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Autobot HQ
30-03-2007, 21:35
Read the topic. Nice and easy really :D

Deng Ham
30-03-2007, 22:00
Super stuff... Thes magazine realy bring life to the league.

I have a Q about the personal add section. What do you want there.

If possible, I'd like to add that there will be a huge party at the mansion. Chaosberg all around. And plenty off fun.

Autobot HQ
31-03-2007, 15:24
http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65700 link to the page that is stickied to the top...Just if you can't find it anyway :p

31-03-2007, 15:26
HUGE release, very good quality.

Autobot HQ
31-03-2007, 15:27
Also I'd like to make a special thank you to Th0r and Search, who both helped me finish this issue even though I've just moved home. Both helped me alot and th0rs interview was an outstanding addition this week, and I hope the future interviews are just as entertaining.


31-03-2007, 18:37
Enjoyed it.

01-04-2007, 16:45
My pleasure.

Enjoyable read I must say :).

If you have need of an article again, let me know so I can try and help out again.


01-04-2007, 18:12
The Medics Owners The Blood Bowl Consortium are threatening legal action against the publishers of the Warseer News for what they see as anti Dwarf bias. After another issue saw the joint leader of the Top 10 players, one K9, once again ignored in favour of some humans the Medics also saw their Captain besmirched.

Speaking to the Dwarven News McCoy who had been wrongly named as the Captain had this to say "It's as if they think one dwarf is the same as another. How they think I'm the Captain when my rage issues mean I don't always get on the field is beyond me. It took the Captain punching me a few times to stop me going around to their offices and [causing a fuss]."

The Medics' Captain as any sane dwarf know is the wizened white haired Hartnell, the casualty leader amongst the team, known for leading from the front and putting the spikes in when needs must.

Autobot HQ
01-04-2007, 22:54
Warseer Panelist Malek Darkhorse made the following comments:

"We take many things into consideration when we compile the Warseer Power #10, and so many people almost make the cut that we are considering expanding the list to the Power #15, but we wont hide the fact that K9 didn't make the cut this week. I mean don't get us wrong, we want to include a player on a team that has won 2 games in their last 8, we really do, but wouldn't you know it; There are other achievements that warrent more merit, such as the highest scorer or largest cas count. We here do like the team, even though they really DO look the same, and expect once they get back to their winning ways that their players will be back - Indeed, K9 was in the Power #10 in the very first issue, but we haven't really seen anything of them that shows greatness since. Soon enough we expect them to get their spot back, all they need to do is actually win again. Novel idea really."

02-04-2007, 09:01
The Medics spokesman had this to say, "At least we win games unlike those Dark Elves. 4 wins ever, but of course no bias against them. They must like them pointy. Throwing the ball is great. We're sure Sylass gets lots of practice in Father and Son throw arounds. Now if he could just convince his team mates to score some Tds.

An all rounder like K9 deserves recognition alongside more specialised professionals and we hope that the Top 10 accurately reflects skill across the League next time."

02-04-2007, 12:26
Great stuff stu! But bloody hell, Manhof isn't my team kaptin, it's Hollywood Hendersun!!! Well I guess I'll be adding a couple of your players aswell as a couple of editors on my death list... let the season begin :chrome:

EDIT: No I have no such list, but sounds coll when you say it :)

Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 17:10
Dear gods, The editorial team need sacking. Two mistaken Captains in one issue. I mean really!

... Don't worry, on the reprint I'll correct both mistakes Kerv & Phrol :)

02-04-2007, 17:25
Might as well correct Alissia too.

Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 17:38
Damn you all. And damn the mispell Daemons. I obviously failed my Psychic test for Sanctuary. That pityful Leadership five that I have didn't help.