save and is not killed. Grumbling is found from the Hive Mind about failure to make 3+ saves.

End Phase

Vampire Raider "The Eclipse" takes 1 damage from flying into one of the clouds that hover in the battle field. Rest of the planes avoid them completely. All Eldar formations rally.

Assault swarm uses spore to spawn 5 Gargoyle and 2 Hormagaunt units. Lesser Synapse Node fails to spawn. And Nexus swarm uses spore to spawn 4 Gargoyles.

25-03-2007, 18:16
Turn 3 "To the Objectives!"

The Dactylis to moved from Nexus into the control of the Lesser Synapse Node in east. Second Lesser Synapse Node teleports into cover near the wooded hills, but stays within control range of the blitz. Lictors appear to the Tyranid end encircling the Striking Scorpions in the bunker.

Initiative Ulthwe Eldar

"The Wish of Isha" engages the Lesser Node that appeared to take control of the blitz. The Eldar quickly destroy the lonely node without much of a problem and fall back farther than they were before.

Retaining with "The Shine of Death" in east, the Eldar skimmers advance northeast and fire at the Lesser Node wiping it out. Then the Tyranids respond with the Nexus swarm and engages "the Defiance". The Nexus swarms Hormagaunts and Raveners pours out to go into close combat with all targets while Gargoyles and Termagants come into firing range. The Guardians are overwhelmed and only one unit of Wraithguards survive by being fearless. It decides to stay in the Wraithgate. Nexus swarm moves a bit to protect the two Warrior stands.

In west "The Solar Fall" is ordered to make a ground attack. However communication has problems and the Seer Council is needed to command the attack. Then the Eldar bombers make their run against the assault swarm. This results in the deaths of 2 Gargoyle and a Hormagaunt units.

In east the lone Dactylis advances and fires at "The Shine of Death" in revenge for the lost node. It manages to hit once, but the Eldar skimmer saves the damage and formation remains unbroken.

And in west the Cobras are on the move again. They double moving towards the objective on Tyranids end. In the middle though they stop to fire at the assault swarm, but forest and double reduces their chances to hit and only one Hormagaunt unit is killed. Then they continue to the objective. Lictors respond by engaging the Striking Scorpions of "Sting in the Dark". Three of the Lictors assault the units (each taking two slots) and this leaves the last to move more freely and that goes to a building nearby the Cobras to contest the objective. In assault the Lictors wipe the Striking Scorpions out before they even have time to react. Consolidate sees them moving into cover of and contest both blitz and Cobras objective.

Next are the Eldar fighter, but they are unable to get off the ground as spores have clogged up their engines. Complaints of the Seer Council can be heard over the comm-net.

Then it's the assault swarm and they are ordered to engage. First round of combat sees several units die on both sides and the resolution is on the side of the Tyranids. However the roll gives off another round and the things swing to Eldar. Wave Serpents save hits while Gargoyles don't and end result send the Tyranids packing. With the loss of two Guardians the Tyranids lost 4 Hormagaunt and 4 Gargoyle units.

Last one to activate is "The Eclipse", which bolstered by the success on the last turn goes to kill the Lictor hiding in the building. The aircraft manages to hit the target, but the building protects the Tyranid critter and thus the objective stays contested.

End Phase

First check the victory condition. The situation is 0 - 1 for Ulthwe as they have "Break Their Spirit". This means that the battle will continue.

Eldar manage to safely get all the planes out of the battlefield. Also almost all Eldar rally, as the lonely Wraithguard fails, and remove BMs.

Assault swarm uses spore to spawn 8 Gargoyles. Nexus fails to spawn.

25-03-2007, 18:17
Turn 4 "Last Straws"

Initiative Ulthwe Eldar

Now the bombers of "The Solar Fall" start the turn. Again they are used against the assault swarm in the west. The come in and make the attack run, but only manage to blast 2 units of Gargoyles to small bits. Retaining the "Shine of Death" zooms forwards to take control of the blitz.

Tyranids decide to try the last time and engage the "Wish of Isha" with assault swarm, before any more planes try to blast them to bits. However dices are not giving any help in the situation and there are too few units left to swarm over the enemy. So Eldars lose 1 Wave Serpent while Tyranids lose rest of the Gargoyles and the last lonely Tyranid Warrior flee back to the forest where it started from.

Next is Cobras of "Fury of Isha" and they advance to fire at the Lictors. However they score no hits. Tyranids counter with Lictors, who hold and move to spread out and contest both blitz and other objective (from "Fury of Isha").

At this point we are running out of time and Eldar get to try to smash the Lictors with both Vampire Raider and the Nightwings, but both fail to hit the Lictors. So we end the battle as Eldar are unable to remove the contesting critters.

Since conditions are 0 - 1 for the Eldar with "Break Their Spirit" and we are running out of time we put draw. However if the points could have been calculated, the Eldar would have taken the victory (as they had lost only Aspect troupe, one Swords of Vaul troupe and Guardian warhost). So looking at it afterwards the victory (by point counting) belongs to the Ulthwe.

26-03-2007, 09:57
nice bat rep Hena!

I'm slowly building up my Tyranids - I think I have enough for 3K by the looks of things. The Nid army is a lot smaller than the Siegemasters!!!

05-05-2007, 15:08
Thanks for posting. A really interesting read as always.

06-05-2007, 06:41
Great Battle Report, especially considering it featured my beloved pointy ears! My hats off to your opponents army. It is very nicely detailed. I wouldn't mind getting a closer look at it if he/she has it posted some where.


06-05-2007, 06:54
There is a thread about Charads Ulthwe paiting in the TacComs.

Brother Glacius
17-05-2007, 20:44
***** Thanks for the report. It amazes me how quickly forces engage. I've got an ork army that I hope to start playing soon. Its so hard to find epic players.

***** Brother G.

18-05-2007, 03:36
***** Thanks for the report. It amazes me how quickly forces engage. I've got an ork army that I hope to start playing soon. Its so hard to find epic players.
Epic is very fast paced if the opponent has mechanised army as was the case here with Ulthwe. But I've found that the best way to get players is to have two armies and then start turning 40k players that you know into E:A :).