View Full Version : I couldnt belive it when i heard this!

Little Geek
03-04-2007, 16:25
Im aranging a battle with my friend for this coming thursday, my eldar + tau vs his sm and necrons, we had the usual banter of my ___ is going to kick ur ____ in the ____ and so on when he tells me that his chaplain has 8 attacks on the charge!!!
WTF??? so i asked him to explain, well there are 3 basic, 1 for an extra ccw 1 for the charge and ... 3 for having termi honours 3 times.
His excuse was that in dex under TH it says that any 1 wound models cannot have it again, its all sorted now after i read the book and pointed out that the first paragraph of the armoury tells you that you may not take things twice etc.

If this is not powergaming then what is, has anybody else fallen victim to this kind of fowl play, interpreting the dex to such an extent.

Seth the Dark
03-04-2007, 16:30
Yea people like that **** me off. The tournament organizer around here tried to say he could take Mutated Hull more than once on his vehicles.

03-04-2007, 16:40
Ignorance is ok, WILLFUL ignorance is not. you showed him his fault, and he changed it right? did he complain or say "oh, my bad" and moved on. nothing really bad about it, unless he is willfully ignorant.

03-04-2007, 16:45
Yeah, you sometimes have people saying you can have more than 10 Attacks with various wargear(Usually some Nurgle guy or something), despite the fact the book specifically says stats go no higher than 10.

Little Geek
03-04-2007, 16:46
Yea he changed it, when he realised he just came out with expletives, it was very funny, now i make little comments "now im going to attack your LEGAL chaplain" etc.
I dont think he was cheating, but he's one of them people who doesnt read the armies book properly, at one stage he was using the re-roll ability every turn (not just ont he charge) i thought that was just the ability (this was befor i bought the dex myself) if it wasnt for the GW staff member noticing he'd probably still be doing it.

03-04-2007, 16:49
As long as he changes it without complaining and bitching, fine by me then. Everyone can make mistakes.

I have seen many things.

Termitator Chaos Space Marine equiped with Warpfield Grenade and Jumppack. :wtf:

People taking less squad members then the required minimum and then just saying "It's not unfair, I pay less points for it". Yeah but he still using the maximum amount of heavy weapons in that squad. :eyebrows:

People "accidantly" counting their army points wrongly. And when you notice it, then "Huh, I put 500 more points then I should have!" :rolleyes:

I could continue for quite a while.

03-04-2007, 16:49
Yes there is difenetly a difference. For the longest time my friend played with a full command squad with a apothecary. He would use it in CC and his justification was the apothecary (which he always kept back) was in locked into Base to Base combat. Ended up another player told him this was wrong (I had never used a apothecary before so I didnt know)

He adjusted his list (ended up dropping the apothcary) and we moved on. Did that make a difference in our battles...yes. If had continued to do this after knowing it would have been wrong. But just being ignorant is not a bad thing, in his case ignorance was bliss haha