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28-07-2005, 13:26
I'm a little confused about how Fleet Commander re-rolls work. From reading the rulebook it looks like they can be used on anything from lance shots to leadership tests. Is this correct?

And if you use a reroll on a leadership test, do you reroll one or both dice?

28-07-2005, 13:35
Commander re-rolls are only used for leadership and command tests.

The command tests are when you are choosing the special orders i.e. All Ahead Full, Lock On, Come to New Heading, Brace for Impact, Reload Ordnance and Burn Retros.

Leadership tests are when you are doing things like trying to navigate an asteroid field, or choosing a specific target to shoot at, or when ramming.

If you fail a command test or leadership test and you use on of your re-rolls, you can re-roll all the dice used for that test - usually 2, but sometimes only 1 or occasionally 3, depending on circumstances.

Did this help?

Inquisitor Samos
28-07-2005, 14:28
Bertcom1 pretty much gave you all the details. It's an important point to remember that a Fleet Commander re-roll can only be used for those instances that are specifically called "Leadership tests" or "Command checks," not for anything else (such as rolling to hit, or a Holofield save).

The only additional detail that needs adding is that you are only allowed to use one Fleet Commander re-roll at a time: for example, if you fail a Leadership test or Command check, then use a Fleet Commander re-roll but that also fails, you are not allowed to use yet another Fleet Commander re-roll to try again.

This topic is covered pretty concisely in the grey box on the lower-left of page 104 in the BFG rulebook; this section is in the online "living rule book" in the file titled "Ships of the Gothic Sector." (http://www.specialist-games.com/battlefleetgothic/assets/lrb/5BFGshipsofgothic.pdf)

28-07-2005, 16:06
This topic is covered pretty concisely in the grey box on the lower-left of page 104 in the BFG rulebook

Perfect! Just what I was looking for.