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Furtive Noise
03-04-2007, 00:37
I was cleaning my closet out for the first time in years when I found my old Mordheim book. Now, I've used the ruins for years in 40k but have never played a game, and am thinking about starting a campaign w/ my friends. What I'd love is to get the benefit of the veteran's knowledge here. Are there any revisions to the rules I should know about? I looked briefly at the specialist games site but it seemed their rulebook was the same as my 1st printing one w/ a couple warbands added. Did I miss something?

Also, is there any commonly accepted house rule changes I should make to fix any glaring errors? I'd only be playing w/ friends and we commonly change stuff for D&D and other games. One thing I noticed while reading is that armor seems really expensive for not much gain.. which seems lame. Any changes that could fix this? Or any other problems I may not have noticed? I'll probably play undead, friends have expressed interest in norsemen, witchhunter, and possibly cult of possessed bands. Any advice to a group starting out would be great.. we loved Gorkamorka back in the day and I hope we get into Mordheim as well.

03-04-2007, 02:23
Well, personally I've only ever played rules as written, with optional warbands and scenarios from the SG website croing up or a little variety and never had any complaints.

Furtive Noise
05-04-2007, 14:40
Ok, thats probably what I'll end up doing, just wanted to know if there were any commonly held house rules that make it run better. My only other question I thought of is wondering why someone would buy henchman in groups- surely it seems better to have them all as individuals even if armed the same. Is there something I'm missing?

06-04-2007, 15:07
Hi Furtive Noise!

I have a group of 4 Mordheim players and we have some experience with the game, so maybe i can help.

Here are some basic things you should keep in mind when playing mordheim:

1) 3-dimensionality of the board. The more layers or levels your city has, the better.

2) I also have the 1st print edition of the book (1999) BUT you should defenetly get the updated .pdf from the SG site, since it has all the previous errata already integrated into it, i.e. the text is changed where necessary.

3) armour might be expensive, but you should NOT purchase it for a starting warband. Armour is only good to give you a little edge in combat once you can afford it (after 3-5 games). And believe me, it DOES make a difference whether you have a 5+ Saving Throw against Reiklander bows or not.

4) Putting henchmen in Groups has 2 advantages. First, when you get an improvement, ALL your guys in that group get it (imagine Strengh+1). Secondly, you save room on your warband rooster (remember that it's limited to 6 henchmen groups).
The "drawback" of henchmen groups is that you have less chances of getting a "this lad's got talent roll" because you don't roll as many times as with individual henchmen. But that does not really have any importance because the probability is only slightly higher.

Hope that helps! Cheers.

06-04-2007, 18:46
Well, I have been playing since Mordheim was released and also have been running my own campaign for about 1 year 2 months now and its fun; BUT it gets boring when warbands have nothing to spend their money (GC) on. That's why I decided to make a few house rules... Feel free to use what you like.

1) Warbands MUST RETIRE when the leader reaches max experience - The leader then becomes a Dramatis Personae and can be hired by warbands of similar type.

2) The Retired Warband (see point 1) can continue with D6 randomly determined members... One of which is promoted to the NEW leader... This keeps warbands in 'check' and doesn't allow for insane rating differences.

3) My gaming club meets every other friday night, so I run narrative "mini-campaigns" lasting for 4 game nights...

4) Mini-campaigns are point based - 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and players can ONLY acrue points on campaign nights. Any # of warbands can enter the campaign and we usually each toss in a few $$ per warband, per player to have something to play for at the end of the mini-campaign.

5) Pick-up games can be played whenever. But no points are awarded if the game is played on a non-campaign night; although serious injuries carry into and out of the campaign.

6) At the end of the campaign the warband with the lowest total points has to retire 3 randomly chosen warband members; the warband with the highest rating gets the $$ in the pot.

7) We also set a goal for the player that can retire the most leaders in a set amount of time (i.e. 6 months).

It keeps things interesting but doesn't alter much in the game. I find that people do get bored when ther is nothing to look forward to.

On another note: SKIP Lustria - way too unbalanced!!!!

AND be sure to add height to your games (is02210 is 110% correct!) Make it a house rule to place wrydstone counters anywhere except ground level. Make LOTS of bridges to connect buildings. Make TONS of rubble piles. BUY and rope & hook. And lastly; get some Crimson Shade for one of your heros! I bought it for my Skaven assassin and he is rediculously addicted to it!!! hahaha - Luckily I've always been fortunate to get it after each battle too!