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30-03-2007, 03:31
What were your worst/funniest gaming moments that you think you ever had? Tell 'em all and we'll make fun of your misfortune!!! :)

For me, the worst was when i was playing a friend of mine's ork army with my Black Templars, i had an Assault Termie Squad and an assault squad(i think that was it) both deep strike, and they both scattered into an ork unit, it would have been great too, because they were behind them, with the rest of my army in front of them!! needless to say, i lost that battle...

For the funniest, i witnessed, i wasn't playing. I was helping two kids play against eachother, orks, and necrons, and there was a dead ork looted tank in the middle of the field. well, the necron kid had this ingeneous idea, to put an exploding barrel on the tank (it was in the middle of a game, and i know its not legal). I said "ok, fine, what about the blast size" and he was like "12 inches...In all directions!!!" i was like "woah, you sure you want that." 'ya!!!" i asked the ork player and he said it was fine too, i said ok, it now has armour 10 on all sides. So, a couple of turns later, the necrons were advancing, and the ork player blew up the barrel (which, might i add, killed everything within range) and blew the HELL out of the necron army, therefore forcing him to phase out. It was hella funny because the necron player was like "NO! I said that it was a TOTAL blast range of 12", 6" in all directions!!" and he was angry, but i was laughing, and told him he lost, and it was also his idea.


30-03-2007, 03:40
2 full wound obliterators open fire into three Orks and they don't die, then they charge and kill two but die die from the combat. Then full unit of Havocs open fe and kill he last one.

30-03-2007, 04:06
My Khornate Daemon prince (s6 A8 on the charge, spiky bits) charged a unit of Storm Guardians on turn 2. He killed one. Then another next turn. He kept killing one per assault phase for the rest of the game.

During a store event (4-5 years ago, take and hold mission with about 6 players on either side), the last defending model on the table was a lone marine with a missile launcher in a crater. Everything on our side that had line of sight to him turned to face and opened fire. Aside from small arms fire, he was shot with 2 plasma cannons, 2 battlecannons and an earthshaker. He was alive at the end. Although the game was lost for him, he was dubbed 'the Iron Marine'.

Iron Father
30-03-2007, 04:08
I mostly play against my friend who fields Necrons and tyranids. Hes very competitive and and usually acts like a dick when hes winning by rubbing it in and stuff.

One day it was my IH vs HIs nids. He had just started them and took so much pride in contructing his fex, he loved this thing, i swear he sleeps with it at night, anyways, he was so stoked to field it. There wasnt much else on the board he fielded that was a real threat (no tyrants) so my 4ML strong dev scquad opens up into the fex and by turn 2 its dead. he gets super depressed, to the point to where you know hes crying inside.

me and the other people in the store thought it was funny bc of how he is.

30-03-2007, 04:10
During a store event (4-5 years ago, take and hold mission with about 6 players on either side), the last defending model on the table was a lone marine with a missile launcher in a crater. Everything on our side that had line of sight to him turned to face and opened fire. Aside from small arms fire, he was shot with 2 plasma cannons, 2 battlecannons and an earthshaker. He was alive at the end. Although the game was lost for him, he was dubbed 'the Iron Marine'.

This reminds me of a Tourny i was in when i had a small eldar army. My whole army was gone except a vyper, and that i just hid behind a ruined building, and used the firing matrix thing. so i just moved, shot, and then moved back into cover.

30-03-2007, 04:11
During a store event (4-5 years ago, take and hold mission with about 6 players on either side), the last defending model on the table was a lone marine with a missile launcher in a crater. Everything on our side that had line of sight to him turned to face and opened fire. Aside from small arms fire, he was shot with 2 plasma cannons, 2 battlecannons and an earthshaker. He was alive at the end. Although the game was lost for him, he was dubbed 'the Iron Marine'.

I seem to recall that he was also dubbed the 'Arnold Marine'. However, many people who were there got to see an event for the first time.

Have you ever seen a person curled up in the fetal position hiding behind a gaming table? You would have if you had been there. I'm sorry to say, that because the earthshaker and one of the battlecannons belonged to me, I was the one in hiding. We couldn't stop laughing for the next several hours. I almost cried...

Edit: Said 'Arnold marine' probably liked to 'Pump ze Iron'.

Light of the Emperor
30-03-2007, 04:27
This isn't a game experience perse, but it happened during a 40k tourny. During lunch break a bunch of us went to McDonalds. Suffice to say the amount of orders the staff had to complete had them running around everywhere!

One of the gamers cupped his hands over his mouth and started yelling at the staff: "Attention McDonald's workers, you are outnumbered 3 to 1! You must take a moral check now or fall back! You cannot use the leadership of the manager! If there's mayo on my bigmac I'm gonna go strength 10 on your ****."

This may be one of those "you had to be there" kind of things, but I swear I never laughed so hard in my life.

Ass Goblin
30-03-2007, 04:53
One of the gamers cupped his hands over his mouth and started yelling at the staff: "Attention McDonald's workers, you are outnumbered 3 to 1! You must take a moral check now or fall back! You cannot use the leadership of the manager! If there's mayo on my bigmac I'm gonna go strength 10 on your ****."

:D Awesome! Did people cheer for him?

Dark Apostle197
30-03-2007, 05:02
Worst(Only because it is the worst I remember right now, but it sucked): So, after my hellhound immobilizes itself and one of my setinels(which I needed) rolls double ones for moving through terrain and couldn't shoot(more than 6 inches in). I hit one lascannon out of 5 shots, and it shakes a rhino...

Ok, so now my oponents turn two. 2 bolter shots. One hit. One 6. Another 6. One dead chimera and half my command squad dead...

Funniest: 8 deamonettes charge and kill Ezekiel. 8 Bloodletters charge a company master, and does only two wounds. Bloodthirster charges a whirlwind 6 inches away fromt the combat. Massive explosion, the company master dies... and nothing else ;)

30-03-2007, 05:06
My worst/funniest moment happend in my my first large(ish) game of 40k i was shooting up my brothers Khorn convoy and had killed 8 zerkers, 6 marines his rhino and immoilized his defiler. he missed ever return shot except his battlecannon which landed of my crusdader annihilated it and damaged my nearby razorback and kill three of my own marines, needless to say i was disgusted and amused at the same time. (which i previously thought was impossible

Dribble Joy
30-03-2007, 05:11
Not a great example but all I can think of.
Probably my Warboss getting charged by a tooled up Slannesh lord with str 9 and passing all 3 5+ inv. saves. Then proceeding to thoroughly pummel him with a str 10 PK.

Rolling 27 dice for 4+ to hit in CC and failing every single one.

30-03-2007, 05:29
Your dice thing reminds me of my guard against the ork guy again, and i had 6 squads run up to him within double tap range, so that they could hold the orks at bay, because i had Grey Knights at my other flank, but i missed with EVERY SINGLE SHOT...ALL DOUBLE TAPS.

Master Bait
30-03-2007, 05:30
This isn't a game experience perse, but it happened during a 40k tourny. During lunch break a bunch of us went to McDonalds. Suffice to say the amount of orders the staff had to complete had them running around everywhere!

One of the gamers cupped his hands over his mouth and started yelling at the staff: "Attention McDonald's workers, you are outnumbered 3 to 1! You must take a moral check now or fall back! You cannot use the leadership of the manager! If there's mayo on my bigmac I'm gonna go strength 10 on your ****."

This may be one of those "you had to be there" kind of things, but I swear I never laughed so hard in my life.

that sounds horrible - poor mcd's employees having to deal with a bunch of greasy, in-joking customers.

i would've whipped each of yer personally for the rights of the pro-literiate

funniest thing lately i guess was a small thing - just every single plasma gun toting Inquisitorial Guardsman over-heating and killing themselves every time they tried to shoot my marines

30-03-2007, 06:10
Funniest: Best friends face watching my Swooping Hawks land behind his Hammerhead for the 6th time in a row and neatly disposing it.
"GODDAMMIT! Lemme see your codex..."

Worst: Watching an entire squad of striking scorpions die to a ripper swarm. In one turn of combat. And I charged them. And the infinate shame they now have.

30-03-2007, 06:13
funniest recent moment:

i had a unit of 8 blood claws, there rhino was destroyed (6 on a pen hit after moving 12") only one died. the next enemy turn there captain and 5 other marines are 8" away, one died from a melta gun shot, 2 die from the rest of the shooting. so then i assault them. i have 4 BC's left, (one has PW, PF and a Flamer) he has his full 6 man squad and his chapter master, so i try and shoot him but fail to kill any. assault him. my flamer BC is in contact with his master, his master has a LC, hits once, fails to wound, so my flamer, with his 3 attacks, kills the master, then the rest of my squad wipe him out. oh, and they had just jumped out of a land raider!!! so i then went on and blew up the LR with the PF. good times with blood claws.

30-03-2007, 06:29
This isn't a game experience perse, but it happened during a 40k tourny. During lunch break a bunch of us went to McDonalds. Suffice to say the amount of orders the staff had to complete had them running around everywhere!

One of the gamers cupped his hands over his mouth and started yelling at the staff: "Attention McDonald's workers, you are outnumbered 3 to 1! You must take a moral check now or fall back! You cannot use the leadership of the manager! If there's mayo on my bigmac I'm gonna go strength 10 on your ****."

LOL! That is awesome!

The funniest? During a 4 way battle with some friends. I was playing Eldar, against 2 marine players and a Nid army. I had Jain Zarr (sp?) running around killing stuff, (this is back in 2nd edition when she was the bomb) and for 3 turns, literally everything that could shoot at her was and it wasn't doing jack! Finally one of the marine players shoots my falcon (the old armourcast resin model) it goes out of control and, wouldn't you know it, crashes into Jain Zarr and kills her! The room went nuts!

The worst? Losing the first game, in my first tournament, in the first turn against a super fast, super cheese Dark Eldar army. Damn dark lances!

30-03-2007, 06:40
My funniest gaming experience (I think I posted this story here in another thread before, I'm not sure): Back in 3rd Edition, I made up a "joke" army that I never really intended to play - 1500 point Blood Angels army that was as min-maxed as I could possibly make it. Several minimum-sized Tactical Squads with Veteran Sargeants and NO wargear (so they could get the free power weapon if they joined the Death Company). Oh, and I had a melta-gun in each squad to deal with enemy vehicles. All the tac squads were in Rhinos.

A Chaplain and Death Company with jump packs.

A totally tricked-out Sanguinary High Priest with Honor Guard, in a Rhino (no jump packs). They could move further in the Rhino than they could with Jump Packs.

I ran a tounament at out local store. One guy wanted to take part, but he didn't have his army on him. Since I was running the tourney and not playing, I let him use my Blood Angels, as I already had a few pre-written 1500-point lists. He saw my min-maxed list, and insisted on using it. I don't know why, but I capitulated and let him use it.

Well, in the first game of the tournament, this guy ended up playing a young inexperienced kid with an Imperial Guard army. The young kid got the first turn. He lobbed a Basilisk shell at the Sanguinary High Priest's Rhino, and scored a direct hit. He then rolled a penetrating hit, and then rolled a 6 for damage (you know, Ordinance table, which meant tank and all passengers get vaporized with no save possible). That one shot basically took out a third of the Blood Angels army (in points). Then this young kid proceeded to add insult to injury by vaporizing the Chaplain and Death Company with a well-placed shot from a Leman Russ (the Chaplain failed his invulnerable save). Then the kid added even more insult to injury by shooting up the Tac Squad Rhinos and either destroying or immobilizing them, and killing several of the Tactical marines (by rolling lots of high numbers with his dice).

The instant vaporization of the all-powerful Sanguinary High Priest and Honor Guard was funny enough, even without the added insult of vaporizing all the other effective units in that Blood Angels army.

Yes, it was funny despite the fact that it was my own miniatures being subject to that humiliation. That guy really shouldn't have insisted on a min-maxed army anyway. The devastated look on his face was TRULY PRICELESS... heh-heh....

I should add that the Imperial Guard kid was one of those honest, friendly, polite, pleasant type of individuals you don't see very often.

30-03-2007, 08:15
Worst :
Ooh, so many. I could mention having to fight Mech Tau or the old Altaioc Rangers. But a single incident that was particularly gutting was landing a demolisher shot nicely on a squad of Lysander termies, then watching as they passed all their invulnerable saves (4 or 5) and tore my troops apart in his turn.

It wasn't helped by the guy across the table making Hulk Hogan poses when they did that. :skull:

Probably in my first game with IG - I doubled up with Sisters to fight Marines. We got slaughtered.
But this one Sister with a flamer refused to die. The guy playing her was determined to toast at least a couple of Marines so she stormed up the table, ignoring everything getting shot at her.
Just before she got in range, a Marine ran forward and got her with his own flamer.

'That's not fair!' 'Heeheeeheee!'

30-03-2007, 08:25
The worst: Either, a Kill-team game I played against some LatD brutes in which my 5-man Grey Knight squad proceeded to get totally creamed within 3 turns (I think every dice roll I had to make went against me :( ) or when my Space Marine Devastator squad got a chance to take some free shots at an inflitrating squad of Traitors before the first turn due to my auspex. End result- one model down, MY plasmacannon marine. :rolleyes:

One of the funniest: Watching a my brother's sole Necron Wraith soak up a Devastators squad worth of fire and then fail it's inv save when the Dev sergeant fired a bolt pistol shot as an after thought. :D

30-03-2007, 08:54
funniest game I've seen in a while was the first time two of my friends played each other, Wych Cult DE and Sisters of Battle at 750pts. They decided to play until one side was annihilated, so the game went on for like 11 turns.

First turn one raider goes down to a heavy bolter and a Wychsquad dies a short time later. SoB's proceed to Dakka the DE pretty hard, another raider goes down, but now the SoB move the Seraphim in fairly close. The Wych's that were on the raider assault the Seraphim, the SoB guy succeeds in Spirit of the Martyr and the Seraphim get 3+ invul saves, but before they get a chance to strike back or hit & run, they manage to fail 8 3+ invul saves out of 12 and are wiped out and the DE consolidate into the Canonness and kill her next turn. The Wych squad dies a short time later, but at the final conclusion of the game, the only model left on the board is the DE players HQ Wych. Out of 40 something Sisters and 30 or so Wych's and 3 raiders, one model was left...

The game was just so funny in how it see-sawed back and forth between the two players and how there was only one model left at the end.

30-03-2007, 09:03
Worst- Last 6 fire warriors against the last hormagaunts. Roll to hit, 6 1s. Then my friend notices that it was in rapid fire range, and so he lets me roll for the extra shots =P
5 1s and a 2....

Best- My Tau against a friends SMurf Armoured company. Most of my army does nothing, maybe 2 marines that were on foot. Then my broadsides all fire- One bags a Land Raider, one takes a Dreadnought and the other gets a Razorback which explodes, killing the Tigurius command sqaud inside as well as about 6 marines from other squads.
He gave up after my first shooting phase =P

30-03-2007, 09:58
Worst: 28 attacks at s3 (drugs ftw) DE wych charge, hitting on 4+, 2 (!!) hit...

Best: My talos munching through 2 plague marine squads, a extremely tooled up hq and was about to move onto a rhino before it got blown up.

30-03-2007, 10:14

Losing four guys out of a five man devastator squad when I failed 4 out of 5 armour saves after getting hit by a large unit of gun-drones.


Tau player forgot that he couldn't put "special issue" equipment on a stealthsuit Shas'vre and decided to go for a 'failsafe detonator' on him. My company veterans attacked them after he spent time gloating about how much I didn't want to do that and how much it would hurt when I lost my veterans. Well I creamed the suits in close combat, they ran and the Shas'vre exploded. Only one of my models was under the template while low and behold his commander was fully under it. I passed my save and he ended up rolling a 1 and insta-killed his commander. So much for the 'greater good' I guess. :p

30-03-2007, 11:03
Worst: losing a 25-man Slugga Boys mob to 2 measly Eldar, and then getting over-ran by said Eldar.

Funniest: my opponent fielded the Nightbringer for the first time, and he charged him straight at me. gets into combat with a PK totting Nob with a mohawk. stays in combat for 3 turns, each turn wounding the Nightbringer. the end of the third turn saw the Nightbringer FINALLY over-running my remaining 3 Orks, then proceeded to die from a rokkit launcha shot.
another is the same person in the same game deepstriking a Monolith in the middle of my army, right next to the uber tooled up PK totting Warboss...needless to say, he turned the Monolith from floaty pyramid of doom into scrap metal.
I lost the game, but won the moral victory.

30-03-2007, 11:35
I shot with 3 plasma cannons at a hive tyrant with one wound left.... all missed, and then i killed it with a bolter!

Also, in the same game, a 5 man marine squad was out-gunned and then beaten in close combat by 4 termagants!

30-03-2007, 11:47
worst: by slaanesh chaos lord of doom getting creamed in close combat by a measly guard remnant squad!

best/funniest: by slaanesh havocs charging a DA termie assault squad of doom an smashing them to pieces :D

30-03-2007, 12:01
Hundreds of funny moments:

The last guardsman from a squad wiped out by a Carnifex (with only 1W remaining) in CC calmly bayonetting the Carnifex in the eye.

A 2nd edn Vindicare getting charged by a SM Captain in Terminator Armour (TH and SS IIRC) shooting him with the Exitus pistol.

Also 2nd edn. a Chimera got damaged by an Assault Cannon, went out of control, hit another Chimera which also went out of control and hit a third Chimera (may have even been a fourth, not completely sure now).

Yarick Zan
30-03-2007, 12:02
This is just about the best I have ever done. Cityfight game, my opponent puts pretty much his whole army into 1 building, I took siege shells. Needless to say just about all of his army died with 1 shot.

30-03-2007, 12:35
My funniest was the 2nt mega battle i aver had. it was an insotre gargantuain frag fest, it was the store run battle for Macragge (i think it was only for the sydney reigon) i used every moddel i had so i was spred accross the entire table and i had 1 marine squad on the other end of the table all alone (lol the only black in the sea of badly painted smurfs and other peoples armies) well after taking sevear losses the unit only had 1 marine left i named him ork bane becaus he all by himself killed a wartrukk and the warboss + retune riding in it with only his heavy bolter then made sevrel ork units run off the table (btw we won the nids and allies were slaughterd)


30-03-2007, 12:37
Just for a laugh we played a breakthrough game using slightly changed rules i took all of my tanks and the mission was to get my 2 rhinos to the other side of the board.
I had:
Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader
2 Predators
3 dreadnoughts
Attack Bike
5 Bikes
2 Rhinos

my mate took a tyrnaid army of the same points value.
It was all going rather well my LR's were shielding my Rhinos across the board and i was about a turn away from my objective when one of his Fexs scatters a shot...it lands on a Rhino and destroyds it... then... down floats an Acid Spore....Spews all over my last Rhino.... GAME OVER!


30-03-2007, 12:39
Funniest - My brave unit of 3 firewarriors taking down a tooled up Winged Hive Tyrant :D

Worst - 2 Genestealers wiping out 150 points worth of Kroot in 2 turns :(

30-03-2007, 12:51
Worst moment, when I first went to a game store and asked around for a game of 40K and an IG player said sure …but I only want to do a 3000pt game (he had a tank army no visible units other than tanks.)

Funniest moment, Is when I unpacked my Necron Army to play him…the look he had on his face was priceless

30-03-2007, 13:53
Theres a few.

First game i ever took my falcon to, newly painted back at the end era of 2nd edition, of course, it was destroyed with the opening salvo of the game.

I also recall my friends souped up librarian with conversion field, psychic shield and *blah blah blah* we both thought he would be impossible to kill, i just shot at the guy for a laugh, hit the bike, destroyed the bike and got a result which included "The rider is killed instantly" it was so funny.

3rd and 4th editions, hmm. There was the game where 2 sentinels [widely derided as rubbish back in the day] just spent the whole game pinging away at a dreadnought with their multilasers and stopped it shooting the whole game before eventually destroying it.

There was a recent one where a lone guardsman with heavybolter passed his all on your own [and morale check from the previous turn], and faced off against my broadside with one drone remaining, of course, then he killed the drone, and my battlesuit fled. In that same game i also had my railgun hammerhead knackered by a lone sentinel jock [noticing a pattern ?!] and my drone squadron [stupid stupid me] which were near my stealth suits got themselves targetted by a Demolisher..which of course scattered onto the stealth team wiping it out.

Thats enough embarrasment and shame for one day.

Overlord Krycis
30-03-2007, 14:29
Worst: Double-tapping 20 Chaos Marine Bolters at a maxed unit of Hormaguants...and killing 1...said Hormaguants then went on to annihilate the Squad :cries:

Funniest: 7 Chaos Terminators holding off: 2 Dreadnoughts, 10 Marines, a Chapter Master and Command Squad for 3 Turns! The Marine player was tearing his hair out by the end of the game! :D :p

colonel c
30-03-2007, 16:44
my funniest moment was when 3 acid spore mines went off right next my IG command squad and didn't kill a single member:D

Doc Dragon
30-03-2007, 17:28
My Funniest:
My Dark Eldar phasing out a Necron Army on Turn 1. He set up in tight packs with his Warriors and I shot with my 8 Raider's Disintigrators. His 2 Monoliths taken down with 6 Dark Lance fire. His round one, after WBB rolls only had 2 models left. It was funny, but he gave me a zero sportsmanship for an over power army.
My Worst: Unit of 9 Tyranid Warriors with Rending Claws on the charge against 1 squad of IG, no kills. IG return strike kills 3 Warriors. Round 2, again no kills, he kills 4 more warriors. Thank the hive mind that was the last round.

30-03-2007, 17:42
Worst: Tooled up SM master (if you can tool them up ;) ) gets charge by 6 Hormies he kills 5 with his MC lightning claws. Next round some rippers wade in and kill him. He failed 3 2+ armour saves

Funniest: Leman Russ fires it battle cannon at a squad the shot scatters into a nearby assualt that was going on in cover it kills 8 marines and 1 Guardsmen. The guy I was playing just stared at me.


30-03-2007, 17:42
worst when my entire army was wiped out in 2 shooting :eek: phases bloody tau:mad:

best when my friends 2 bassalisks were firing inderectly at my termis and scatered killing 1 and a half of his own platoons:D

30-03-2007, 18:06
Worst- Damn alaitoc ranger army against my pure GKs. Seriously broken list, is that legal still?

Funniest- Iron warriors with corrupted basilisk against my GK. Tries to shoot with bassie, scatters (doublle distance thanks to the shroudig) and lands on his oblits =].

30-03-2007, 18:15
during a recent combat patrol tourny, my Dark Angels Combat Squad with 4 bolters and a Plasma Cannon were firing into a Tyranid Spine Gaunt Brood, the combat squad was within 3 inches of the board edge.

Whittled the brood down to 1 one model, it shoots, wiffs, assaults, I do no wounds, it kills one marine, and they boogy off the board. that was really funny/bad moment.

For funniest moment, same tourny, my opponent rolled for the random objectives, and said "guard don't move unless we have signed orders in triplicate," I add "then lost, found again, and buried in soft peat for 3 weeks,"
and we were both laughing our butts off.

30-03-2007, 18:25
Worst- Damn alaitoc ranger army against my pure GKs. Seriously broken list, is that legal still?

the altaioc ranger list isnt legal as of the new codex

Plenty of funny ones heres one picked at random:

Funniest - A 1 wound terminator chaplain lasting 4 turns in combat with a tooled up hive tyrant, which he then proceeds to kill on the 4th tun of combat only to be hopped on 12ish genestealers the following round

Worst - Playing with Tau against Khornate Marines (not a pure list btw) all the squads have talisman of burning blood, he infiltrates a lord (pimped of course) and a large squad of raptors, dense terrain no fire lanes, in short my army was down to a firewarrior or two on the start of turn three

30-03-2007, 20:11
A couple I can recall , I tend to laugh :
GK Terminators squad and fast Attack GK's both scattering off board in same game ( stopped DS-ing after that ).
5 Mindwar caused wounds on an SM Master , he invulnerable saved all of them ( in a game I couldnt hit a barn door otherwise )
Suprising how many times Tau FW's or Gun Drones hold up far superior CC squads !
Oh and Bright Lances , when they either fail to hit , or when hit roll a one for wound / penetration !

30-03-2007, 21:11
2 tau fire warrior's against 2 nurgle terminators.
Tau kill them both in close combat, what a day.

Little Geek
30-03-2007, 21:17
The worst was when 24 fire warrior, a pirhana and my hammerhead all shot at a term chaplain and he survived, engages the fire warror in cc and killed them all.

The best was my one gun drone, it killed a terminator and destroyed a pred annihalator, its got its own throne nowadays

30-03-2007, 21:36
Last night may have been the worst I've seen in a while for my friend. First turn, 6 lascannons shot at and hit my Wraithlord out in the open. But only 1 wounded. Second turn, 5 lascannons shot at and hit my other Wraithlord, also in the open. And again, one 1 wound was caused. It was just that kind of game. Which just means I'll probably get crushed the next time as the game gods give revenge.

30-03-2007, 21:55
Had to be my first game in a tourny last September. Was against an infiltrating Guard army with 2 Demolishers. My 8 man deathwing Terminator squad with Chaplin appear by deepstriking.

Demolishers lands a shell right on there heads. Hit them all. wounds about 5 out of 6,and rolls to see if he wounded the Chaplin seperatly(which he does.)

First i roll my 5+ saves for the termies. save all.
Then comes my Chaplins 4+. failed and instant killed. it was really funny though. Game ended in a draw.

played a GW staff members new salamander army the other week.
All drop pods. i was using my storm trooper heavy Guard army.

2nd Turn he rolls for reserves. and gets absolutly everything!
thats 2 Terminator librarians with command squads.
3 5 man tacticle squads
and 2 dreadnaughts right in my face.
Game ended a draw with some very lucky Battle cannon shots and my Valkaryie taking aout a dread and half a terminator squad.

30-03-2007, 22:11
A crusader takes 6 bolter shots at my 6-man stron devestator squad, fully kitted out with plasma cannons, lasconnon and the works. 6 armour saves, 6 dead marines.

30-03-2007, 23:02
A few of my funniest.

A friend and I were playing my Ulthwe Eldar against his Catachans. Somehow, he missed a full squad of my Black Guardians.

They unleashed twenty shots into the back of his Basilisk, killing it with four Glancing hits.

My other one was when I tried a trial game for Fourth Edition.

I was playing against one of the Falkirk staff, who had taken the Marines. He had added a three man Bike Squad to them, and three Tyranid Warriors with Scything Talons and Rending Claws.

The Warriors were too slow. He kept missing with the Missile Launcher, not to mention his bolters.

One Marine died to a Termagant Fleshborer, everyone else was torn apart by the Genestealers, who lost nobody.

30-03-2007, 23:47
Oh, remembered another one of my funniest moments. A friend and I were having a marine on marine game. Things had been going pretty down hill for him and about 5th turn I asked if he was going to move his Rhino (which was exposed sitting the center of the board). He'd didn't see any reason to as most of my units were tied up or still had better targets. Most of my units... except my own Rhino which quickly drove around behind it and preceeded to hit it with one of two shots. Two 6s later, his Rhino is a burning wreck. :D Probally the only time I've ever had a Rhino's (ornimental) stormbolter do any real damage... well, except when I did the same thing to the same friend during a much later game. :evilgrin: My Rhino now bears two proud Rhino kill markings.

31-03-2007, 01:12

Charging a unit of Wolf Guard Terminators led by Ragnar, with a Bloodthirster. Killing 2 wolf guard and getting the 'Thirster KILLED!!!!!! Would NEVER have happened in 2nd ed!!!

I can still hear the laughter of my opponnent. Incidently, I lost that game- badly!

31-03-2007, 02:28
1 15 man blooc claw squad with chaplain killling 1000 points of a nidzilla army.the last man with a power fist killed a carnifex by himself.

31-03-2007, 03:04
First i roll my 5+ saves for the termies. save all.
Then comes my Chaplins 4+. failed and instant killed. it was really funny though. Game ended in a draw.

"the Dice Gods giveth, and the Dice Gods taketh away,"

31-03-2007, 06:03
Indeed, I once passed 7 4+ saves on my Stormtroopers.

I also rolled 6 ones (out of 6) when needing 3+ to hit.

31-03-2007, 06:46
Another horrible time, i was playing with my BT army, and i hadn't played all that much before, but i thought that i knew whati was doing. So i am playing the Ork guy (same one from all my other stories), and i have this ingeneous plan to 'destroy' a mob of his (can't remember which, was like 3 yrs ago.) with a squad of Assault Termies. I charge him, do nothing, and he completly destroys every one of my termies...I cried myself to sleep that night.

31-03-2007, 10:04
A while back, when I used to go to the Beginners' Night on Sundays, I was playing against a static Space Marine army (like 90% of my other games), and my Hive Tyrant took four wounds in the first turn. Four failed 2+ saves later and he was no more. :cries: I still won the game though (you've got to love assaulting tanks that never get moved :evilgrin:).

Oh, and I've dubbed my Deathgaunts the 'Terminator Killers', as they seem to be extraordinarily good at getting through their thick armour with their Strength 2 guns! I think the best they ever did was four in one turn!

31-03-2007, 11:39
A couple of the more outstanding ones I remember were back in 3rd ed, using the older version of the chaos codex. After an incident with a fire frenzy cost me 4 terminators, I took the precaution of chaining a 10 strong unit of vermin, sorry, cultists to it. That way if it fire frenzied, I wasn't losing anything important.

So, playing against marines, the dread fire frenzies, kills half the cultists. By now there are enemy in range, so I let the survivors run off and do their own thing. They start by opening fire on a marine squad, killing 2, and sending the survivors running. They then assault another marine squad, lose 2, and kill the 2 marines. After that the demagogue and his 2 mates pile into a librarian in terminator armour. The demagogue survives long enough to swing, 2 hits, 2 wounds, and snake eyes on the armour save.

Another game under the same codex, playing eldar. My possessed got +1 strength and the inv save results. 8 or so of them in a rhino, rhino gets blown up, half the squad dead. The survivors pile out and proceed to charge into the eldar avatar, a wraithlord, and a mob of about 20 guardians. This was about turn 2 I think. By turn 6 the melee is down to the wraithlord on his last wound, about 3 guardians, and the 2 remaining possessed who just will not die.

31-03-2007, 12:28
A chaplain on bike with T.L Lightning Claws carve his way through half of my Tau army. His main army(2 Rhino with 20 Marines inside) didn't even fire a single shot.

Hmmmm I don't have any best situation. My win to lose record is damn bad.

31-03-2007, 14:10
Just remembered a terrible one:

Bob, the Blood Angels Death Company Veteran Sergeant (just a special model with a pair of CCW that counted as PW) hacked down 2 Wraithlords in HTH combat in 2 successive turns. That was very painful...

william o'prey
31-03-2007, 22:45
was showing my noob mate the basics of how to play
he had just purchased a unit of guardians and i had just bought a unit or assult terminators
he insisted we both use the units we bought for a demonstartion
no matter how much i insisted his guardians would get squished by the might of lightning claws and thunder hammers there was no changing his mind
so i won the toss for going first so naturally moved forwards
then he did
then i moved again
then in the next turn for some reason he positioned his guardians so only 2 were in range of firing. i instantly pointed this out but hes not one to take advice. i began to laugh but carried on as he did not understand. he fired hes 2 guardians, all four shots hit, all four wounded (suprised as in the old rules shruiken guns only had strength 3) so it was time for legendary terminator amour saves.smuggly i began to explain why he was wrong for not listening etc. i rolled four 1's. :eyebrows: . i couldnt believe it. i had lost 160 points worth of terminators to 16 points worth of guardians in one turn. to this day i blame that roll on my friends consistent losses as he charges his guardians into carnifex's dred's etc

william o'prey
31-03-2007, 23:16
oh one time me and my older cousin were playing a 1,500 point game, tyranids vs templars. i was using only troops in my templar army for fun so my bedroom floor was covered with models. then all of a sudden my cousins arms begin to shake and he has a MAJOR epaleptic fit and crashes to the floor crushing both our armies. the scene was totally hilarious

Rogue 7
01-04-2007, 05:02
I'd hardly call epileptic seziures funny.

01-04-2007, 09:20
I would submit this wonderful/horrible little incident as both the worst and funniest thing that has happened to me while playing 40K. Stranger things have happened in other games (Star Fleet Battles, old school Battletech), but for 40K this is about tops. Of course dice are involved, the damned little cubes are determined to get my blood pressure high enough to blow my head off, I swear.

No *****, there I was (as any good war story should start), Eldar vs SM. On my turn, I charged my Wraithlord into CC with a squad of 10 Marines. No problem, kill 2 or 3 on first turn, if they don't break, I'll see them off next turn, might take a wound or two from the Power Fist that the Veteran Sarge has, or so I thought. I roll into combat, 4 attacks on the charge, all hit, (whoo-hoo, time to squish me some jarheads, I think), promptly roll four "1"s on the to-wound rolls. Well, crap. Snickers from across the table. Whap, SM Sarge, smacks me with the PF, take a wound. Expected that.

On his turn, 3 attacks, again all hit, no way I can roll 3 more ones. . . Way. Rasfraggle, bumsfrick mussfussel, CRUD! When Brett and Jake (my opponents, Jake was teaching my cousin Brett the game at this time) get though laughing at the steam coming out my ears, Whap!, take a wound, Mr. Wraithlord, sez Sarge. Thank you, Sir I will. Grrrrh! Wait til next turn, kill 'em all I think.

My turn, again 3 attacks, 3 hits, fish around in dice bag for different dice, rub them , kiss them, whisper sweet nothings in their nonexsistent ears, roll . . . three . . . more . . . ONES!!! Across the table Brett and Jake take one look at the foam starting from my mouth and flee, Jake out the front door to roll howling on the lawn, Brett into the kitchen to vainly attempt to strangle his roaring laughter with an old dish towel. Dice break the sound barrier going out the window (fortunately the window was open) and bury themselves about 8 inches into the side of the concrete garage wall (or maybe they simply vaporised when they hit it, don't know never found them).

While I'm waiting for the air in the room to change from blue back to transparent, a result of my rewriting the entire cuss word dictionary, Brett carefully peeks into the game room from the kitchen and starts to ask if he can return, when Jake comes in and tells me that the little girls playing with their dolls across the street are laughing at me. As my head begins to rotate at about 26000 RPM, Jake flees back to the yard, Brett vanishes under the kitchen table. Once the air again turns back to transparent from blue, the pair creep slowly back into the room.

With the caution normally only displayed around highly poisonous reptiles and large hungry tigers, Sarge's Power Fist attacks are rolled. To save him the effort of making him jump up and hit, I always imagined that poor Wraithlord laying down and asking him to be quick so's he won't have to remember the shame anymore. WHAP! Marines (a.k.a. Brett and Jake) jumping up and down in joy. That undamaged squad of ten Marines then proceed to roll up my flank and basically win the game.

I think I'll take up Tiddly-Winks, I understand that dice are not required. Or maybe I'll just go play dolls with the little girls.

Peace; through Superior Firepower

01-04-2007, 09:21
Wow. Sorry, JustTony but that's hilarious. :p

I'd hardly call epileptic seziures funny.
That was my thought too, then again I guess you could hardly be mad at the kid.

01-04-2007, 09:48
I like remind myself about that game ever so often (not like Jake and Brett will EVER let me forget) just to help keep things in perspective. Anytime I start to get a little smug, it reminds me that somewhere the dice gods are waiting with a corncob. (Ouch)
By the way Spacemonkey, love the quote in your sig.

On a different tack:
I have lived with an epileptic, my first wife. It was never even remotely funny.

Peace, through superior firepower.

01-04-2007, 18:46

In a tournament that used 8 ft tables. My worldeater army (all footslogging, pure theme) vs. fish o' fury T'au. The mission was to attack an objective in the centre of the table. Problem is you had to come in length wise (so I 4" trek across the board). First turn, Daemon prince bites it to a railgun shot. (I was expecting it, so I just ignore it as casualties of war). But I didn't make a single rage roll all game and by the time I hit the objective I lost my entire army. I attacked his skimmers on 3 occasions and didn't even glance it once. I lost my entire army 1500 pts and scored no victory points in return. Add insult to injury, he moved everything onto the objective and scored over 2500 VP's to my 0. His comment at the end of the game, "oh sorry, that sucks man."
Sufficive to say, it was one of those games which questioned why I play 40k. The worst matchup and situation that could possibly occur.


Another tournament. My worldeaters against a Commander Farsight army (it was Farsight, 12 suits and 12 shield drones in ONE squad. I believe. Like 950points in one unit).

my 8 man berzerker unit in a rhino rages 1" and disembarks and runs forward. The rhino moves up to provide cover and a wall of fire hits them. He targets two units. The other unit (an 8 man berzerker unit) is wiped off the table and the primary one, (one in rhino), is left to 4 berzerkers. Next turn rage 6" and move 18" into combat with the 950 point unit. The AC is a axe of khorne wielding monster with Daemonic str/mut and 4 berzerkers proceed to kill half the suits, all the drones and the AC accounts for Farsight in CC before being wiped out in 3 turns of combat. I wiped the unit below half and won the game based on that alone. hahhaa... it was priceless.

Oh that was after my DP died to a railgun shot first turn (as usual against Tau)

01-04-2007, 18:57
I'd hardly call epileptic seziures funny.

Speak for yourself :p

01-04-2007, 21:06
ok, i got one.
i was teamed with my friend, a guard player. the enemy had a squad of khorne daemons about 5-6 inches away from my dreadnought. during the shooting phase, my dreadnought fires and kills 2 of em with the assault cannon. i can tie up the daemon squad and win the game for us. instead my friend decides to fire a leman russ' battle cannon at the khorne daemons. he rolls scatter and how many inches. low and behold, the scatter is pointing toward the dreadnought and it the distance is 6 inches. since the hole is comepletely over my dread, he gets 2D6 armor penetration, take the highest. he rolls a 6 and 2, enough to kill the dread. he rolls ordinance penetration and kills the dreadnought, making the game a tie. hows that for a worst gaming moment?

01-04-2007, 21:16
haha, nice guys. :D

recently, my techmarine got smashed on the head wiht a Basilisk round, and simply kept going.

genius :P


01-04-2007, 21:32
I must bring up Johnny Bionics. IST Vet. Sergeant with Bionics and PF takes out two Carnifex's in one game and two Tyrant Guard and knocks a Tyrant down to one in another. Needless to say an unbelievable amount of lucky sixs and misses.

The Highlander
01-04-2007, 21:44
one tournament against a SOB army I fired a battlecannon against his cannoness and her bodyguard with spirit of the martor activated. All the bodygaurd pass their invunrable saves, the canoness fails hers (at 2+)!

01-04-2007, 21:56
Back when the Harlequin online supplement was one of the only ways to play Harlequins, I used them quite a bit since I got them with a good amount of regular Eldar through a deal. I was playing against a BA player who was using Moriar. My Great Harlequin with a plasma pistol (The fun 'strength 6 no overheat' kind set up astride Moriar. Moriar is forced to move forward first turn, and my Great Harlequin D-field hops into pistol range.

6 to hit, 6 to glance, 6 on the table. It was kinda funny, but you could tell that he was just going "Uhm, lame?" Really the only remarkable thing I can remember.

01-04-2007, 23:10
Worst- Damn alaitoc ranger army against my pure GKs. Seriously broken list, is that legal still?

Funniest- Iron warriors with corrupted basilisk against my GK. Tries to shoot with bassie, scatters (doublle distance thanks to the shroudig) and lands on his oblits =].

Nope. Not legal. Trust me, I'm an Eldar player! :D

Worst: A unit of nurglings is charged by an avatar and three wounds are scored.

On the avatar. What went wrong!?

Funniest: Aforementioned Avatar on 1 wound, kills nurglings, 1 unit of 10 plaguebearers, 2 units of 5 plague marines and some dude with a manreaper. Love it.

Prince Facestab
02-04-2007, 00:01
Recently I played a... 550 or so point combat patrol against tau. He got first turn, and SMS shots make my jetbikes and my fire dragons flee off the table. Ok.

On his next turn, my dire avengers fail a leadership test and run off the table. This is followed by me charging his 3 stealthsuits with 5 warp spiders with exarch, hit and run, power blades. I cause no wounds, lose a warp spider both rounds, flee, and am run down by the I2 stealthsuits.

At this point, I have no units but a wraithlord, I have failed 4 out of 5 leadership tests, and haven't killed a thing.

My wraithlord then kills the devilfish, the stealthsuits, a unit of fire warriors, a crisis suit, and a unit of kroot, all the while soaking up plasma and missile shots.

The game was called at this point on account of silly, with 1 crisis suit and a wraithlord left on the table. I think he had won already (we weren't keeping to close an eye on the turns), but the wraithlord still did a good job.

Gray Hunter
03-04-2007, 06:29
This happened to an opponent of mine, 3rd edition a few years ago. His Blood Angels. His Terminators, lovingly painted. First battle he is going to use them in. First battle we are going to use Deep Strike. He rolls for Reserves, they're coming. He places the template smack in the middle of my battle line. I start to sweat. He rolls for scatter... snake eyes. :D

03-04-2007, 06:42
Hmmm, reminds me of the first time I used my Landraider. I put a lot of work to get it painted and what happens? First shot of the first turn, a tank-hunting las-cannon destroys it and leaves the poor squad inside to pick themselves out of the wreckage. The game was pretty much down hill from there. :(

03-04-2007, 17:49
Hm, I'd have to say the funniest/worst moment for me was when me and my friend were playing a 1500 pt game my nids versus his necrons. Anyway while we were playing there was this creepy guy standing to the side, not blatantly watching us but we definitely felt like the main course at an all-you-can-rape-buffet.

Anyway, as we started getting into the game it's my turn and I'm pretty close to all of his units, not enough to charge this turn but enough to have a decent shooting phase. Unfortunately, I don't manage to kill anything and as I hand the tape measurer over to my friend we both here the deepest voice ever go "Here comes the pain!" It was the single most embarassing/wierd moment I've ever experienced at a games workshop store.

03-04-2007, 18:40
Worst: My Wolfguard termies being taken out by a big mob of Grots.

Funniest:My Wolfguard termies being taken out by a big mob of Grots.

Chuck Justice

03-04-2007, 19:12
At adepticon this weekend my team mate's hell hound wounded a chaplin who later got greedy and tried to break the hell hound in melee. It pen'd, then rolled a 6 then proceded to fail its save and died in the explosion.

03-04-2007, 20:16
i have 2 worst moments
the first was when my opponent deeped striked assault termies wright in front of my fire warriors he rolld the scatter and moved even closer

the other was when to burst cannon from stealth suits took out my 3 man bike squadron in 1 turn of shooting.

03-04-2007, 20:26

my SM tactical squad gets charged by one grot who killed one guy in the squad which causes them to fail leadership and get run down by the one grot :cries:


necron scarabs with disruption fields charge and blow up a land raider with a lucky 6 on a glance and on next turn, assault the command squad killing all but the chaplain (who had 2 wounds left at the end):chrome: :cheese:

03-04-2007, 21:39
Hey, space monkey, you sig should go:

Eagles may soar, free and proud, but weasels never get caught in Jet engines.

03-04-2007, 21:50
Most I ever laughed in game was my first game, in 3rd.

Friend fired his meltagun at my rhino, point blank range. Rolled double sixes for armor pen. Rolled a 1 on the pen chart.

We laughed till it hurt- having just started playing, what it represented was real to us, and we were laughing how the pilot and gunner were looking at the front hole, looking at the rear hole, and arguing about who had to stick his head in it to find out just what the hell that was.

03-04-2007, 22:02
Anothe moment, that wasn't really funny as much as it was just cool, was a couple of months ago, i was playing my Tanith against another guy's IG army. I had a unit of Vets holed up in a ruins. The guy takes a hellhound, charges my men, shoots into them, and he killed all but one guy. The melta. so my next turn, i ran him out, and penned his hellhound, then destroyed it. It was really cool. Until he unloaded his army into my guy, and he dropped like a rock.

07-04-2007, 00:54
Squad of Grey Knights teleports behind one of my command sections, stormbolters cause 5 wounds but I can save one with the medic. Unfortunately it has to be the medic or I coldn't use the skill, so he takes his morphene and even passes his break test.
Then he has to take a man alone check and heads for the hills...
Now there's a bloke who looks after number 1!!!:rolleyes:

07-04-2007, 01:28
Funniest for me: My friends and I were playing fantasy (O&G vs Dwarves) and he charges one of my Night Gobbo units. Then a fanatic jumps out and hits his unit dead on. It proceeds to rip through the unit behind it the next turn. The Turn after that it went backwards.....and hit both units again!

Worst for me: When playing 40k as 'Nids (opponent was IG), we played 6 turns. By turn 3 my 'fex was in CC against guardsmen....and failed to kill even one of them for the entire game.

07-04-2007, 01:35
Guard Vs Chaos. Last turn, I had one Salamander left, from 2000 pts. Attempted to tank shock something nasty, Daemon prince, or some kind of power fist wielding loonie at least. Bang, immobilized.

Rest of the chaos army pile in. Daemons, Berserkers, all sorts. Something like 21 penetrating hits. We decided to roll for each one. 8 came out as it exploding in an impressive way, with ~1500pts of chaos tight packed around it. The detonation took out about half his army. More than the rest of the army had managed, put together...

Rough Rider veteran Sargent, honorific imperialis ( gives profile of guard colonel).. and he rides off into the sunset due to failing man alone checks....

Friendly games like that, when you can agree to the silly cousre of action, as the result is decided are rather good fun.

Warlord Gnashgrod
07-04-2007, 01:37
Well, one of my funniest was also one of my worst.

It was an alpha-level take and hold mission. I was playing against Tau with my Necrons.

It was during turn 5, and it looked like the worst I would get was a draw. I had 2 intact units of warriors in the center, and much of his army was destroyed. I shot at a devilfish with one of the units as I had no other targets and got a shaken result. In his turn 5 he tank-shocked both warrior units in the center with that devilfish, as it couldn't shoot. I saw no problems with passing the LD test, rolled the dice for the first unit,... and rolled boxcars(12)! I thought then, okay, the other unit will pass. I rolled for them, and once again got boxcars!! LOL. Both units fled, and couldn't rally my turn 6, as the devilfish was too close, and I had nothing else that could get in range of the center of the table to hold the objective. in his last turn, he was able to get a Hammerhead into range of the target and thus won the game. I couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

nooobie 69
07-04-2007, 01:53
well i have 2 funniest moments with the same guy in different games. A 3 man obliterator squad ds near my guard hb a squad to death. my turn a command squad with a junior officer with bolt pistol and cc wep (just commander left rest got shot). shoots the obliterators wounds one charges them wounds another killing one then survives that round of combat but dies the next (only just by taking one wound)(instant killed)

the next game i killed the whole of a tau army except an immobalized hammerhead. i had that guy left and about 50 other guards men all with lasguns. The guy i was playing was being a noob and said i had to kill everything so i ran all of my guard behind gis hammerhead and shot it with the guy with the bolt gun (only wep that could harm it) and after about 7 turns finally destroyed it but lost most of the guards men.
oh and also he charged and killed a daemon host this is why he got dubed rambo and every time i use him against my friends even though he is a junior officer they always try to kill him not matter what.

07-04-2007, 02:53
One of the gamers cupped his hands over his mouth and started yelling at the staff: "Attention McDonald's workers, you are outnumbered 3 to 1! You must take a moral check now or fall back! You cannot use the leadership of the manager! If there's mayo on my bigmac I'm gonna go strength 10 on your ****."

Mind if I sig that?