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30-03-2007, 23:17
I did a search on GW's site, and also on Forgeworld, but only found the old metal stormtroopers in the classic range ($8.50 each for model plus pack). What models are good for representing stormtroopers? Both Guard and Witch Hunter flavors. Cadian Kasrkins look decent, but they are all metal so expensive. My other option is to wait for either of those armies to be redone and hope for plastics.

Thanks in advance.

30-03-2007, 23:26
Well those are the only types of stormtrooper models available. So unless you want to convert some cadian models I think you're screwed :p

30-03-2007, 23:46
As far as looks go Kasrkins, but if you want a decent model but not pay too much go with Cadians. Atleast that what I'd do.

31-03-2007, 04:09
It doesn't really help you but for information completeness there were plastic stormtroopers long ago. They're generaly called/refered to as the "beret" version, then the "gas mask/swat" and finally the Kasrkin. I recently got a couple of boxes of 'em and a couple blisters of the few metal ones in that style, the boxes came with 6 each and the blisters are of some of the heavy weapons available to the sqauds. They look cool and all but really you can use pretty much anything from the various GW line to represent them. Or you can just scratch build 'em from all sorts of bits you may have. If you want 'em cheap just buy 'em second hand, the last two versions are all metal so are easy to strip and do up how you like.

Quin 242
31-03-2007, 05:57
You can also buy either the Classic Arbites or the Arbites Necromunda gang to use as storm troopers.

31-03-2007, 11:45
There is the Cadian Shock Troops and Elsyian Drop Troops from forgeworld, a lot of their resin models have a real storm trooper look to them. It has to be the most expensive way to get some Stormtroopers.

31-03-2007, 11:48
Plus, of course, converting them out of SM Scouts...

31-03-2007, 12:40
Given that they're Inquisitorial minions and the Inquisition tends to be fairly flexible about whom it grabs for its' own nefarious purposes, you could use pretty much any model that'd be convincing as a 4+ save imo.
Personally i'm currently in the process of 40kising some empire handgunners left over from the old WH box set, when they're done they're going to be Imperial Fusiliers working under my Inq Lord, counting as a stormtroopers, mainly because my store doesn't sell kasrkin blisters and sodded if I'm paying $55 for a box I want four of the ten models therein.

Quin 242
31-03-2007, 15:21
As Brother_Falco mentions.. you can grab just about any figs from any range that you can concievably indicate having carapace and modify them.

If you have some plasticard or GS skills it would be a nice way to make individualized models for your army.

31-03-2007, 16:08
I really liked the look of the Kasrkins, but I wanted something a little more personalized, so I scratch built my Stormtroopers. Here's how:

Playing IG, I had a lot of Cadian bitz lying around. I used Space Marine Scout bodies, legs, and arms and greenstuffed on a little extra armor (kneepads, as the scout legs are woefully underarmored, in my mind, except fo the codpiece of doom). I used a Cadian vox-caster head and greenstuffed in a faceplate (giving them a full-helmet look). Since I was going for a hazardous environment theme, half of a Cadian flamethrower backpack made a nice airtank, mounted on the back of the scout's torso armor.

The Hellgun ended up being more of a hellcarbine. I used the scout shotgun arms and cut off all but the grip and the pump. Then I cut out the necessary parts of a lasgun, and mounted it on these hands. I cut off the magazine and used a little greenstuff to attach a short piece of insulated wire from a dead pair of headphones, running it back to the "backpack" on the torso armor, behind the air tank. I tweaked the lasgun a bit more, as well, but a written description would be difficult, and while I've got pictures, I have no web-hosting.

If you're any good at conversions, I say just make your own. It will cost you a little more (although not when compared to some of the pewter prices), but you'll be far happier with the results, I think.

god octo
31-03-2007, 16:24
I tweaked the lasgun a bit more, as well, but a written description would be difficult, and while I've got pictures, I have no web-hosting.

try this:


Its free, so we can see your excellent sounding models!

31-03-2007, 21:27
There was an article in a WD some time ago where the guy had effectively converted his cadians into Karskins simply by modelling extra pads in places and full masks for the helmets with resperators.

What he had actually done was an armoured company making chimeras etc using parts from space marine and imperial tanks, very impressive. What I will never understand is why GW don't have a resource section to their website which you can pay, say 1-2 a month for where they archive articles from old white dwarfs that may be of use to people.

I have kept all of my old white dwarfs with the idea that eventually I am going to scan in all of the key excerpts, or type them up, and form my own electronic library of fluff. Things like maps, fluff articles (which they are not so hot on anymore), and special characters.

01-04-2007, 01:18
Thanks for all the great suggestions. I might try the mix of cadian and MS scout, or look into the Arbites models from Necromunda. Time to scan ebay again.

01-04-2007, 16:07
These were pictures actually taken to showcase the two in the middle, but the ones that are relevant here are the two on the sides (the actual Stormtroopers). Not painted yet, but they give a pretty good idea of the conversion work done, and you can see a better example of the hellcarbine on the desktop on the left.

http://aycu03.webshots.com/image/13882/2003129090447786220_rs.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2003129090447786220)

http://aycu39.webshots.com/image/14478/2003181792305692617_rs.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2003181792305692617)

The hellcarbines were made by:

Remove the grip, stock (it looks better with one, but won't fit) and magazine (but not the magazine well) from a lasrifle. Next, flatten down the rounded portion where a model would normally hold under the barrel. Next, take a pair of scout shotgun arms (the ones with a whole arm holding a shotgun, and just a hand under the pump). Cut off everything on the gun but the grip and the pump. Attach the grip in the obvious place to the lasrifle, attach the pump on the flattened portion of the lasrifle up front, butting up against the magazine well.

Next part requires a steady hand, sharp knife, and Cadian flamer. Cut everything ahead of the shotgun grip off of the lasrifle. Remove the barrel and affix it to the top of the gun (it "sockets" pretty nicely on top of the old sight rail). Next, take a look at your flamer, up front, by the barrels. You've got two barrels that reach from the body to the flame cowl at the end, with a crosspiece connecting them (up and down). Cut the barrels off at the body, then cut again just past the crosspiece (you should end up with a piece that looks like the un-primed part of the hellcarbine on the picture on the left). Attach this to the end of your gun. You'll ahve one large barrel and one smaller barrel, I like the large ones up top.

Once you've attached your hellcarbine, using a little greenstuff and some thin-gauge insulated wire, make a cable running to your backpack (you can't see that on these, I may take some more pictures of the finished products and throw them up).

It's long, it's complicated, and written instructions without in-process pictures are terrible to follow. It makes a very unique-looking gun, though (which is the entire point), and it will probably give some of you ideas for conversions of your own, which is good. Heck, I stole the idea for the barrels from a guy over at 40konline.

01-04-2007, 16:36
Those are nice Coogaar. Most people use the standard scouts and have trouble modelling the Helrifles; I think you've doena nice job there. I think I may have a go at using the Scouts with sniper rifles for converting Stormtroopers.