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29-03-2007, 23:14
My friend has recentrly showed me Mordheim and I enjoyed it. I was wondering what warband to play, the one I've been looking into most is Witch Hunters because the models are ace.

Current 500gc list (my main opponent would be Sisters of Sigmar, I don't know if that matters):

Witch Hunter Captain: Sword, Shield, Crossbow Pistol (110gc)

Warrior Priest: Light Armour, 2x Hammers (66gc)

Witch Hunter: Crossbow, Mace, Shield (58gc)

Witch Hunter: Sword, Shield (40gc)

3x Zealots: Mace & Short Bow; 2x Axe; 2x Hammer (84gc)

2x Warhound (30gc)

2x Flagellants: Both w/ Flails (110gc)

Any good? I havnt bought them yet as I was hoping you lot would have some input :) .

Thanks a lot.

30-03-2007, 00:17
Okay, for one, unless those henchmen are all in separate groups, I'm pretty sure you have to equip them all identically. Light Armor is not worth it. Especially as you can get Toughened Leathers for 25% of the cost. I'd drop the shields in favor of a second CC weapon on those models.

30-03-2007, 00:41
Ah yes, I just read that bit of the rulebook again lol. Well it'll only be for a single battle not a campaign, so will putting them in seperate groups matter? Its typical that GW put 3 different models with 3 different weapons in the warband box isnt it... Toughened Leathers? Im sure I didn't see that in the Witch Hunter armoury, am I wrong? The second cc weapons i will do, ive heard that armour saves are pretty much useless.

30-03-2007, 01:27
*cracks knuckles*

Welcome to the forum :)

Here's some suggestions from old school Mordeimerey type people. namely myself.

1) Max on Heroes. They're your bread and butter. They get you income post game, and take advantage of it.

2) Armor is ******* useless. Like Hardcore. S4 or merely an Axe will negate Light armor (Both are commonplace items or stats.)

3) Skip shooting on Dregs until you have money. Their BS2 is USELESS for shooting. (5+ to hit naturally, -1 move, -1 cover, -1 long range = 8+ to hit, and mordheim does NOT have a 7+ to hit trick to use.)

4) Hounds are ******* ACE. for 15GC they're just the bomb **** diggity. Especially early in the campaign. (They're not as good later, as they don't advance, but they're awesome as hell.)

5) Run Zealots and Flaggies until you get 6 heroes in single person groups. You'll get heroes quicker that way. Then, build up the henchie groups with the best advantages.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. More bodies is typically better than equipment. An extra 2 or 3 guys can make a game for your, well beyond a few 5+ saves,m which you won't see many of. Trading a single Flagellant for another 3 puppies and then swapping gear for a 3rd With Hunter Hero is a great way to start.

Your warband is typically referred to as 'weak' due to the max of 12 warriors. Use that to your advantage.

Grab a Cookbook and a Halfling Scout ASAP. Then add an Elven Ranger and Kislev Ranger. Those 3 hired swords are CHEAP and help you major-like in the post game. Getting 2x +-1 to exploration and an additional warrior is amazing.

If you're good, you may want to look into grabbing like Johann, once you get some money (Or a random dose of Crimson Shade.)

/Kitch has Spoken

30-03-2007, 02:58
Thanks Kitch! Will do exactly what you said and hope it pans out. Ive been invited to a tournament with a few mates at warhammer world (im soooo dead) over a few bevvys next week so i'll see how this list does!