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Autobot HQ
02-04-2007, 17:52
Simple Question really. Do you guys want me running this?

Firstly, this is not a "Oh woe is me" thread - I'm still going to be playing and writing the Warseer News regardless, but it seems that people aren't entirely happy with the decisions I've had to make. This thread is open as I want to see what people think and if they believe I've made these changes for the right reasons and the good of the League. If someone wants to say something, come forth and say something. You feel you could do better? Seriously I'm listening and willing to step down should people feel I'm not fairly trying to make this league into a place you all want to be apart of. The only thing I want to make clear is issues with the Warseer News should NOT be brought up at all, as it is totally independant from the League in that I write that for fun, with my views of who should be where and what content to included, and is in no way deemed the be all and end all of if you have say great players or who thinks you're going to win. In real life sometimes you don't agree with people making certain places, or guys who say that Elvis was the greatest - Same goes here, it's just fun.

So, if you have a problem with how I'm running this league, please, step forward now.


02-04-2007, 17:57
I have no problem with how you have run it so far - although deadline enforcement is something that I would like to see. People will bitch whatever you do but I haven't seen any major complaints.

02-04-2007, 18:15
Ahh dee dums. Cant take the pressure at the top.

Oh it isn't a woe is me thread.

If you are asking for a vote of confidence then yes you have it from me. You keep everyone well informed but you do need to be a little authoritarian. Not to the stage where you are a despot and wont listen to everyone's needs. I think you do this well. In order to maintain continuity when you make a decision stick by it and if there are complaints then offer to resolve them for the next tournament.

Yes I am very happy to have you as supreme being.

02-04-2007, 20:35
I got your back :chrome:

Really you're doing a great job and as is you're still "unproven". It's been a transition phase from Yorkiebar's rule and chaos always follows changes in established practices. imo it'll all die down as everyone will sooner or later see the light that stu bring's to warseer league. Let's get this dog and pony show on the road and have this discussion post-warseer league 2007.

oh yeah to suck up some more, great stuff on the warseer news thing, it's quality stuff and brings it all together really.

03-04-2007, 17:36
The main issue here is how you agree to things, then without telling anyone you go off in another direction that suits you best. I'd like to see a better system of leadership imposed so as to suit the entire league and not one player. Perhaps having actual meetings would help in this matter.

04-04-2007, 08:55
ooops, accidentally hit send... read the full message below

04-04-2007, 09:02
i've said this before, the only way to have happy people is not to restrict them...

the only itch on my back it that i cant play as often as u expect me to.

but, my experience with clans and guilds from RPGs is that there are always a few busy bodies questioning the leader's decisions. I would propose the following approach.

You decide how you want to run the next tourney.
1 week in advance u post it here, and a group pm with the link on fumbbl.
your last sentence says something like 'im open to suggestions, feel free to contact me'. adding a poll here might increase feedback
a week later u start the tourney, after weighing the pros and cons of all the feedback and discussing it w the admins...

that way u have ur back covered, and u are interacting with the whole group, and valueing their contributions...

oh, and i would say that within 1 year you should have at least 1 tourney of each format. that way you can cater for all needs...

anyway, i recognise you as a good leader on the basis that you "feel" that something is wrong, and you care enough to ask what's wrong. A bad leader makes the decisions without caring...

06-04-2007, 15:26
Ok, i have a quetion...

th0r mentioned today that this tourney will last around 16 weeks. Is this true? If so, i would like to know how long we have for each round, in advance...

now don't get me wrong, i'd like to play, but a 16-week tourney will kill my motivation to play. give me solid data, what you expect from this tourney and how it will be accomplished, and then i'll let u know if i think the current format is worth playing...

06-04-2007, 17:26
Personally at this point I'd like someone else to play a game.

06-04-2007, 22:18
well, let's have a look at the group:

[L] Da' Smaha Boyz (6d) SigmarsChamp 112/70 Ogre
[L] Naggorite Nevermore (7d) Fredox 196/199 Elf
[L] Xini Warseers (14d) Riddy 188/177 Lizardmen
[L] WarSeers (15d) Yorkiebar 185/170 Dark Elf

if you check, you will see that these are 4 seperate coaches, in 4 seperate match ups. as a result, of the 8 possible matches this week, only 4 have been possible.

[L] Penthouse Playboys (3d) Deng_Ham 153/149 Amazon, which means that tenpole is also having probs, cutting it down now to 3 possible match ups where the coaches are on, but haven't seen each other...

so, i'd propose an alternative scoring system, instead of the 2-1-0 system used now, why not have 3-2-1. In essence, you get +1 for playing a match. Basically, it would reward people who are active without punishing those who dont make it...

anyway, i think this season has started wrong. i'd prefer we just ditch it all right now, play a few friendly matches over the easter hols and relax. i have this feeling that the group is seething with bad sentiments, without actually accomplishing anything, including matches...

Oh, and i think we could ask the admins how to have the tourneyfiller teams join the group. it means more flexibility for the administration, as it becomes very easy to use replacements... you start off the tourney, and add 1-2 tourneyfiller spots. they can be replaced by new players joining the group, and can be used to replace a team leaving the group, without disrupting the gameplay...