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30-03-2007, 16:30
:skull: Hello I got my ork landas from GW that I would like to include them into my skwadron and was wondering if anyone has come up with any good rules for them (especially ones that have been tried out in game and proven somewhat balanced) and wouldn't mind sharing them.

Thanks ahead of time.:skull:

30-03-2007, 16:44
Yeah no prob here you go.

ORK LANDA - 20 pts
additional weapon loads - 4pts
upgrade transport to jump troops - 15pts

Type: Bomber
Hits: 6
Transport: 8
Manoeuvre: Low
Max Speed: 4
Min Speed: 1
Max Altitude: 9 (Rocket Boosters)
Thrust: 1

1. Defensive Shootas / Arc: left / Fire-Power: 6-3-0 / Damage: 5+ / Ammo: 5
2. Defensive Shootas / Arc: right / Fire-Power: 6-3-0 / Damage: 5+ / Ammo: 5
3. Tail Gunner / Arc: rear, up / Fire-Power: 2-1-0 / Damage: 5+ / Ammo: 2

Weapon Load 1
4. Rokkits / Arc: Front / Fire-Power: 0-2-1 / Damage: 3+ / Ammo: 2

Weapons Load 2
4. Bombs / Arc: Rear / Fire-Power: 10-0-0 / Damage: 4+ / Ammo: 1 / ground attack, extra damage 6+, Lowers Transport to 4

Weapon Load 3
4. Ground Attak Cannon / Arc: Front / Fire-Power: 4-2-0 / Damage 4+ / Ammo: 2 / ground attack

30-03-2007, 17:46
:skull: That looks great thanks a bunch.:skull:

05-04-2007, 13:03
I would Love to see an FW version of this - because currently It wont be the same size as the other models in the game (i prefer to use the FW models).

Should they create one I would get myself a Skwadron for sure.

05-04-2007, 17:06
I like the forgeworld models too, and would think any landas that they would make would look awesome, but I don't think the SG landas look to out of place alongside my force.

05-04-2007, 18:21
I fell it looks fine against mine too. Squish have you tried out the rules?

05-04-2007, 18:39
:skull: My game I had planned fell through, but my normal opponents looked the rules over and said they would have no problem giving it a go so hopefully this weekend.:skull:

03-05-2008, 09:21
Sorry for the "Threadomancy" but has anyone used these rules yet?
I've just got a Landa for my AI Fleet and wondered if anyones used them?
It's been a while since this was posted and I felt that someone must have done by now!


Here's the pictures of my Landa now finished:


31-05-2008, 15:51
Nice Landa you got there. Also i think those rules are good...someone should playtest them definitely

31-05-2008, 17:05
I was hoping someone else would have used them by now! :(

Oh well, later this year I may be the first then! LOL