View Full Version : Background Question for Cult of Possessed

Warwolt the skaven
26-03-2007, 23:07
Ive done a Possessed Cult, well working on it. But IŽd decided not to have any Oomies in it. So right now, I just have some nurgle-wierdo Japanese-Troll lookalikes for Possessed, Mutants and Beastmen. This isn't a real problem... But most of my group and especially one guy who insist on being the GM keep yelling about me not having a actuall chaos cult for me including my brethren as 3 Skaven heretic cultists of nurgle and 3 lost dwarfs that turned wrong somewhere and ended up joining my cults warband. My leader is a long nosed fella that looks like my japanese-troll lookalikes. Is there any problem with me having dwarvs and skaven in a nurgle warband?

27-03-2007, 01:24
Get hold of a copy of "Slaves to Darkness" and "Lost and the Damned". Look at the crazy warband compositions in there and then show your gaming group. As long as you just count the Skaven and stuff as Brethren then I don't see a problem with it. Same with the other models. Possessed don't have any God-specific rules so use any models you want.

Carnival of Chaos would be a different matter maybe.