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Chief L. Rome
26-03-2007, 06:11
I'm thinking of making a smaller vesion of a Thunderhawk. I don't have the Specs to be more precise so, I'm going with a War Machine (although av would be 12,11,10). If anyone ever played FF VIII it's EXACTLY what I wanna build IDK where to get the materials to build it tho. I'd like to make it from something CHEAP like foam an I don't wanna go the deep end. Can someone help me? Oh one thing. I'm not welcoming negative flamming comments, for I shall crush the life outta you w/ my powerfist!

26-03-2007, 09:02
The VDR is a set of rules for 40K, so how exactly does this apply to Specialist Games or Forgeworld Games?

Chief L. Rome
26-03-2007, 16:58
The purpose of this vehicle is to act like a gunship, land troops and harrass enemy armored units while providing (if needed) Close Combat capability.