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26-03-2007, 08:43
Well, I've tried making dedicated logs in the past, but they just don't work for me...
I keep switching from one project to another, doing whatever I'm in the mood for at that moment.
Apparently that works best for me. :rolleyes: (I've tried limiting myself to one project and seeing it through to the end, only to lose enthousiasm and stop doing anything altogether...)

So, I've decided to make a generic all-encompassing log, so I could at least share my works with you without creating an endless stream of dead-end threads.
Here I'll show whatever I'm working on, as I work on it.
This could range from my Tau Army, my Word Bearers/LatD army to my 28mm Samurai, my Crimson Skies planes, my 20mm DAK or any scenery I build.

Any pictures I post here will most likely be a select few, with the vast bulk of images getting stored HERE (http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/).
Where possible I'll try and tag my posts with the project that is mentioned inside, so people who only want to follow certain items don't have to wade through all the other weird stuff I do.... ;)

Let's give it a go shall we?

Bye, Modhail

26-03-2007, 09:26
(See the tag above? That's how I'll be doing it...)

Time for entry one:


I've always liked Space Hulk, and like (I think) all who've played it, wished the cardboard corridors were actual terrain.
Well, I've decided to go and do just that! (I know I'm not the first, and certainly not the best, to do it... Just look around on the Internet.)

My budget is (unfortunately) not the biggest so don't expect to see anything fancy like laser-cut MDF or extensive resincasting here...
I'm guessing that most of the budget will be sunk into the miniatures of terminators and genestealers (As I'll need 20 of them...).

Initially I'll just be building the rooms and corridors of the basic set, with all the counters and such needed to play both 1st and 2nd ed. Space Hulk.
Maybe, if I still have materials and enthousiasm left after that, I'll add the Deathwing and Genestealer expansions at a later date. Perhaps I'll even add other stuff, such as ramps and options for multi-level Hulks...
All the rooms and corridors will be sized for the new, larger, Terminators bases and new, wider "span" Genestealer. In this way I can also fit the old termies and genestealers, they'll just have roomier corridors to fight in...
And I can add in other weirdness such as Ogryns, Tyranid Warriors and such...

I won't be using jigsaw cuts (too difficult) or RE magnets (too costly, seen the amount I'll need) to connect the bits, but.... VELCRO!
Sticky-back velcro to be exact. Just stick the soft side onto the bottom edges of the passages, it should be enough to preven slipping when placed on a tablecloth. For when I'm playing on a smooth surface, I'll glue the rough side onto some (plasti-)card slats, to solidly connect the parts.

I don't just expect to play Space Hulk in here, ofcourse, I can also see uses for e.g. 40K Combat Patrols, Kill Team, Necromunda (warrens of tunnels in the Hive Bottom), maybe even Inquisitor.....

Anyway, on to pics and links:

My "Shopping list":
Yes, my handwriting is a mess...
The little circles left of the corridor listing is my way of keeping track:
I mark them with pencil, when I've got an item marked out on the card for cutting, and mark them with a pen when they're assembled. That way, I won't miss anything, and won't end up with needless duplicates.

Sizing info (should anyone want to know...)
Measurements are in centimetres... (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1489.jpg)

And here is what is built so far:
These are just the bare corridor and crossing skeletons, I'll be adding detail later.
This is actually just under half (I'm 2 T-junctions short) of the corridors and junctions needed.... I still need to build the other half of the passages, and add all six rooms. (Yep, lots of stuff to build....)
It's all made from 3mm thick, slightly foamy plasticard, from discarded commercial displays a friend of mine gave me. It's all glued together and (for the corridors at least) pins have been hammered in, for extra sturdiness.

A close-up of one of the corners. (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1501.jpg)

Most of the detailing will come from (plasti-)card, the bits box, and household items. I'll also be using some plastic profiles, textured plasticard, stuff like that. For some detail however, I'll be making a sacrifice to the Dark Gods of Scenery of some CoD sprues and this:
A small Hexagoner set, which I'll be using for wall detailing, and some floor tiles.
(The stuff is actually quite nice, so I guess I'll be picking up a second set, to use as it's makers intended...)

For detailing, I'm hoping to really evoke the mood of a Space Hulk, so it'll be nicely dark, gloomy and derelict....

I hope you all liked what you saw so far, now let's just see what the future holds....

Bye, Modhail

26-03-2007, 10:17
Looking cool, although for extra coolness you could make the entire thing magnetic, removing the need for bases which would kinda upset the feeling a bit...
Metal plate on the base, strong magnet in the feet of the termies and gaunts.

If not, it'll still look cool and ill keep an eye out

26-03-2007, 11:10

That would indeed be a very cool thing to see.
Having a metal plate in the base would make detailing that much harder however. Plus cost would be an issue, as I'm on a rather limited budget for this...:cries:
If I had the time and money, however.....

Bye, Modhail

26-03-2007, 11:45
Not necessarily...

Your going to be mounting the various bits on something right? You can buy sheet metal fairly cheeply in the UK (around, 1.50 per sheet of A4, which should do you a fair bit) and the magnets are also fairly cheap from good old ebay.

You can also get mesh effect metal that could be used for flooring which would in turn make that aspect cheaper.

Dont rule it out all together - theres various plasticard sheets that have effects on them - the metal ones cut out the middle man if you like the magnetic idea (which is something I might try over the summer)

26-03-2007, 13:02
I've been doing some math:

1 sheet of A4 Sheet metal yields 35 40mm squares of metal...
the square count for the entire Space Hulk set (not including any expansions) is 210 squares.
Which would mean 6 sheets of metal.

If I were to see this through to the end: Deathwing has a square count of 129.
Genestealer has a square count of 112.
This would add another 7 sheets of metal, A4 sized...
For a grand total of 13 sheets, meaning another 19.5 UK Pounds to add to the cost, excluding magnets...
Thats more than a box of Terminators.
And that is assuming there's no extra cost to buy textured sheet metal.

Ofcourse, knowing myself, I'd also want to ad sheet metal to the walls, so the Genestealers can run along the walls, Aliens-style...
About quadrupling the cost (As the walls are taller than the floors, and rooms have more wall surface than floor surface anyway.)

While the idea is very, VERY, cool (enough for me to actually go as far as calculating needed materials and cost :rolleyes: ) I can't justify the extra cost in the low(no?)-budget approach I'm having to take in this build.

If I ever have a chance to build a second Space Hulk, on a roomier budget, it will most certainly feature magnetised corridors. (As well as solid MDF framework and extensive resincast features.)

Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration, though!
If you do try the magnetised approach, I'd love to see it in action.

Bye, Modhail.

28-03-2007, 22:21
Well, not much physical process these last couple of days...
I've been mapping out the common locations of doors on the Space Hulk maps.
Essentially this means poring over every Space Hulk mission map I could find, and noting down the location of every single door on the map.:(

Why am I doing this?
Because I don't want separate doors on bases. I intend to put U-frames on the wall in strategic locations, where I can slide doorframes into. Into these I can then place doors.

This way I hope the doors will look like something that's part of the corridor, instead of some steel plate that's just been plunked down. I will still make some stand-alone doors as well too, so I have some flexibility in case of home-brew scenarios, and for a few missions, which use abberant door placements... :eyebrows:

Anyway, here are the fruits of my research:
Door slot placement and numbers:
Rooms: need doors on ALL entrypoints (I'm considering making these integral doors, as they are needed for almost every mission...)
Corners: slots on left branch: 2, right branch 2, remainder without slots.
T-junctions: 2 of each variants: left branch, centre branch and right branch slots.
X-ings: 2 with slots on ALL exits, rest: without slots.
5-corridor: 2 with slots on end, 2 w. slots on centre. This means I will need to use a single freestanding door on 2 of the Deathwing missions. But since I don't plan to incorporate the DW or GS expansions (yet), I consider this acceptable.
4-corridor: 2 with slots on end, 2 w. slots off-centre.
3-corridor: 2 with slots on end, 2 w. slots in centre, rest: without slots
2-corridor: 2 with slots on single end.
1-corridor: both with slots.
For the missions in the basic game NO free-standing doors will be needed, all can be slotted.

This means that of the corners and junctions, 2 of each variant will be without any slots (4 for the x-ings) and 2 of the 3 long corridors will be without slots, all other corridors will have a single set of slots. A bit more than I had hoped, but still a whole lot better than slotting every single square (which would leave me with NO room for cool details...)

Now that this bit of tedium is behind me, I can start building stuff again, hopefully this weekend....

Bye, Modhail

29-03-2007, 00:22
This guy has a great site for his terrain projects. Here's his Space Hulk (http://www.ironhands.com/spacehlk.htm) terrain.

I highly suggest you check out the full (http://www.ironhands.com/necro.htm) site. Many incredible things on there.

29-03-2007, 18:21
Thanks for reminding of that site!

I had seen it before, but kinda forgotten about it. Never realised he now had some tutorials up too....

Bye, Erik

04-04-2007, 21:27
Well, made some more progress....

Finished building the basic assembly of all straight corridors:
That's two rows of corridor, each 128cm (or about 50") in lenght!

As you can see, some corridors are wider than the rest, this is so I have some more room to add cool scenery to those parts (consoles, machinery, HUGE pipes...) The rest I've kept relatively narrow, to maintain that claustrophobic Space Hulk feel.

This is how long one of those two rows of corridors look from a miniatures perspective (That poor marine could spend 4 turns walking, and you still wouldn't be in bolter range...)

And this is what I've finished so far:
Again with the corners and junctions, you can see some are roomier than others for detailing's sake.

Oh well, plenty more assembly to do....

Bye, Modhail

09-04-2007, 21:44

Whoohooo!!! (yes, three exclamation marks, I felt the situation warranted it...)
I've finished the core structure of all the passageways.

Here they are in all their glory:
Those four squares of paper are placeholders for the 6 rooms that will be added in the end. Just to give an idea of the rooms' sizes and the surface the final assembly wil cover...
Again for scale: A Space Wolf, Genestealer and Chaos Terminator, underlined in bold red by a GW "whippy stick".

And the first mission in both editions of Space Hulk:
I couldn't help myself, I just wanted to see how much tablespace it would take up....

And they're off!
Space Wolf Terminators on a training mission in a mock-up of a Space Hulk:

And an unpainted, mouldline-infested Genestealer thinking: "Aw cr@p, there goes the neighbourhood!"

Oh, I've been shuffling around my production planning a bit, by the way.
Originally I had planned to start detailing immediately, once this was finished.

Now I'll most likely start painting my (old style) Genestealers first.
The reason for this is multiple:
First, the first purchase of detailing materials has already depleted my disposable income for the month of april, and the month of may will see my son's and wife's birthday, as well as Mother's Day, usurping my usual hobby cash...
Second, after covering myself in glue and plastic shavings for the last couple of weeks, I need a break from building and feel like painting.
Third: This means, that when I resume building, it will most likely be in june, when I have most of the month off from work!

So, hopefully the next couple of updates will show a load of 'Stealers getting cleaned and assembled and maybe some test models for a Genestealer colour scheme.....

Bye, Modhail

15-04-2007, 20:31
Nice weather today, so I spent the afternoon sitting in the garden, painting a bit.
Two genestealers got to be Guineapigs..... :evilgrin:

Number one:
He was originally intended to have his skin in a fleshtone with a greyish tinge to it, his carapace was meant to be an organic grey colour. That last part didn't work out, so the carapace became an organic brown colour.
I kinda like him, he's rather gritty, and really looks like he spent decades in a near-vacuum, hybernating. Now he's awakened and looking for breakfast... Downside is that he doesn't really "pop".

Number 2, however does "pop":
Unfortunately still a WIP, he is my attempt at the old school Genestealer colourscheme.
It's cute, and fun to paint, but it's almost cartoonishly bright and cheery, so I'm a bit worried it'll jar with the style of the Hulk I have in mind (Dark, derelict and dangy...).

So I turn to your collective opinions:
Which of these two Genestealer should get 19 brothers and sisters to play with?
Or, alternatively, do you have any suggestions for any other colourschemes I can try (preferably with piccies...)?
Thanks in advance!

Bye, Modhail.

Rogue 7
15-04-2007, 22:37
No. 2 looks a lot better painted, but I like number one's colorscheme more. Tough decision!

16-04-2007, 07:42
Both took roughly the same time to paint (or rather, will have, once I finish number 2 ;) )
I'm thinking of using number 1's colours and combining it with the approach taken on number 2 on a third teststealer, to see how that pans out..

Number 1 was basically drybrushed from grey to an increasingly fleshy colour, and then a purple ink wash followed by a brown ink glaze on the carapace. Number 2 was painted in block colours, each colour was then given 1 layer of overbrushed highlight and then the whole body was glazed/washed in a watery mixture of purple and magenta ink, with a touch of brown ink added.

For number 3 I'm thinking a 50/50 grey and flesh as block colour, 1 or 2 drybrushes with increasingly more flesh added, and then a wash in a very diluted grey. Followed by a purple/brown glaze on the carapace.
We'll see how that turns out...

Bye, Erik

16-04-2007, 13:50
I like the second genestealer better. The colors contrast each other well. While the first one looks a bit uni-colored.

16-04-2007, 14:06
Well, I painted another mini, and took some new pictures of number 2, just to confuse the matter further.....

#2 was the only one taken under artificial light, and with the flash, so it's a bit overbright compared to the others (which were taken under daylight).
This is how it looks in daylight:

And this is Stealer 3:
He's painted by using the colours of Stealer 1 and the painting approach of stealer 2.

This (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1720.jpg) is both of them side by side.

And all three (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1724.jpg) in a row. Pic's a tad blueish, though...

Bottom line: I've used up three of my three Guinea Pig Stealers and I still can't decide.
Maybe I should just use all three colourschemes....?

Bye, Erik

16-04-2007, 14:32
I still like the second one better, but you can choose whatever you want.

18-04-2007, 11:32
They all look good... btw... who says that all stealers should have the same colors?

18-04-2007, 17:03
Thanks for the comments all!

who says that all stealers should have the same colors?
I know :angel:
I'm still cheerfully vacillating at the moment.
This morning I thought: "I'll do all the old style ones in the "classic" scheme and the new style ones in the 3rd colourscheme."
Now, I'm thinking about mixing it up a little (again).... :rolleyes:
Maybe I should just divide them in random sized batches and paint each batch as I feel like doing at that moment....?

Bye, Modhail.

23-04-2007, 18:04
Right, got some work done on the testers for the new style Genestealers.
Both have the corresponding old style 'Stealer next to them for comparison:

The Classic colourscheme:
It turned out a lot darker and more purple than the old stealer... This is mostly the result of the wash/glaze containing more purple than on the original one. I also didn't thin it enough, in hindsight.
I also think that I mixed the base fleshtone a few shades darker than previously...

And a new stealer in the third colourscheme:
The same glaze/wash mix (but thinned) was used on this one, so again with the darker and more purple.
Not so bad in this case, as the fleshtone turned out a lot paler than previous. They sorta balance out.

For some reason I couldn't get "into it" while painting.
Oh well, I guess I just wasn't channeling the Genestealer today...

I find I'm having the same "problem" as with the old 'stealers: I can't decide which of the two colourschemes I like most. I guess I'll just mix and match as I paint.

I'll probably be making Space Hulk bases during my moments of spare time this week (far and few between as they are :( ).

Bye, Modhail

23-06-2007, 09:37
Hi Folks,

I hope you don't mind me re-using this old thread, I just like to keep it all in one place...

As you might have guessed real life took over for a while, and I couldn't get any work done on the Hulk (or other hobby-stuff).
But I'm back to it now...

Here's a picture of the hell-hole I call "work desk" in it's current state:

As you can see I've finally gotten round to detailing the first two corridors of the Hulk (2 started, only 38 left to go....).

One is what I call the Air Purification Corridor (3-sq. passage):
As you can see, it's filled with huge vent stacks which, in the original ship, breathed cleansed air back into the vessel. In the Hulk, they obviously don't work too well anymore. Once finished, I plan to paint it in various metal tones, with lots of corrosion and stains. I've still to do some minor detailing more (rivets on the walkway, perhaps banding on the tall pipes, maybe some readouts), but it's essentially in it's final state.

The second one (5 sq-passage), I've taken to calling the Junior Officer's Passage:
Though it's not as rough and industrial as the inner workings of the original ship, it still lacks the opulence of the passages for the higher officers.
Once again, when finished it will be painted in lots of metal colours.
Near the terminator, you can see an H-beam embedded into the wall. That is where my doorframes will slide into, so they'll actually seem a part of the passage, instead of just a loose door standing in the middle of a passage, without any support.
Still a fair bit to do on this one: adding items of interest to the niches in the wall (air vents, small comm./readout panels, little shrines, maybe a litany stuck to a wall), and of course rivetting the lot.
Since the picture above, I've also added the detailing for the floor (once again, rivets to be added):
Eventually, I'll be building a second 5-square corridor in this style, as I've more or less have them bookmarked for use as the entry corridors for the Terminators in most missions.

So, that's where progress stands at the moment, I hope you like what I've shown.
(And once more, apologies for the lack of updates the last couple of weeks, hopefully you won't have to wait that long till my next updates...)

Bye, Erik

23-06-2007, 23:37
Awesome! Never played Space Hulk, but that makes me want to. I'm also really fond of your darker and grittier version of the old color scheme - I hope you wind up using that one.

Look forward to seeing more!

25-06-2007, 15:08
Pekel, I'm glad to rouse some enthousiasm for that fine old game of Space Hulk! :) Hopefully, if Talisman does well come October, Black Industries may consider Space Hulk...

Didn't get to do much today, though (my son demanded a lot of attention), but I did sort those corridor pieces that need to have door rails added. That way I won't accidentally cover them in cool detail, only to have to rip it out and replace it with a door rail....

Oh, and I started this:
It's just in it's earliest stages, there will be more smaller pipes added, with maybe some vents/grilles and such on the highest parts.
(the other two corridors I showed earlier are just waiting on some bits I ordered, so I can finish them and get them ready to be primered)

Bye, Erik

27-06-2007, 12:55
And more stuff got done today. I'm taking a break until the glue vapors clear up right now, after that, it's back to work...

I've virtually finished the T-junction with the large pipes running along it:

Here's a view of the other side:

All that's left to do is to add some interest to the floor, maybe some banding on the big tube on the bottom and some vents on the side panels, above the tubes.
As well as the general 40k-ificiation I'll need to do on almost all my corridors; you know, the skulls and purity seal thing...

I've done some work on the corner as well:
Yep, "They're coming out of the *********** walls!" :D
Still quite a bit to do on this one.
The upper walls will get the same type of detailing as the t-junction has.
The hole in the grating will be backed by metalfoil with a hole torn in it, to emphasise the effect, maybe some cables sticking out as well...
The floor needs greebles, and I'm thinking about adding a small data-lectern on the lefthand side.

Anyway, the fumes should have about cleared by now, I'm back to work...

Bye, Erik

29-06-2007, 10:05
Well, the corridors I showed earlier are effectively finished:
All that's left to do is adding some greenstuff Eagles, purity seals and litany scrolls to them, but I'll do the greenstuffing once I have some more corridors finished.

Here's a close-up (this photo doesn't yet show the banding on the floor and on the PVC pipes).
The empty parts on the top of the corridor, in between the blue detailling ,will have imperial eagles or winged skulls added to them.
As you can see, some nasty alien thing ripped through the wall, before disappearing through a hole it ate in the floor with some nasty acid... :evilgrin:

And a model's eye view:

Greetings, Modhail

29-06-2007, 10:58
This all looks really good. I love its modular nature. You are making a lovely job of this with your attention to detail.

I am going to have to try something like this for when they re-release Space Hulk. (and Yes, it is coming!)

I'll keep watching and steal all you best bits. :D

29-06-2007, 16:37
Thank you!

I am going to have to try something like this for when they re-release Space Hulk. (and Yes, it is coming!)
Oh, do you know something I don't? That would be awesome!

Hey, steal away! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that.... :D
The more the merrier!

bye, Modhail

30-06-2007, 12:37

I. Am. Stark. Raving. Daft!

And here's the proof:
I'm picturing this as a cogitator (computer terminal) that monitors and controls the flow of power/plasma/whatever through those enormous pipes.

Here's a side view, showing the control wheel for the upper pipe (with a terminator for scale):

And a detail shot of the facade:

And the roof and pillars removed (they're separate for painting) to show off the cogitator itself:
Yes, it has a keyboard.... and a magnifier lens... :roll:

All in all this took about two hours to build.
The keyboard was actually the most labour-intensive part, as I had to slice and glue all the little keys by hand. :?

And ofcourse, the model's eye view. (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1934.jpg)

Off to take a bit of rest from the glue fumes...

Bye, Erik

30-06-2007, 13:03
This is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. Great job!!

01-07-2007, 18:43
Thanks Killshot!

I started work on the second "Officer's passage" (the ones with the gothic arches) today:
This photo shows the first two sections of arches already cut and set aside inside the corridor, while a third section is being marked out for cutting.

I'm building the arches to look like gothic church windows. To do this, the plastic board arches will be backed with 2 layers of cardboard: one for the edgings where normally the glass-in lead would sit, and another one behind that for the little rose window in the top section:
Here's the first layer being cut:
After this one I switched to cutting the main arches out after the second layer was glued in place. This meant less cutting and a neater finish.

This is the final effect:
(And yes, I was lucky enough to randomly grab the sloppiest one, when I thought "Let's take a quick piccie before I continue"... )

And how they look inside the corridor:
The "windows" themselves are now done and I can start adding all the other detailing for the corridors.

Today was the last day of my vacation, though. Hopefully I'll get the chance to keep working on it in the evenings, but the pace is going to slow a bit from now I'm afraid...

Bye, Erik

01-07-2007, 20:32
You know you are absolutly bonkers. But I told you yesterday already. Keep up the good work and somewhere on the web you'll be noticed.

01-07-2007, 20:39

You know you are absolutly bonkers.
I know, and it's a good thing.
If I wasn't I wouldn't even have started this, let alone be able to finish it. ;)

I think that, once I finish this passage, I'll paint the ones I've finished so far before I start detailing the next batch.

Bye, Erik

03-07-2007, 11:55
On another forum someone asked how I was planning on painting this beast.
IF I can find a decent, affordable compressor somewhere before I start painting, I'll most likely attempt to airbrush the major parts and shadows.
If not, I'll stick to my original idea of sponging on the major colours.

I've tried this technique out on a few simple barricades a while back and was quite pleased with the results. So in answer to his question I photographed them. Unfortunately the light is crap today (lousy weather!), so the pics with natural light are too dark, and the ones with flash... well, you know what happens when the flash hits metallics....

Without Flash:

With Flash:
The actual colours are somewhere between these two, a nice worn metal.

The one in the background isn't that dramatic, just GW Tin Bits followed by GW Boltgun Metal. (I've used GW paint mainly because they're what I have the most of, and they're quite suited to the abuse of this technique. Besides, I prefer the GW metals over the Vallejo ones...)

The one on the foreground is a bit more elaborate. It's Tin Bits, followed by Chainmail and Boltgun Metal. These were sponged on without cleaning the sponge in between and dabbing off the excess on the same plate. This way the colours partially mixed on the sponge and fade into each other quite nicely.
After this a few small scrapes were sponged on in GW Mithril Silver.
For variation some smudges of green and brown were sponged on.
Parts that had become too bright were toned down by sponging on some more Tin Bits or smudging them in black ink, with touches of blue and brown ink added in.
As you can see, the metal to the lefthand sides fades into a purple colour. This was done to simulate the effects of genestealer infestation and is simply done by sponging on purple ink.

Oh, and despite it being my final two days of vacation I didn't work on the Hulk yesterday or this morning. My dear son had kept us up most of the night; I was so knackered I was afraid that if I did work on the corridor I would ruin it. :(
So I went and bashed out a little side project:
A while ago I found simple schematic drawings of the Space Hulk floorboards, I also had a stack of plastic fridgemagnets lying around.
It was just a case of simply printing out to the right scale and some cut'n'paste work.
With this I can quickly design/try out maps without having to haul around the big corridor pieces (with the attendant risk of disturbing the misses's sewing, we use the same table for our pastimes...)

Bye, Erik

Lars Beernuts
03-07-2007, 17:55
Awesome stuff! Am truly impressed by the space hulk scenery, how long is it taking to make each piece?

03-07-2007, 18:16
Modhail- this is awesome, I realy love all the detail you are putting into all the sections and that console was just nuts! Keep it up mate- I wish i had your patience and construction skills!

03-07-2007, 18:26
How long each piece takes? Pfffft, that's a hard one...

I built the frames in bulk over a couple of weeks a few months ago, so I don't really remember how much time that took.
As for the detailing, looking back at the dates of my post, the first one was 23-6-07, the last one of a finished corridor was 30-6-07, that's 7 days.
Since I had a holiday, I was able to work on them every afternoon and most evenings, I guess an average of 6 hours per day.
Sounds about right, after deducing time spent taking pictures and posting about them, and some days were more productive than others. I know I skipped work at least one day, lets say one-and-a half... Thats 5 and a half days work, of 6 hours each, so 33 hours on detailing 5 corridor sections...
An average of 6 and a half hours per section, but some were quicker than others. (This includes time testfitting, looking up references in WD/internet, sketching ideas out and general staring at the stuff thinking "What shall I do?" or "Did I really make this myself?")

Dang, and I've still got 33 sections to go... (not to mention 3 rooms from start to finish.)
This is going to take sooo long. :eek:

Bye, Erik

12-07-2007, 06:52
You know you can always call on your Erik-brothers to help.

12-07-2007, 09:21
Nice work on the terrain, all that detail will look good when painted. :)

12-07-2007, 14:52
Idea: Make some terminator/genestealer fridge magnet circles, borrow the fridge and have a vertical game of Space Hulk!

So far, so awesome. ;)
- Huw

13-07-2007, 22:55
Styrbiorn, thanks! I appreciate the offer, I'm still somewhat uncertain about accepting it though...
On the one hand, I'm pushing myself to a fairly high level of quality/detail, and I feel it wouldn't be fair do demand the same standard from others.
On the other hand, detailling this thing is so much fun, I'd feel guilty not sharing the fun with my name-brothers...
That and I'm a control freak because this is my baby... :rolleyes:
Then again, I could check if I have enough plastic plate left to build one or two extra corridor frames for you to have a go at... Hmmm...

Huw_Dawson, please, no more projects...;) Now you went and gave me ideas!
(Hmmm, I think I still have some epic tyranids lying around somewhere, I'll need to find some epic terminators, though... NO! What am I doing! Stop it right now! :D)

Sorry about the lack of updates by the way, misses has been ill, so I've had no chance to lock myself in the garage for a couple of hours....

Bye, Erik

15-07-2007, 11:56
On another forum, someone asked me for the templates I used.

Well, I didn't use cut and past templates, but measurements.
I've collected the measurements I've used from my various notes, and collected them:

Space Hulk sizing:
(assuming 3mm thick building material, all sizes are in centimetres)
The floors are double-layered for extra sturdiness.
On basic corridors, the inner width of the corridors is 6.9 cm; this means that any detailing on the wall can be a maximum of 5mm thick, otherwise the new Genestealer wonít fit due to their arms-out-wide stance.
I've given measurement for both the normal and the extra wide versions of the corridors.
For my own, I've made most corridors as the basic type, to maintain the claustrophobic atmosphere, and only a part as extra wide. Note, though, that using 40mm squares, the extra wide corridors are as wide as they can go! If you want even wider corridors, you'll have to use larger squares than 40mm! (in which case, I'll leave you to do the math for yourself...)

Also note that walls, and corners and such come in 2 heights: 6.5 and 6.2 cm. The 6.5 ones glue to the side of the floor, and on top of the baseplate. The 6.2 ones are glued on top of the floor!

Floorboard Type/Parts Needed:

Basic corridor:
1x: 7.5xL (baseplate)
1x: 6.9xL (floor) (walls are glued and pinned to the side of this, then glued onto the baseplate)
2x: 6.5xL (walls)
1 square corridor: L=4
2 square corridor: L=8
3 square corridor: L=12
4 square corridor: L=16
5 square corridor: L=20

Extra Wide Corridor:
2x: 12xL (baseplate and floor)
4x: 2.2x6.2 (wall buttresses) these are used to
keep the wall upright and narrow the ends to
match the basic floorplates. these glue on top of the floor!)
2x: 6.2xL (walls) these glue on top of the floor!
1 square corridor: L=4
2 square corridor: L=8
3 square corridor: L=12
4 square corridor: L=16
5 square corridor: L=20

Basic Corner:
2x: 9.75x9.75 (baseplate and floor)
1x: 9.75x6.2 (wall 1)
1x: 9.45x6.2 (wall 2) (the shorter wall butts up to the longer one)
1x: 6.2x 2.5 (inner corner 1)
1x: 6.2x2.2 (inner corner 2)
The inner corner is glued in with the corner inward, so that it and the wall of the Basic corridor put next to it are in one line.

Extra Wide Corner:
2x: 12x12 (baseplate and floor)
1x: 12x 6.2 (wall1)
2x: 11.7x6.2 (wall 2)
3x: 6.2x2.2 (wall buttresses and inner corner 2)
1x: 6.2x2.5 (inner corner 1)
The inner corner is glued in with itís walls alongside the edge of the floor to give the extra interior space.

Basic T-junction:
1x: 12x9.75 (baseplate)
1x: 12x9.45 (floor) (the wall is glued and pinned to the side of this, then glued to the baseplate)
1x: 12x6.5 (wall)
2x: 6.2x2.5 (inner corners 1)
2x: 6.2x2.2 (inner corners 2)
The inner corner is glued in with the corner inward, so that it and the wall of the Basic corridor put next to it are in one line.

Extra Wide T-junction:
2x: 12x12 (baseplate and floor)
1x: 12x 6.2 (wall)
2x: 6.2x2.5 (inner corners 1)
4x: 6.2x2.2 (wall buttresses and inner corners 2)
The inner corner is glued in with itís walls alongside the edge of the floor to give the extra interior space.

Crossing (basic and wide):
2x: 12x12 (baseplate and floor)
4x: 6.2x2.5 (corners 1)
4x: 6.2x2.2 (corners 2)
For a basic crossing: point the corners inward, for an extra wide one: point corners outward.

Rooms and endcaps:
I canít give an exact measurement for these, as Iíve yet to build them.
What I can tell you is that Iíve decided to make all rooms extra wide so I have room for lots of detail. This means that baseplates and floors for all rooms will measure 20x20cm.
(Otherwise: the corner rooms would measure 17.75x17.75cm, T-junction rooms would measure 20x17.75 and the end room: 17.75x15.5cm.)

I'll leave the measurements of these to you, as this is very much dependent on the approach you want to take. If you want separate stand-up doors, just make sure they with inside your detailed corridors.
I however chose a more difficult way: several corridors have rails in their walls at strategic locations, into which I will be able to slide doorframes. Into these doorframes, in turn, I can slide the doors themselves. This way the doors will actually seem part of the corridors.
But, this has left me with a hell of awkward measurements for the doors, and I do not want to inflict those on you... :(

Needed of each type:

square endcaps: 5
rounded endcaps: 4 (though you could make do with just the 5 square ones)
1-square corridors: 4
2-square corridors: 4
3-square corridors: 6
4-square corridors: 4
5-square corridors: 4
corners: 6
T-junctions: 8
crossings: 6
Room, 1 entrance: 1
room, 2 entrances (corner): 3
room, 3 entrances: 2
doors: 20
Bulkheads: 4

This will give you enough boardpieces of each type to play both the 1st and 2nd ed. Space Hulk missions.
If you want to build a full Space Hulk set, I'd advise searching the net for parts inventories.

Bye, Erik

21-07-2007, 14:09
Well, I did a bit of painting today, though not on the Hulk....

I've tried out two ideas I had for the Terminator colourscheme on two of those old 2nd ed. plastic "lumpmarines".
Please don't judge too harshly on the paintjob, I didn't set out to do the best I could do on these two, just get a basic "trooper" quality paintjob, so I could see how the colours work together. And hopefully get my mind made up on the colours...

Meet "Ginny" and "Pigg":

And rear: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1965.jpg
These are WIP shots, with basecoat and shading done, but hardly any highlighting to speak of...
The metal colour on the left one, will, once highlighted, be a tad brighter and more golden.
The purple I just can't seem to get to "pop", somehow the highlights I've painted so far don't seem to register on the eye.... I'm a bit wary of going extra bright though.
The bone seems to be working out pretty much the way I want it to, so far...
No name or chapter icon so far, gotta work out colours first....

So, what do you all think? Purple-golden or purple-bone?

Bye, Erik

21-07-2007, 14:26
I think some Tentacle Pink mixed with your Purple may help out here, then remember to wash it all with Purple Ink to bring the colors together. AS of right now, I like the Bone and Purple, but I think Gold and Purple do compliment each other nicely. I'd have to see the brass color as more gold before deciding. Though.. now that I think about it Purple/Gold seems a bit pimpish... unless you create a Chapter called the Pimpin' Hands or some such thing.

28-07-2007, 17:17
Well, finally some progress...
Spent the whole past week ill at home, couldn't do anything. Very annoying.

Today I felt a lot better, and actually managed to paint my first boardsection.

This is the beast after the bare metals were done:

After this, I only had to make it look like no-one had looked after it for a long, long time:

The metals were sponged on, which gives a nice, uneven colour, with the occasional dabbing in of a non-metallic, to add to the derelict appearance.
Then the whole lot was washed with a very dilute black-purple-blue ink mix, with black being dominant.

Brown ink was used both to deepen the colour of the brass/bronze vent-heads. (I'm still debating wether or not to add verdigris to the nooks and crannies of the vent-heads at this point.)
Brown ink was also used to give the first rust and grime effects.

The remainder of the rust effects was done with MiG pigments.
Even though I misjudged here and there, which caused the rust to go on either a bit too heavy or streaky, I think I really like this stuff. (I just need to be more patient with it....)

Oh, and this board has a hidden feature:
"Sarge, I think I hear something beneath the floor..."
(the grid floor is stil separate at this point, it will eventually be glued on after varnishing.)

Bye, Erik

28-07-2007, 21:01
Brilliant. Love the paint effects.
The attention to detail like the damage in the floor, the bolts and the hidden nasty are what make this.
Great stuff. Can't wait to see more finished.

29-07-2007, 13:02
Got some more brush time in today and finished the tester for the Terminators' colour scheme:


Left side (showing chapter Icon of the Gore Tigers Chapter):

Right side (showing Veteran squad marking):
Because he is a Veteran, he wears a black helmet, just like the Terminators will. Regular marines will have their helmets in the split-scheme. That is, if I ever were to paint an army of them... (Got my hands full on Tau, IG and my Word Bearers as is. Well, that, and building a Space Hulk... :rolleyes: )

I'm currently writing up a history for the Chapter. The short gist of it is as follows:
They're one of the few chapters that hold dominion over several solar systems.
Their Fortress monastery is situated on a planet (of which the Chapter Master is also Imperial Governor) with a feudal japanese-"inspired" culture.
I don't want to go all out "samurai-marines" though, with O-sode on the armour and kuwagata on their helms and such.
I figure that, seen the Imperium's and their home culture's reverence of traditions, and the fact that Marine Power Armour is an Imperium design, they'll keep to the standard designs of Power Armour. (If I ever make do a marine from this chapter in artificer armour though, more influences of japanese armour will shine through.)
Besides, I don't think a sensible warrior would want to give up the protection of those big, wraparound shoulderpads for just a plate of scales...
The japanese influence on these marines will mostly be found in their culture (and titles) and drive for honour and perfection on the battlefield.
I'm currently envisioning each Company as the equivalent of a Clan, led by a Captain/Daimyo, with the Chapter Master filling the role of ShŰgun (for both the marines and the Imperial administration of their home planet).
Marines will most likely show their company by a mon (heraldic device) chosen by the current Captain, in the Codex colour for that company (so, for example, 2nd comp. would have a yellow device, 3rd a red, etc.) Placement of this device is chosen by the marine himself, on an individual basis. The first company is an exeption, they are recognised by their black helmets. Veterans outside the first company would have a red helmet and a company mon.
Sergeants are recognisable by a red stripe over their helmet.
Overall, they'll be a fairly codex chapter, with maybe a minor divergence at most.

They take their chapter name from the local top predator, a massive species of tiger.
Local nobles, and the marines themselves, traditionally hunt these beasts, both as a test of courage and prowess, but also to cull the tiger population so they won't start preying on humans.
The whitefurred variety is considered the most powerfull and fierce and, as a result, makes the best trophy.
The most fierce White Tiger in history had slain so many hunting parties that it's fur was permanently dyed red by the blood it was regularly drenched in. This monster was known as the "Gore Tiger" and was slain by the first Chapter Master. He adopted it's name for his newly-formed Chapter as a gesture of honour to such a worthy adversary. However, to this day, legends and sightings of this legendary beast return every few centuries....

Here's how our brave veteran looks inside the comfort of a Space Hulk:

Bye, Erik.

sagittar slaith
31-07-2007, 19:00
all i can say is that it is gonna look awesome when it is painted

07-08-2007, 21:56
So, we played a game tonight of Space Hulk Kill team, using only the basic rules from the GW website. 5 Terminators vs 21 Genestealers.
I'm sorry to say that, in our enthousiasm, we forgot to meticulously photograph each player's turn....

I had command of the terminators on the first run. As there was no central objective, we allowed the Genestealer brute squads to set up anywhere on the map, but not within 4" of each other, or the Terminator squad.
Here's the deployment:

After the third turn, the Terminators suddenly found themselves in a "target rich enviroment":

The Terminators had their fourth turn, this photo is taken just before the Genestealers took their fourth.....
In the end I managed to kill 3 genestealers and move a whole 8" from my starting position.....

In the second game, we switched places, I played the Genestealers and my mate the Terminators. We also limited Genestealer deployment to within 12" of the Terminator exit points. This went quite a bit better.
Due to this change in deployment (which I ofcourse forgot to photograph....) the Terminators fared a bit better, killing 6 Genestealers and moving a whole 10" from their starting point before getting eradicated.

The turn before last of the second game:
After this those three Genestealers closest to the Terminators came screeching around the corner and thoroughly dismembered all four remaining Terminators.

Next week we'll play with all the advanced Space Hulk Kill Team rules.

These games really did fire up my enthousiasm to get it finished, even with the unpainted corridors and crude cardboard mockups of rooms the game just had a great mood and feel....
Now just to struggle through a week of nearly 12 hour workdays and maybe then I can paint a few corridors over the weekend....

Last week (combat patrol testgame, no pictures...) I had a fairly smooth tablecloth under the board and the sliding was somewhat annoying. This week I put a rougher tablecloth (Similar to what they make bathtowels of) and we had virtually no sliding.

Bye, Erik

13-08-2007, 22:40
We played another two testgames tonight, same board layout, but this time using all advanced rules from the online Space Hulk Kill Team rules mod.
The game went quite a bit differently,....at least the first one.
In the first game, the Terminators progressed 28" forward in 4 turns (10" from achieving a draw!) and killed 5 genestealers. The second game they went 9" in 3 turns and killed 3 genestealers.
For some odd reason, luck was massively on the side of the Genestealers tonight.
(I actually made 6 5+ (on d6) saving throws in a row!!! The Terminators were getting jammed guns all over the place. I managed to jam the guns of 2 Terminators simultaneously at a critical moment. )

Naturally we (again) forgot to photograph the first game (which is a shame, as it was the most interesting). My friend played the Terminators I controlled the Genestealers.

Here is a pic of the end of the 4th turn for the Terminators, just before the Genestealers take their 4th turn:
Link (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/Miniatures%20in%20Action/Space%20Hulk%20test%20game%207-aug-07/HPIM2023.jpg)

And the Genestealers' 4th turn, just before resolving the close combat:
Another link. (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/Miniatures%20in%20Action/Space%20Hulk%20test%20game%207-aug-07/HPIM2026.jpg)
Unsurprisingly, the two Terminators lost the close combat....
The next turn the sole remaining Terminator, with heavy flamer, perished after taking 2 Genestealers with him.

The second game went considerably worse. (My friend had the Genestealers, I commanded the Terminators)
I allowed myself to be too cautious and get bogged down, and managed to jam all guns on overwatch with their first shot, resulting in my Terminators getting overrun.

Deployment was in the room, up against the door.
The first turn I just legged it forward with my Terminators, the Genestealers did the same.

Turn two, both sides have had their turns:
A link to save image space for the good stuff.... (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/Miniatures%20in%20Action/Space%20Hulk%20test%20game%207-aug-07/HPIM2031.jpg)
This is where I made my critical error, sacrificing half my movement to go into Overwatch, which wasn't really necessary at that point...

Turn 3, both sides have had their turns:
And here I'm punished for that error; I'm starting to get hedged in.

Turn 4, both sides have had their turns.
And here the excrement contacts the ventilator....
The Genestealer in the painted corridor survives a direct flamer hit.
Both Terminators facing north on overwatch simultaneously jam their guns on their first shot.
One of the two assaulting genestealers gets killed, the other survives and bogs several Terminators down in close combat, preventing them from shooting....

Turn 5, both sides have had their turns.
The Genestealer in the painted corridor survives another direct flamer hit!
In the Terminators' turn, the lone surviving Genestealer manages to kill both Terminators it was in close combat with.
In the Genestealer turn, the Sergeant tries to snap of a shot at the alien that killed his brethren but jams his gun on his first, and only, shot. He gets killed for his troubles.
The other Terminator on overwathc, protecting the western corridor, also jams his gun on the first shot (at this point I had a serious WTF?!-moment...) and gets assaulted.

Turn 6.
The close combat drags on and the Terminator with heavy flamer gets killed in the Terminators' turn. The other Terminator survives, but in the Genestealer turn this happens:
10 Genestealers pounce on him and shred him to tiny bits.....

The red markers, by the way, mark where as shot from the heavy flamer has blocked a corridor.

All in all conclusion: Hard to tell, as these games showed a lot of distinctly un-statistical dice rolls. In the first game the Genestealers were exceedingly lucky, surviving hits againtst all odds, and rolling a downright excessive number of 6's in close combat (which means automatic wound and no armour saves for the Terminators...). The Terminators' dice rolls were about average.
In the second game, the Genestealers luck with the dice kept up, while the Terminators' remaining luck plummeted. Al four Stormbolter armed marines managed to Jam their guns at the first shot fired... 2+ saving throws (on 1d6) were failed with unnerving regularity. (Not that I'm blaming luck with the dice for my loss, I made the critical mistake of slowing down instead of pressing forward.)
Assuming average dice rolling, this version of the Space Hulk Kill team rules seem a lot more balanced.

Bye, Erik

18-08-2007, 22:45
Well, I finally got round to actually working on the Space Hulk again, instead of just playing around with it.... ;)

I've added a patina to the brass parts of the Vent Stack Corridor (I'm rather pleased with the final effect), and started work on the Conduit Passages:

Here's the current state of affairs for the conduit passages:
I've still got a fair bit to do on them:
The large pipes are finished, as is the red wall behind the grid. (The grid is still separate at the moment, for the pictures I placed the two smaller grids into their place. The large L-shaped grid for the corner is left out, as it takes a bit of bending to get it in place, and I don't want to force it...)
The floortiles may need another drybrush with metal, I'm not too sure yet.
The green of the floors and the walls is basecoated and washed with black ink, once that is dry I can drybrush and/or sponge on the highlights.
The edgeings along the floorplates will get a worn yellow-black hazard striping.
I still need to paint the cogitator terminal and the little roof that goes over it (probably in a grey colour).
After that it's painting the details (which there are a lot of... :rolleyes:)

Hopefully I'll get some more brush time in tomorrow....

Bye, Erik

20-08-2007, 15:34
Had to wait all day today until Photobucket came back online (grmbl...) so I could post these:

The Conduit Corridors are finished!

Here's a bird's eye view:

I'm really fond of the way the green has turned out, and how it interacts with the large bronze conduits that dominate the wall.
I think that green will see use on more corridors (despite my initial plan of keeping everything dark and metallic...).

I'm especially proud of the Cogitator Alcove:

"They're coming out of the walls!"
(and going into the floors.....)

No painting for some time to come now, as I'm all out of detailed, ready to primer corridors...
I'll be detailing another few corridors the next couple of weeks, once they are finished, I'll paint those.
I'm alternating building and painting to maintain my interest and to keep myself going. Spending half a year only detailing corridor blocks, and then another half a year only painting corridor blocks would drive me nuts, and surely prevent me from ever finishing this....

'Till next time, Erik

21-08-2007, 16:40
Your terrain is looking better and better. :)

21-08-2007, 17:52
... and I thought it was cool without anything, great work.

If you put that much effort into every peice this will take you ages you do realise :P

21-08-2007, 18:07
Yeah, I know...
Just did a quick calculation, assuming I can keep working on it at my current rate of progress (yeah, sure...:angel:), I should finish the board pieces come July 2009. Then, I can start on the miniatures and counters....
(Ofcourse, these were wide corridors, the majority are narrow corridors, which should go somewhat quicker, as there is less room for elaborate detail*. On the other hand, this will be compensated by the inevitable periods of inactivity...)

That's also part of the reason I'm posting all this on the forums: At some point I know I'll be going to need your encouraging responses to keep me going and prevent me from quitting on it.
If I ever feel that is about to happen, I can just go back, and reread this thread from the start to kickstart my enthousiasm.
So thank you to all who responded here, someday, sooner or later, you'll be the key to getting this beast finished! :)

Bye, Erik

*: ofcourse, claiming there is no room for elaborate detail (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1903.jpg) in narrow corridors (http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/Modhail/WIP/Space%20Hulk%203D/HPIM1945.jpg) is nonsense.... :eyebrows: