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01-08-2007, 10:48
1 to go, 1 to go ......


and just to keep you intertained:

02-08-2007, 04:11
Done and done. Last Squat done, this will make 1000pts (70pts of grenades). When I can be arsed there will be a 70pt sentinel to round off the 1000pts. Getting a basalisk and a chimera (to fix up the hellhound) and some odds and ends at a later date to bring it up to 1500pts.



02-08-2007, 04:56
And there was much rejoicing! yay :p


You've earned a cold one!

02-08-2007, 05:13
I feel like a small wieght has been lifted, and a little lost :eyebrows: :D

Tought I'd do a squad by squad showcase of what's been done, so....


Vet squad (awaiting 5 more to be addressed in the next 500pts.)

02-08-2007, 05:15

Squad 1:

Squad 2:

Armoured Fist Squad:

02-08-2007, 05:18
AFist Chimera:

Hellhound (the chasis will be swapped with a more traditional style in the next 500pts.):

02-08-2007, 07:58
Very nicely done old bean, the officer came out well and blends with the rest.

02-08-2007, 08:45
Looking super. The Medic is particularly top notch.

02-08-2007, 08:47
@ Rictus- I did manage to get one cool one out of 40+ ;) Cheers :)

@ Jase, took me the better part of the day :) May not look it though :D

I think it's the colours used and the painting style that helps him 'merge' with the rest. I've taken some notes from him and added some new 'styles' to the last couple of models that had been done.

For the next troops (if and when....) I'll be aiming for the clip on goggles (they clip on, don't have straps), sculpted beards to make them shorter to show more pouches, and add the rounded sports armour (torso and shoulders). I've fallen for the helmet hair plumes so they will be featured more often (I've added some already to some of the last batch).

13-08-2007, 11:13
Got my first game of Squats this coming Saturday, 1000pts vs IG (and that stinkin Russ, I hate that machine!!). The best bit is, I essentialy have no anti-armour, cool huh? :D

So I thought, I really should make that lascannon wielding sentinel. Had a little hammer with it but decided I can't scratch build vehicles to save myself, so I thought, HERO!!

Or more to the point, techpriest, give me a chance to patch up the little bumps that my two light tanks will be hit with.
Not as cool as a scratchbuilt treaded vehicle but .......

So I'd done one ages ago (I think I even mentioned it in the first few posts of this thread!!), front abd back:

So I plan to add robes like the IG techy, a head like this: Original Squat Techy (http://gamesday.us.games-workshop.com/GamesDay2007/chicago_cov/goldendemon/s1/s1.htm), as well as various armour bits. I'll leave the servo-arm on the one I'd done, I might tinker with it, add a bit here, remove a bit there..

So, what do you think? I'll be starting to re-make him tomorrow night, so if you've got any cool suggestions on him, let me know :)

13-08-2007, 12:26
Back packs dragging on the floor, either raise it or cut it back, be interesting to see how he comes out tho!

Found my Old Imperialise Codex, loads on Squats!

13-08-2007, 22:14
Duely noted, will possible lift it some :)

Change of plans though, after a brief discussion, I'll leave this one pretty much as he is (he is unique after all) with an arm/shoulder change and a little tweeking, with a PJ that ties him in with the rest of thew army.

This way he'll be ready for Saturday, I'll save the robes and the 'original look' for the next one, the master. Which will of course, make thew current one an apprentice.

15-08-2007, 02:30
Sat out in the shed this morning thinking that it'll be Saturday before I know it, so I got the marine bits box out and hunted through my dwarf bits and adjusted the Techy. Almost done save the GSing:


I'm thinking this on will be a frontline fixer (I'm thinking of taking two Elite choices, 4 Enginseers) with a combat fixer (cc servitors), a back rower for artillery (basalisk) maintenance (plasma, hvy bolter servitors), and the Master Enginseer with the Honourific thing. All in good time I guess :)

15-08-2007, 09:15
l like i like...

15-08-2007, 09:28
Lets av a look at the backpack then!

15-08-2007, 12:10
There's no change in the backpack at all :) Oh, I did lift it, now you can see 2-5mm of his chain skirt, but I've not changed it in any other form. I'm just uploading some pics for the bunker, then I'm going to GS the short round and angry space mechanic :)

15-08-2007, 13:35
GSed 'im, now I'm off to bed (gotta visit my parents tomorrow, use the old man's tools to change the brake pads on the car), paint the little guy tomorrow, or paint naked chicks, haven't decided yet :)



15-08-2007, 14:33
thats better, the backpack suits him well now

Quin 242
16-08-2007, 01:53
Naked chicks??

16-08-2007, 10:31
Threw the paint on him tonight, now there's no game on the weekend :( Ah well, the rushed PJ can stay the way it is, it still looks good on the table top, just a tiny bit rough under close scrutiny :)



16-08-2007, 10:46
I'd tone down the brass pipes a bit, but apart from that, great!

16-08-2007, 11:11
On the face? If that's what you mean, I didn't give it my Mithril Silver dusting (lighter than drybrushing), which is what makes the other bits duller. (And if that's not what you meant, then I've just made myself look like an idiot :D )

I'm going to drybrush the leather again, it's FAR too glossy (the final stage of that style of leather is a Brown Ink, but I put way too thick a layer on (I'm nackered and forgot to water it down, actually, it's surprising I didn't put any Warlock Purple on by mistake)).

16-08-2007, 12:10
Now I consider him 'finished' :)


Been asking about Thudd guns, heard they're Elite choices, so I'll only do another (the master) tech priest/enginseer so I can leave room for the big guns!!

16-08-2007, 12:17
yup, much better!

16-08-2007, 12:32

Well with another week to wait, I might have to make up some servitors to accompany him, or I could line them all up on the shelf and stare at them, wondering in which order they'll be splattered by the Russ :)

16-08-2007, 12:39
I'm going to cut my Pit Slaves up to use as Last Chancers, should fit the bill.

dave is the best
16-08-2007, 12:42
Wow that tech priest is looking real cool:)


16-08-2007, 22:24
Should make some ineresting ex-cons with those models as a basis Jase. I quite like those stocky models, LOTS of character.

Thanks for the compliment Dave :)

16-08-2007, 22:40
Nice, that is one fine looking short ****.

16-08-2007, 23:25
Why thankyou Rictus, you're pred's looking quite good :)

17-08-2007, 05:54
Looking very very nice.

This deserves a big hug...

Or a beer.
Take your choice...

17-08-2007, 06:11
If you're a bloke, then the beer will do just fine!!

If however you're a bi breasted blonde beach babe from Byron Bay, then come here...... :D

17-08-2007, 08:06
Bloke sorry mate :P

Although I'm sure I could round up some beauties for you. God knows we've got plenty of them here in Aus.

We've got the second best booze (next to Ireland)
Best babes
Best Beaches
The list goes on :P

17-08-2007, 08:44
And there's a reason we call it 'down under' :evilgrin:

Yeah I know, that wasn't funny :D

18-08-2007, 11:13
Great, it's been too long since I've seen anyone go for a good squat force.

I'll probably be starting a large squat army myself for someone soon, mostly all the old original models, with squat crewed forge world artillery and a few converted additions. I'll have to try to get something posted here and go for a mini squat revival.

18-08-2007, 12:54
I for one will be interested in your Squat thread!! I really don't mind the original models :)

18-08-2007, 13:43
I was wondering if I could do a squad of umpar lumpars, do they count?

18-08-2007, 23:47
Umpa Loompas!?!?!? You could, you'd probably get laughed of the table (until you then say You use the rules for grey knights, then watch the burning torches and pitchforks come out!!). Now that you mention it, I think you should, you need more infantry! :D

Quin 242
19-08-2007, 14:06
The one Joe enteed Doompa Loompas into a big tourney and got mass coverage for it :)

08-09-2007, 03:48
Hey y'all, remeber me :D

Finally got my game in today (what, only a month of waiting?!?! :lol: ), and yes, I did of course loose, only by 61pts, but a loss all the same.

The tanks made a good account of themselves though, both lasting through till the end, tha A-Fist squad was all there too, not even a scratch, and they disembarked and shot up a JO.
A couple of re-learning points though, the infantry charge sucks when you have so few fragile troops. The lack of big guns in the infantry squads (or the lack of 'a' big gun) pushes my hand and dictates what I can do with them. For the point sink the vets are (remember I need to give these measley 5 troopers 40pts worth of doctrines), I can have a basalisk without any modifications or even a chimera for the CMND section to add to the spearhead assault. Even some shooty servitors would add alot rather than the vets.
So, make the vets stronger? Yes but only for bigger games.
Sub the vets out and replace it with something meaner? Yup.

Therefore, I'm slotting the basalisk into my scedule, stay tuned.

08-09-2007, 03:55
I am now tuned in Ross, the project is coming along a good un

08-09-2007, 04:13
Bad luck mate, a basilisk is definetly going to do more damage then some vets that have only survived because they are even shorter then everyone else.



08-09-2007, 04:22
Thanks men :)

Actually, VP in a RECON mission, you get extra points for your units in the enemy deplayment zone? Then I just scored 230pts or so, I won!! (Chimera and it's complete load)

HAHAHAHA, coffee reflection time's a great thing!!
Rock on teh Squats :D

09-09-2007, 08:32
Started the Bassy today:


The gun section's not glued to the body, I'm planning on painting the lot in removable sections.
There will be another crew member on the back, but I have to scratch him up, the metal one needs a GS hat and some other work too (and needs to be repositioned once painted too).

The short arses needed a step, so I threw one on, lowered the railing (it was at head height), and now I'm stuck. I want to decorate it with the appropriate runes, celtic knots, and dwarf 'faces' but I'm kinda lost as to where to put them on the gun section.
Any tips or ideas would be gratefull.

Easy E
09-09-2007, 11:52
Personally, I think you should trim the barrel off as well. I would cut it at the first "joint", to give it a more compact assualt gun look.

As for "Squatting" it up, try replacing the breech with an appropriate ancestor mask. Essentially, the loaders would open the mask on hinges and load the shell. Also, any circular areas could be replaced with an ancestor mask of the appropriate size.

Keep up the great work. The army is looking great.

09-09-2007, 12:41
I actually agree with Easy, need to 'compacr' the size a little

09-09-2007, 13:29
Took some advice :) Worked him over tonight and here 'tis:


Can't see the step details but you get the idea.

C&C welcome (be polite though ;) )

09-09-2007, 13:46
Looking netter, at the end of the barrel fit gas extruders, (look at the naneblades demolisher cannon), would work well on this

09-09-2007, 14:08
Good idea, I'll fit one tomorrow then undercoat it. I'll be building and painting this lil fella in pieces.

10-09-2007, 02:26
Looks good, I would say just a bit more ancestral decoration

10-09-2007, 02:30
Bit more you reckon? I'm going to bring it out and have another look once the kids go to bed, I'll see what I can do (either that or I'll have a nanna's nap :D ).

10-09-2007, 03:44
Yeah, I see a basilisk as something that would get some more attention, but thats just me

10-09-2007, 08:27
And rightly so I think!! I decided as I'm probably only going to have one in the army, I'm going to make it a F-off shiney one. I'm going to plaster this hunk-o-junk like there's no tomorrow!!

I looked at my old(new one) dwarf cannon and flame cannon, as well as the new dwarf standards for inspiration. With those in mind I went the hack:

Lots more to go!!

10-09-2007, 08:31
Oooh, very squaty! Keep it up, looks great!

10-09-2007, 08:39
Thank man, just wait till you see what I have planned for the gunshield!! (Crap I hope I can get it to work now I've said that :eyebrows: )

10-09-2007, 10:07
Thats what I was thinking, it should be a revered tank. Now you now you cant back out of it now Ross, you HAVE to make a kick@#s gun shield :D

10-09-2007, 10:16
Awesome work so far, loving these guys so much. I wasn't around when Squats were, but I like the idea of them too much!

10-09-2007, 11:05
its coming on nicely, keep it coming my gwar bro!

10-09-2007, 14:28
@ OSoI - <gulp> :D

@ Metaphorazine - I myself came in on the tail end of the Squat reign, so what I know's soley based on the net and my own hampered skills :)

@ Jase - Thanks for the encouragement old man ;)

No work on it tonight, been playing 'catch-up painting' on the last couple of catachan and two wastelander models. If I get time I'll get stuck into the bassy tomorrow night!

Easy E
10-09-2007, 18:18
I actually prefer it without the gun shield. Looks menacing and in your face. If you insist, I think a Vanheim pattern would look good too.

Did I mention I love the work you've done so far. I have! Well, carry on.

10-09-2007, 23:46
Vanheim pattern? What's that easy-e?

Jester Boy
16-09-2007, 02:53
Ross, you have re-lit the 40k fire within me for the second time. Those stunties are awesome. Now wheres my box of minis....

16-09-2007, 05:49
Haha, the Squats are a little different than when you saw them :D

Man you gotta get those bikers going (just so an exploding dreadnought can take a few with it again :D ). Great to see you back in the game Jester!!

Easy E
16-09-2007, 15:01
Behold the Vannheim pattern Basilisk:


Sorry it took so long to reply.

16-09-2007, 23:40
Aha, I see. I like the shape, but I'll stick with the dirty big gun shield as I can give it better decoration (and I don't have to fiddle so much with card).

Cheers for the reference by the way :)

17-09-2007, 00:43
So when are we going to see more work on your bassie Ross?

17-09-2007, 02:56
Unfortunatley not for a few days, I've got 3 models for the wasteland to paint, another 'lil pig' to cast a light and paint, some test work on some pieces I've sculpted and trying to cast........

Damn, there's a bit to do :)