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30-03-2007, 00:20
I seen some models with these head and i wont to know where are people getting these at. Or how is GW getting them... I like at some SM models and the only thing I found was close is one special character body guards

30-03-2007, 00:26
Which head do you mean, exactly? IIRC there are 8 Marks of Power Armour, and everything before Mk6 is considered pre-heresy.

There's one on the Black Templar sprue, I think it's the Mk4 beakie. I think the metal Iron Warriors heads are also pre-heresy designs. Just with horns on :rolleyes:

30-03-2007, 00:27
maybe youre thinking the helmets from the FW Red Scorpions kit?

30-03-2007, 00:57
Well, you've got these (http://www.battlewagon-bits.com/product/55-1214) and these (http://www.battlewagon-bits.com/product/55-1210) which are definitely pre-Heresy helmets, and I have used both styles on my Black Legion Marines. Also, all of the Berzerker helmets except the skull-faced one look archaic and pre-Heresy-ish if you shave off the "Galactacus Antlers".

Light of the Emperor
30-03-2007, 04:32
You have the standard beakie helmet, the helmet from the DA and BT, Khorne Beserker heads without the bulky side pieces, and the metal heads from the Iron Warriors squad box. Shave off the horns and you have yourself some pre-heresy heads.

30-03-2007, 04:50
for the MkII helmet you can use the Khorne berserker helmet with the 'star wars clone' faceplate, and just crop the antlers.

for the MkIII the Iron warriors helmet (#4, IIRC) is perfect, and has no horn.

MkIV is available on the Black Templar sprue or from FW as the Red Scorpion helmet.

MkV is borderline, as it's called the 'heresy armour' and was made as a stop gap when the MkIV became too hard to make replacements for. It comes on the chaos marine sprues and is the one with the studded forehead.

Technically the MkVI (beakie) COULD be used in a heresy era force, but NOT in a pre-heresy army. The MkVI went into production just as Horus' forces entered the Sol system.