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31-03-2007, 18:41
Ive decided to get back into necromunda if I can find a gaming group which runs it. All my other gangs were very close combat based so Ive decided to make a Van Saar gang using Elysian models.

Leader with chain sword and bolt pistol = 165

Heavy with flamer and laspistol = 100

heavy with lasgun = 85

ganger with lasgun = 75

ganger with lasgun = 75

ganger with lasgun = 75

ganger with shotgun and laspistol = 85

ganger with shotgun and laspistol = 85

ganger with shotgun and laspistol= 85

ganger with lasgun = 75

ganger with lasgun = 75

Ratskin scout = 15

5 credits stashed.

As Im going to be using elysians my equipment options are limited and its going to be expensive :)

My leader will be getting a plasma gun after a few games and my other heavy will be getting a grenade launcher or maybe a heavy bolter. I dont like juves so I never take them.

Very little in the way of melee power but good mid ranged fire power. The shotguns and flamer will make a good assault element or they can punish anyone who gets close if need be.

31-03-2007, 20:33
I am a bit unsure why you'd want to use FW stuff for Necro (very spendy!) but still.

Why not pick up a pack of these (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Chaos/upgrades/sprue.jpg) for 9? They'd give you autopistols and autoguns as well as other accessories, and would break up the monotony of lasguns... What about a few CC weaps too (Van Saars do get CC skills, and it is ineveitable that you will wind up with one or two gangers that are pretty effective in CC just on stat increases)?

Also, I think you really do need juves as well. I am unsure how exactly you could go about making them different (aside from armament), but you could use SM scout heads instead of the regular Elysian heads; they'd still look techy, but oviously less so.

As for your heavies, I could suggest a Kreig Stubber for a heavy (more spendyness!), but given the equipment you're likely to have with the Elysian stuff, I'd suggest your other heavy starts with a Plasma gun. You can always either swap the heavies' and leader's guns around after a couple of games, or just get another one for your leader as you suggested.

Finally, as you are using FW stuff for your gang, dare I ask what you will be using for your scout?

31-03-2007, 21:22
Im using Elysians as Im not keen on the Necromunda minis and a gang will cost me 55 so not THAT much. I didnt notice that chaos sprue, not sure how will the arms will go with the Elysians though, they look a bit too ragged.

I just dont like juves so I never use them. Yes I know they are useful but still.

I was thinking of the kreig grenadier stubber but I dont want to spend 9 just for half a model :) I may see if I can knock one up from the vehicle sprue.

I know I am lacking in melee but that is deliberate. Later on I will arm any gangers with the right advances with melee weapons.

I will be upgrading the other heavy but I want to start with a good number of members so I cant really afford it yet.

I think Ill use a slightly converted Tallarn guardsman as a 'ratskin'.

01-04-2007, 06:43
Solid gang to start. I've played quantity over quality a number of times and won with it. Just be sure to keep guys in packs of twos or threes, you've got no melee ability and have to swamp with numbers. Since you're going without a heavy, when you go for skills, make sure to take techno and go for specialist. Nothing like 4-5 guys with special weapons (flamers, plasma guns, and snipers galore). Another neat trick to help is to get a few guys with hand flamers and keep them on overwatch when the enemy gets close. Once they close to within two inches, flame 'em for pinning, then fill 'em up with lead.

01-04-2007, 11:01
Fair enough Ozorik =0)

However, when I suggested the Chaos Militia weapons, I didn't mean to use the whole arm; rather cut the weapons off (at the hand or wrist) and do a swap with an Elysian arm.

Autopistols are awesome, and I find that Autoguns are pretty good too. They are 5cr less than a Lasgun, so you'd save 30cr in your gang. Plus Van Saar's techno skills mean that once you get a few Weaponsmiths and Armourers the Autoguns will be as reliable as the Lasguns anyway.

For a stubber, I could suggest a metal Ork Big Shoota (yummy!) or use an Imperial gun with a plastic Ork Shoota barrel. Both of these can look really brutal, and should both be the right size (the vehicle stubbers are big and long) and easy enough to get hold of.

Kedlav makes some good points, but I'd warn against using the Handflamer on OW too much; it is a tactic that is a bit broken with the new rules (big template you see). Other players will get very fed up with it very quickly.

Finally, please don't forget to show us your gang when you get it all done up!

01-04-2007, 11:19
I know the vehicle heavy stubber is a bit on the large side but I was going to try and make a bipod and have the firer in the prone position but then again, probably not :)

Ill just have to see what bits I have when I go home, I should be able to knock up some sort of heavy stubber type thing.

I have a lot of various basic weapons, pitols etc though so variant weapons arnt a huge problem. I do like lasguns though.
Depending on if I can find any of the metal necromunda autoguns in my bits box I will use a couple of them other wise Ill leave it as it is.